Biden Lets Slip DC Operating Procedure — Only Yields to Pedigree

For quite some time now, even before Hussein Soetoro’s reign, many Americans have recognized there is a big problem in Washington, DC.  The constituents of representatives in the House and Senate repeatedly echoed each other saying, “no one in Washington is listening.”  While it is true those in Washington, DC are not listening, it is only a half truth.  Both chambers of Congress are listening, according to Joe Biden;  however, both parties are only listening to those “with pedigree.”  Biden stated to MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews that it was a “predilection in both parties to assume that obtaining a college degree automatically translated into useful information for sustaining civil society.”

Biden stated there was a disconnect between the Democrat Party and the white middle class voting base, where Democrats do not understand these voters.

“We don’t associate with their difficulty anymore, and it’s almost like somehow they’re in good shape — but they’re not,” Mr. Biden told the “Hardball” host. “The fact of the matter is, those people we’re talking about built this country. They built it, and they are smarter than we give them credit for. There’s almost like what’s happened in both parties is there is sort of a yielding to pedigree. The guy who goes to Penn State or the University of Delaware, and the guy who goes to Yale or Penn — well, the  guy who goes to Yale or Penn must know more.”

Matthews described Biden’s comments fairly accurately to the panel discussing Biden’s interview when he called it “a meritocracy gone bankrupt.”

Matthews stated, “Only the people at the top, academically, are given any consideration by the Democrats in terms of policy.”

Regardless of what one thinks about Joe Biden, Chris Matthews, Democrats, Republicans, and MSNBC, there is truth to what Biden has said.  The white working middle class has been left standing on the sidelines as Washington, DC has turned into a place where “pedigree” gets you an ear when it comes to policy and legislation.    One can equate it to kings listening to their nobles while ignoring the peasants upon whom a kingdom is built through their hard labor.

As my mother always said, “A college education guarantees you nothing except an opportunity you might not have had otherwise.”  Besides, having a college education doesn’t necessarily equate to being more intelligent.  Many individuals encountered who had a college education were no more intelligent than individuals encountered without it.  The universities of yesterday used to provide education;  however, in today’s universities, young adults are receiving “indoctrination” into ideologies that are anathema to our founding documents.

Having a “pedigree” in kingdoms of old did not necessarily mean that individual would be a good “ruler.”  It’s the same with a university degree, but with regard to intelligence level.  In a republic that prevents Congress from bestowing titles of nobility, it appears both parties are engaging in a silent bestowal of “pedigree” when it comes to individuals who graduate from certain prestigious institutions.  Those who do not have a degree from a prestigious university or none at all appear to be “unworthy” of an ear from Congress.

When it came to Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber served as the architect of that disaster.  Why?  Gruber graduated from MIT — a prestigious university to be sure.  But, this man created a disaster for the public relying on the “stupidity” of the American citizenry to accept an opaque system with little explanation of all tenets of its content.  It worked.  The low information sheeple ate it up like ants at a picnic.  All the while, those who brought the full impact of the law to light, regarding premiums, penalties, consequences of the law, death panels, and the intended design for it to implode, were lambasted and accused of wanting to deny “health care” to the poor.

Where was the input from practicing doctors and nurses, who deal with the health care of individuals on a daily basis, included in the process?  If one looks closely at the law and the rationing of care based on changing the American Medical Association recommendations for some preventive screening measures, it is grossly apparent those individuals were excluded in favor of “prestigious” individuals who would go along with the travesty.

The blue collar middle class American is also at a disadvantage.  Politicians claim to “identify” with their situation and circumstance.  In reality, these charlatans cannot even begin to identify with this group since they are part of the wealthy, privileged class.  All these political hacks are doing is pandering for a vote to keep their wealth and prestige.  Once elected or re-elected, it’s back to the status quo of ignoring the majority voters who put them in office in favor of the “pedigree pets.”

So, when you hear from constitutional supporting, conservative, small-government supporting individuals that this republic is under the “rule” of an oligarch, it is accurate.  And, when someone like Joe Biden admits only the “pedigree” gets to assist in policy, it confirms that the average American does not have the ear of their duly elected representative.  Look at who does have the ear of government.  Black Lives Matter, illegal alien invaders, LGBTQ-RSTUV groups, La Raza, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and a partridge in a pear tree host of other organizations to include the unions are who Congress takes into consideration;  it isn’t the white working middle class individuals.

This is a problem in a republic based upon “we the people” and government “by the people, for the people and of the people.”  With the operation of government as it stands, the majority of people are discarded in favor of a minority of people.  That minority is trimmed even further when it is indicated that those with “pedigree” get the bulk of input.  And, the minority groups listed previously are getting an ear for now because their agenda is in-line with government and the “pedigree.”  They will no longer have an ear when the government agenda shifts, which it does on a whim.

The founding fathers of this republic did not intend for the government to be dictated to by an oligarch and certainly, not only by those with “pedigree.”  Yet, it now is because “we the people” have been negligent in our duty to hold Washington, DC, to the Constitution.  Likewise, the States abdicated their authority over the federal government, which, again, can be contributed to the negligence of “we the people.”  It didn’t start with Obama.  This goes back to well over one hundred years.  However, it is now that “we the people” have to deal with it or suffer under an oligarch that will continually get smaller until we are dictatorship to be handed off to live under a one world global government.

If Hillary Clinton secures the election to be the next president, the white working middle class can look forward to the same old status quo and the noose to tighten that much more.





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