Trump Wins! What Next?

Being out of town for a few days to attend two important family events means being behind in commenting and presenting the latest developments on the political scene.  After arriving home, the business of voting took priority.   The election results were followed throughout the night.  At around 3:30 AM, the announcement came that Donald J. Trump won, assuming the president elect title.  What happens now?

Well, that is a bit difficult to predict.  Trump winning the White House absolutely floored many media talking heads, media pundits, Democrats and others.  The interesting part of this election, in addition to Trump winning the presidency, is that Republicans are holding the majority in the House.  It could be a great advantage or a great disadvantage.  Time will tell over the next two months before Trump takes office.

What has really stuck with many is the multitude of Hollyweirdos and a Supreme Court Judge who have announced they would leave the united States should Trump win.  Airhead idiots like Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus, and Lena Dunham have to now “put up or shut up.”  However, it is not only these braindead morons that have played to the masses through exaggeration.  Somehow, many united States citizens listened to these empty heads on politics when none of these individuals know enough about government, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the framers’ intent to even speak on the topic.  These dingbats align their allegiance with “party” and ideology anathema to liberty and freedom.

Others have indicated they would leave as well. has comprised a list of 20 celebrities who claim they will leave the US.

First up on the list is Bryan Cranston.  Cranston claimed he would be Canada bound and expatriate should Trump win.  Well, Bryan, get to stepping.  Remember though, once you expatriate you cannot come back to be a citizen.  You won’t be missed.

As indicated above, Amy Schumer stated she would leave the republic should Trump wind the presidency.  She claims to be going to Spain;  but stated it was beyond her comprehension that Trump would win.  Amy, your brain will resemble those exploding heads on the commercials.  Better get packing, girl.  You only have a couple of months to get out.

Barbra Streisand has claimed to be perpetually “on the road” now that Trump has won.  In an Australian TV interview, she stated her country of choice is Australia, “if they will let me in,” or Canada.  Barbra, make sure you expatriate as well since you have played Chicken Little since Trump decided to run.  No one would want you to come back to a “disaster.” (sarcasm)

Lena Dunham declares her announcement to leave is not a threat — she’ll actually do it.  Her choice of nations is Vancouver, Canada.  Well Lena, all anyone can say is “good riddance to bad rubbish.”  Don’t let the door hit you in the backside as you leave.  And, by the way, make sure to leave your assets for all those who need help.  We all know you won’t do that but expect everyone else to give their hard earned earnings to help support others.

Jon Stewart claims he would take a rocket and totally leave the planet.  Maybe we can help him out by contacting NASA to see if he can be a permanent resident on the International Space Station or the first resident of the moon.  His claim was pure exaggeration in order to influence the masses who watch his show.

Like Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler states she will be Spain-bound and “blow up” her head.  If you need some help Chelsea, there are plenty that would love to provide you the means.  Hopefully, you can find a way in Spain.  Don’t forget to YouTube it, Facebook it, Twitter it, and post to Pinterest.  No one will clean up the mess though, but you’ll get millions of views.

Neve Campbell also made a declaration of exiting the US with a Trump win.  All one can say is, “Neve who?”  Yeah, bye bye Neve — you won’t be missed since there is very little you have done for anyone to recognized your name.  Canada won’t know who she is either once she arrives at the border to enter.

Keegan Michael Key is planning his move to Canada about now.  Where he plans to go is about 10 minutes from his home town of Detroit.  Key will be shuttling his backside back and forth across the border plenty.

Samuel L. Jackson stated South Africa would be his choice on a Trump win.  Well, Samuel, get hot a packing. You won’t be missed either.  Maybe you can influence the low information South Africans to help their country down the destruction road.

Eddie Griffin will be accompanying Jackson to South Africa.  And, Griffin vowed support for Kanye West, who stated he would vie for the presidency in 2020.  Do everyone a favor Griffin and expatriate.  You are not needed here.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a blown brain this morning now that Trump has won.  She should be readying her resignation and packing for her ideal destination of New Zealand.  Nothing would make many Americans more ecstatic than for that fossil to step down off the Supreme Court and leave the country.  Get going, Ruth.  There are plenty that would help you pack.

Whoopi Goldberg stated it might be time for her to move if Trump wins.  This was actually a smart statement — the only one she’s ever made.  If she doesn’t leave, she doesn’t look like a hypocrite.  She can save face by declaring she didn’t say she would but that she “might.”  However, Whoopi can leave tomorrow to whatever her choice destination turns out to be.  She is another that won’t be missed.

Look out Italy.  Here comes Omari Hardwick.  That’s another “who?”  Yeah, nothing lost there.

Cher claims she’s moving to Jupiter.  Another braindead airhead idiot wants to leave Earth for a gas giant.  Cher, you missed the Voyager taxi by a mile.  But, you’re really not going anywhere.  It just sounded good for you to be dramatic.  Again, another loss that really wouldn’t be.

Buying a ticket to Canada sometime back, Raven-Symone should be headed to Canada very soon.  She’ll need to resign from The View along with Whoopi and gather her “litter bags” to ship over the northern border.  If the other hosts leave The View, the intelligence level of that show might rise 1000 percent.

Spike Lee is headed to the “country of Brooklyn, NY.”  Obviously, this is a joke.  However, there are plenty of Americans who would take it seriously since they would not know Brooklyn is part of the united States.

Nova Scotia will be getting a new arrival in Chloe Sevigny.  Another “who?” is leaving that for the life of me, I have no clue what she has done.  It’s another example of a designated “self-important” individual thinking anyone cares if she leaves.

Los Angeles born George Lopez declared about Trump, “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration.  We’ll all go back.”  Three cheers for George.  You go on back to Mexico, George, where corruption, crime and a rogue government element is the norm.  You will be a drop in an ocean for influencing anyone since the drug cartels reign supreme.  Please, go.  Don’t forget your expatriation papers either.

Miley Cyrus claims, “I don’t say things I don’t mean!”  Cyrus has stated she would leave the US upon a Trump win but did not designate which country.  Time to decide, Miley.  Put up or shut up.  If you choose to say, it will be obvious that you are still a child exaggerating for some type of secondary gain.  Best thing to do is run home to Daddy and lay low for a while.

Socialite Amber Rose is headed to Canada, or so she says, now that Trump has won.  “Good-bye Amber Rose.  You are no Diana nor did you grow within our hearts.”

The united States would not miss these “teenage-type attention seekers.”  Unfortunately, if they make good on their “declarations” (doubtful), they  will spread their tripe throughout their countries of choice.  There is little need to worry about these individuals who have inflated their importance leaving.  It is all “wind.”  Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be a Supreme Court Justice until she dies, which could be any day now.  Her statement of leaving was just like many of her decisions while on the Supreme Court — based on emotion, personal opinion and nothing else.

In short, these people look absolutely foolish and should.  Likely, they all will end up eating some good old fashioned crow.




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