Hollyweirdos Who Voiced Leaving if Trump Wins Presidency Have a Change of Heart

Many Hollyweirdos declared they would be leaving the country should Donald Trump win the White House.  Now that Trump has been elected to serve as the 45th president, what are these Hollyweirdos planning?  According to the Washington Times, many of these celebrities have “changed their minds.”

Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer have decided they will not leave the country despite declaring their intention to leave should Donald Trump win.  Cyrus went so far to state, “I don’t say things I don’t mean.”  The other 17 have yet to weigh in on their statements.

Handler reversed her decision yesterday saying she was staying for “the good of the nation.”  She tweeted that her staff reminded her that her voice and platform “were needed more than ever,” declaring leaving to be quitting.  Unfortunately, Ms. Handler does not understand that her opinion, voice, and platform are no more important than anyone else’s.  Her inflated self-importance is only dwarfed by her incredible political stupidity.  But, she, like many in Hollyweirdo circles, are willfully ignorant of the Constitution and would deliberately support government tyranny for the masses, as long as they were not affected — monetarily or otherwise.

Despite her adamant statement, “So all these people that threaten to leave the country and then don’t — I really will leave that country,” Handler intends to stay, showing her lack of conviction in her own beliefs.  This is one individual in which everyone should turn a deaf ear.  She is willing to issue threats all day long, but unwilling to put her money where her mouth is.

As the Washington Times reported:

Meanwhile, the comedian Schumer dismissed Tuesday her pre-election comment on BBC about moving to Europe, saying it was made “in jest,” and blasted those calling for her to take a hike.

“Anyone saying pack your bags is just as disgusting as anyone who voted for this racist homophobic openly disrespectful woman abuser,” said Ms. Schumer in a post on Instagram.

Yes, Ms. Schumer, I am one who suggested you go ahead and leave.  From the appearance on the BBC, her comment did not appear to be made in jest.  So, Ms. Schumer, since you think I am disgusting for suggesting you pack your bags, I suggest you are disgusting, ignorant and stupid for voting for a criminal, pathological liar, corrupt, treasonous woman who degraded, intimidated and attacked the women who were raped by her husband.  As far as being “racist and homophobic” and “openly disrespectful woman abuser” go in regards to Trump, these claims are baseless.  In short, Ms. Schumer, engage your brain, if you have one, before you open your mouth.  You made the statement, now deal with the heat from it.  Better yet, shut your mouth as you are only digging the hole that much deeper.

Cyrus has decided to accept Trump as her president because she wants Donald Trump to accept her.  It’s the old “let’s hold hands and sing Kum Bah Ya” statement based in nothing just as her declaration to leave the country.  What does this “tweeny bopper” have to be tearful about with Trump winning the presidential election?  Nothing really.  It’s just a “Drama Mama” coming to terms with eating crow.

Milo Yiannopoulos arranged a first class travel ticket through his travel agent for Lena Dunham who declared she would also leave if Trump became president.  Unsurprisingly, Dunham has not contacted Yiannopoulos.  And, Milo should not expect to hear from her since her claims were more “hot air” blown up her fans’ backside than anything else.

What is clearly surprising is these “hollyweirdos” actually think they are so important that anyone would care what they think, what they do or what their political opinions are.  Yet, there are many that do — go figure.  These individuals have zero knowledge of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, how a republic functions or the purpose of government.  The only reason their faces are now being rubbed in that puddle of urine they created is because of their lack of conviction to act.  These individuals are so devoted to some ideology anathema to freedom and liberty that their stance changes as the ideology changes.

While not a Trump or Clinton supporter, it is recognized that despite the political shortcomings of the united States, this is still the best nation in which to live.  Evidently, these hollyweirdo blow hards think the same or they would make good on their statements since they have the means to do so.  Instead of leaving the united States for another country more in line with their ideology, they choose to eat the crow pie.  They know that if they relocate to a nation more in line with their ideology, they would lose the freedoms and liberties they enjoy here.  So, these are the individuals who “want their cake and eat it too.”  They want to change the government to their ideological government but want to keep their freedoms and liberties.  If it were any different, they would make good on their statements.

What should be taken from this is simple — Don’t listen to these braindead, stupid, willfully ignorant hollyweirdo types when it comes to government and politics.  Enjoy their entertainment if that’s your speed.  But, they know no more about politics and government than the average low information voter.  And, with their “rethinking” of their decision to say, it should signal to their fan base that one cannot put stock in anything these ID10T card holders say.


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