Obama Acting on “Sour Grapes” As Usual in Disdain for Republicans and Donald Trump

When it comes to “sour grapes” and showing disdain for the opposition, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah certainly lets it all hang on his sleeve.  From his condescending, patronizing tone to his toxic rhetoric, it is clear Hussein Soetoro hates everything about the united States and its form of government, with particular emphasis on anyone who opposes him.  This was no more evident than in Las Vegas a few days ago where Hussein Soetoro spoke.  During his speech, he claimed that Republican Senate candidate and current Rep. Joe Heck acted “too late” in his disendorsement of Donald Trump;  then, proceeded to lead the crowd in chanting, “Heck, no.”

At a press briefing on Thursday, Josh Earnest told reporter John Gizzi, in regards to Obama’s Heck “disendorsement” of Trump, “The president made a powerful case in terms of indicating his frustration with Congressman Heck and other Republican Congress members who seem to be more motivated by poll numbers than the actual offensive comments of the Republican nominee.  After all, there were a whole litany of controversial comments that were made by the Republican nominee that didn’t prompt Congressman Heck and others to change their position.”  Earnest didn’t stop there and continued, “It was only after the string of those controversial comments started to have an impact on the nominee’s poll numbers and poll numbers of Republicans further down the ballot, that we started to see some Republicans change their position.”

And, according to Earnest, Hussein Soetoro will continue to denounce the Trump disendorsers late to the party.  Earnest stated Soetoro will continue to make that case to the country as he continues on the campaign trail for the final days of this presidential election cycle.

Can anyone imagine John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Thomas Jefferson or George Washington engaging in the behavior of one Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah?  Hardly.  These individuals had more integrity, dignity and class than Soetoro has in a hangnail.  And, these former presidents didn’t hate the republic nor their opposition, but, Hussein Soetoro does.  These men made their case based on logic, enthusiasm for government, love of freedom and liberty, and a genuine caring for the inhabitants of this republic.  Soetoro acts like a petulant child, always getting his or her way, and pitching a temper tantrum if he or she doesn’t.

And, this is who people cast their vote for the last two elections and many still support in the form of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It has been said that the government of a nation reflects its people.  In the case of the united States, the people must be lawless, corrupt, childish, inactive, lying, disdainful, petulant, obfuscating children since that is the type of government the people endure and continually elect.  From the outside looking in, other nations just might agree if we  look objectively at what is going on in the US and truly evaluate the “man” representing this republic to the world.

However, there are plenty of citizens who are the opposite of the government operating in the united States today — honest, law-abiding, active, truthful, passionate, transparent, hardworking who want nothing more than to live with as little government interference as possible.  These men and women value the form of government and founding principles our founders recognized and recorded in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the united States of America.

It is time to end the “control” of government to petulant children and return it to the government of men and the people.  This republic cannot stand four more years of the same with Hillary — eight years, if the pattern continues of electing an incumbent and this republic is still a sovereign body.


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