Protests by Leftist Democrats Over Election of Donald Trump Show Hypocrisy and Proof of Subversion

The 2016 presidential election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the united States has leftist, socialist, communist, progressive Democrats hitting the streets in protest.  Look at Breitbart News Network,, The Daily Caller, etc. to find multitudes of articles detailing the reaction of Democrats to the Trump win.  While these cretins wanted to make sure right-wing, conservative, constitutionalist, Republicans and others would abide by election results, they reserved the “right” to protest proving hypocrisy is definitely a trait of this group.

Time after time, the leftist, socialist, communist, progressive Democrats show their hypocrisy while projecting that trait onto everyone else.  This is standard operating procedure for these people in order to coerce compliance through political correctness.  Reading about the protests and looking at the photographs, one would think it was the devolvement of government in a foreign nation, not the united States.  In fact, one might compare it to the chaos of a third world nation when an exercise in democracy, elections, fails to adhere to their wishes.  Sociologists might dub these actions or behavior as “mob-think,” “group-think,” or “mass hypnosis.”

What this indicates besides hypocrisy is the willingness of the leftist, socialist, communist, progressive Democrats and others to “force” their will upon the rest of society, despite the outcome of an exercise in democracy, solely because they reject freedom and liberty in favor of government control.  This is evident in their candidates put forth to seek the office of the president — Bernie Sanders, a self-declared socialist, and Hillary Clinton, a criminal, lying, corrupt traitor.  Yet, they, as well as the united States government, dub right-wing, conservative, constitutionalist, Republicans and Christians as “threats” to the republic.

And, while leftist, liberal, communist, socialist, progressive Democrats would say “suck it up, Buttercup;  we won,” one alternative media personality is urging right-wing, constitutional, conservative, Christian Republicans to “take the high road” — sympathize with liberals’ fears.  The question is “what do they have to fear from those who want to maintain liberty and freedom?”   We liberty and freedom lovers would not infringe upon any of their individual God-given unalienable rights.  They might be fearful of that very type of retribution because it is what they would do — have done and will do in the future given half a chance.  These groups are so blinded by “ideology” that the truth is obscured, jaded, and askew.

The State of California is threatening to secede over Trump’s election to the presidency.

The Democrats put forth a nominee who violated federal law, engaged in espionage, used the office of Secretary of State as “pay to play” opportunity, and committed perjury;  in other words, Hillary is a criminal.  The Department of Justice refuses to do their duty to indict and try this woman.  Yet, her supporters are willing to cause disruption of society in order to “get their way.”  They are willing to engage in anarchy, subversion, disruption and intimidation to try and exact change through “violence” — all traits they have attributed to liberty and freedom lovers.

If there is any question about the depth of devolvement of American society, there is no better proof than what is happening with leftist Democrats.  They are not interested in fair anything.  What they are interested in is pushing their ideology to the exclusion of everything else.  They will violate any law, moral or ethic in order to reach their end.  Moreover, they would engage in insurrection in order to accomplish their goals.  They care not about corruption as long as they benefit.  If they don’t benefit, the Saul Alinsky playbook is put into action to cower the powers that be.

There are many individuals who did not believe either candidate put forth was worthy of the office of president.  Are they protesting, engaging in subversion, promoting violence, and talking insurrection?  No.  But, for the left, they are somehow “entitled” to engage in this type of behavior and claim a “right” to riot.  In fact, their “dear leader” Hillary Clinton has had to issue a statement requested them to “accept Trump.”  They are not going to listen since she created these groups, but cannot control them.  That is the danger when one uses subversive and insurrectionist tactics to gain power and control — one ultimately loses control of that which they created.

In the days ahead, it is hoped these individuals will calm down.



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