Many Americans Couldn’t Care Less about Clinton Crimes; Will Still Vote Democrat and Clinton

With all the readily available information that can be accessed with one’s fingertips, the average American low-information voter still gets “stuck on stupid” when it comes to candidates, especially Democratic candidates.  Despite all the information that has been exposed around Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct State Department business, including exposing classified information to hacking, and determined to be in violation of the espionage act, some voters will still vote Clinton and Democrat even though the FBI found her in violation but the government refused to indict.  The question is why when so many believe it is abundantly clear that she violated the law and WikiLeaks has released email showing involvement at the highest levels of government, including the White House.

There is no easy explanation.  Many want to point to her having “no intent” to actually violate the law to justify their continued support of a criminal.  While that may comfort the minds of those individuals, the fact remains that a police officer doesn’t care if you did not intend to speed when he stops you to give you a ticket for speeding.  The fact of the matter is he caught you speeding.  The fact remains that Clinton used an unsecure email server, as did her staff who knew it was wrong according to WikiLeaks released emails, mishandled classified information and had SAP programs on the server.  Intent plays not one iota into it as one cannot know what is in another person’s head.

But, the low-information voter gets the majority of their information through mainstream media, aka lamestream enemedia.  It has been shown that the lamestream enemedia is in collusion with the Clinton campaign to secure her election to the office of the president.  WikiLeaks email releases have shown this.  Still, these type voters refuse to acknowledge this blatant violation of journalism ethics.  Moreover, these same voters cannot see that with all MSM outlets being owned by only six corporations, the news they receive is only the news the CEO’s of these companies want the public to receive.

The Clinton Foundation hints at an organization established to enrich the Clintons monetarily while violating RICO laws;  yet, low-information voters still see this institution as one of charity without being able to site one instance of “charity” the organization has performed.  Individuals from Haiti, who are here in the united States, have been protesting Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for egregious “raping” of Haitian assets at the expense of the people.  Yet, a blind eye is turned to these events by supporters and the lamestream enemedia.

Investigations by alternative media have shown that while Clinton was the Secretary of State, the department functioned as a “pay to play” institution.  If you wanted a favor as a foreign government or entity, you contributed to the Clinton Foundation under the guise of a speaking fee for Bill Clinton to get Hillary to push through your favor while Secretary of State.  Again, all of this carefully hidden by Clinton, the news media, the federal government, her aides and minions until the connection was made by those outside the LSE.  Yet, the low information voter and supporter, including Democrats elected to Congress, refuse to acknowledge this violation of the public trust and engaged in obfuscation to “explain” impropriety.  Moreover, the travesty that was Benghazi is brushed under the rug despite her State Department, more aptly her directly, being responsible for the deaths of four Americans due to terrorism, but blaming it on a YouTube video.

Others will vote for this woman just because she is a woman as they voted for Obama because they saw him as black instead of Arab/white.

The LSE did their job perfectly to brainwash the low information voter.

More important than any of these possibilities is these individuals lean toward a leftist liberal progressive mindset.  Looking at the policies promoted by Clinton, one can clearly see the left liberal progressive agenda — open borders, state-run single payer health care/health care insurance, increased taxes on the rich (which cannot be done without affecting the middle class and the poor), expansion of government entitlement programs, gun control leading to gun confiscation, and a plethora of socialist/communist policies and ideologies touted to make everyone equal in assets.  To those who may be at the bottom rung of society, her policies sound like the solution to elevate them out of their current status.  However, in nations who adopted socialist/communist ideology as a form of government, all the people were reduced in status while the wealthy and political elite retained theirs and even advanced.

Some of these individuals are only interesting in getting what others have worked hard to attain by simply holding their hand out.  These types do not believe that individuals should keep the fruits of their hard work and labor, but be forced to give it to those who refuse to work hard and labor by the edict of government through “entitlement” programs.  Now, this is not to say that there are those who absolutely need a hand up — there are.  However, a hand up is not the same as a handout, which a handout is being referred to here.  No one minds helping others who need a hand up.  What one minds is supporting others who are perfectly capable of supporting themselves but refuse to do so, instead relying on government programs that provide them with a lifestyle better than those who are working hard to make ends meet.

None of these individuals have thought about the failed policies by both sides of the aisle that have devastated the American workers thereby shrinking the taxpayer base, putting more and more Americans in dire straits.  As it stands, most working Americans are about one paycheck away, maybe less, from devastation.  This has come at the hands of government run by Democrats with Republicans being complicit.  More aptly put, it is the failure of the federal government in general to uphold the Constitution, obey the Constitution and engage in governing instead of “ruling” that has placed America in the condition she is currently.

What has occurred with the Clinton emails has not dawned on these individuals who maintain support for Clinton and the Democrats.  It is the exposure of this republic’s justice system becoming one of a banana republic where the elite are immune from prosecution while the regular citizens are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  It is the most egregious part of a tyrannical government with roots running so deep no election can eradicate it.  It is akin to having a garden full of bamboo — the roots are so deep and extensive that cutting down the bamboo and removing the roots that can be seen does not eradicate it.  Going further, one could say the government of the united States has warped to a banana republic moving into a tyranny, police state and dictatorship disguised as a republic.

Granted, this is all theory.  However, what can explain the continued support for Clinton, at any level, when she was found to have violated the law, but the justice system refused to prosecute?  It is a perplexing question.  Is part of the American public so enamored in a “rock star-style” idolation of this woman that criminal activity, prosecuted or not, can be excused easily?  Why is it part of the American public can excuse Clinton, when it was proven she violated the law, but these same individuals continue to rail against police officers who killed an individual in the line of duty, that were exonerated by investigations?  It is certainly more than a curiosity.  In a republic that prided itself on the “rule of law,” it appears that some people have rejected the “rule of law” in favor of what is anyone’s guess — rule by whim, fancy or emotion?

Whatever the reason, Clinton supporters and die-hard Democrats couldn’t care less that Clinton and her entire family have engaged in criminal behavior, they will still walk into the voting booth and cast their vote for a criminal to govern, nay rule, the united States as president.  What is just as bad is the Democratic National Committee put forth a criminal individual to run as their pick for president.  This should tell people something.


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