Liberal Michael Moore Continues to Show Ignorance

We’ve all heard the advice, “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”  It seems filmmaker and liberal Michael Moore missed receiving that helpful tidbit or ignores it since he continues to open his mouth in ignorance.  Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Moore stated that being a Christian is the same as being a “socialist.”  The relevant portion begins at around the 2:45 mark in the video.

The Blaze provided a transcript of the remarks as follows:

“You don’t understand what’s going to happen after 2016. These young people, these 18- to 35-year-olds — remember there’s 3 million more 18-year-old voters every single year — so by the next election that’s 12 million more of them,” Moore said. “They favor socialism over capitalism.”

Matthews interrupted, pointing out that “Hillary’s not a socialist.”

Moore responded: “Well, she’s a Christian, so it’s the same thing.”

“It’s all about making sure everyone has a seat at the table and the pie is divided so that everybody gets a slice,” Moore added. “Isn’t that what Christianity is? That’s what she’s about.”

Moore is correct that young adults known as millennials are rejecting capitalism in favor of socialism.  The reasons are many.  The main one is the indoctrination of these young adults into accepting communism/socialism in order to secure a “drone” workforce who will give up their God given individual rights in favor of government tyranny.

However, true capitalism is not present in this day and age in the united States.  What the citizenry is seeing is “cronyism,” which monopolizes the market and stifles free market initiatives.  Cronyism is definitely a part of the socialist scheme in that the government controls the market and businesses.

When Matthews pointed out that Hillary Clinton was a socialist, Moore basically agreed saying she was a Christian, “so it’s the same thing.”  Unfortunately, Moore is ignorant when it comes to Christianity so he should stop talking and educate himself.  That is about as likely to happen as a mating between a cat and a giraffe.

Christianity is not about everyone getting a seat at the table and dividing the pie so everyone gets a slice.  That is socialism.  Socialism takes from everyone to make the pie then gives everyone a slice.  Or, that is how it is supposed to function;  but, history shows that does not happen.  In both communism and socialism history on this earth, those who are the “elite” in the party get the bulk of the wealth while the people who produce it get very little.   Everyone shares in equal misery, except the “party” elites.

Hillary Clinton is definitely all about socialism.  However, Clinton is not a Christian as has been established by her actions.  Moore is trying to confuse the public and low information voters by equating Christianity to Socialism when they are exact opposites in fact.

In Romans 13, the apostle Paul tells the Romans that government is to be a minister to good works, which people are to obey since the government is in accordance with God’s laws.  However, when the government becomes a minister to evil works, the people are to resist since the government is operating in opposition to God’s laws.  And, first and foremost, the people are to follow the laws of God.

In Christianity, one keeps the “fruits of their labors.”  And, God commands Christians to be charitable to those in need.  The unalienable rights God bestowed upon man are supported in the Bible.  Some of those rights are covered explicitly in the Constitution.  The others are covered under the Ninth Amendment.

In Socialism/Communism, the government owns everything.  No one is allowed to own property and what one earns is given totally to the government for redistribution so everyone gets the same amount.  This is the system behind “spreading the wealth around” as Hussein Soetoro calls it.  It’s better known as “wealth redistribution.” That is basically the theory in how it works;  but, it seldom works that way.

Those who work hard receive the same as those who hardly work.  Socialism government takes money from those who work hard and those who hardly work to redistribute those funds “equally” between the masses.  However, what history has shown is only those who are “party elites” get to keep their wealth while everyone else is equally poor since the bulk of funds is kept by the “party.”  This is legalized government theft, which is against God’s commandments.

Those individuals who support a system like this support the “ideology” of it not the actual practice.  Why can I say that?  If these individuals who support this type of government truly believed it was acceptable to take from someone to give to someone else, they would have no problem with robbery or burglary.  And, they would have no problem with government taking all their money through taxes then giving them a “slice of the pie” based on what “government thinks” they ought to have.  It’s not going to be everyone receiving the same salary for the job that is done.  And, the wealthy elite are not going to hand over what wealth they have accumulated to those who have less.  The wealthy elite and the political oligarchy retain their assets while holding the assets of everyone else under the guise of “government.”

How long would those who work hard begin to hardly work when they see those hardly working receiving the same “fruits” as they are?  Not long.  Moreover, this is exactly what happened in the true communist/socialist government nations. This is what happened in communist Russia after the Bolshevik revolution.  The Bolsheviks destroyed Christianity in the former USSR since the word of God was in opposition to the government.

In China, Mao Tse Tung ordered all assets the product of government.  Those who worked in technical jobs were required to work in the fields in order to receive their share of food.  This was mandated for all people.  Those who were too young to work (small children), too old to work (the very elderly), too sick or disabled to work (the infirmed), and pregnant women starved to death in the first years of Mao’s tyrannical regime of communism.  In fact, Christianity, to this day, has difficulty in China because it is in opposition to communism/socialism.

While individuals who support the socialist/communist system claim it will be different if the united States government shifted to this form, they forget that man is fallible, easily tempted into evil, and will engage in evil works disguised as good will.

What is mind-boggling is how a network news based outlet will interview a Hollyweirdo who has zip knowledge on anything about the Constitution, politics, and Christianity as though he/she is an expert.  Michael Moore is the last individual to speak to Christianity since he is not one.  If he were, he would understand that Christianity is in opposition to socialism/communism.  Christianity is about freedom and liberty while socialism/communism is about legalized slavery to government.

MSNBC is definitely peddling propaganda through the interview with Michael Moore — trying to equate socialist Hillary Clinton as a Christian and socialist principles as part of Christianity.  This is nothing more than trying to deceive low information voters who are Christian to vote for Hillary Clinton — it’s an attempt to get Christians to vote away their freedom of religion.  For wherever socialism/communism thrives, Christianity has to be eradicated.




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