Michael Moore Continues to Expose Himself As a Fool, a Tool, and Lacks a Clue

It’s absolutely official — Michael Moore is a fool, a tool, and has not a clue.  This man, and I use the term loosely here, has called Trump supporters “legal terrorists” and made the ridiculous statement that “white privilege and racism” is on the ballot because Donald Trump is the Republican candidate nominee.  In his Monday appearance on ABC’s The View, Moore essentially repeated what he stated in the Rolling Stone Magazine interview while adding “Hillary went easy on Trump because she is a Christian.”

According to Breitbart.com:

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” progressive liberal flimmaker Michael Moore made the case that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the presidential debates did not “get out the club” on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump because of her Christian faith.

Moore is absolutely the biggest fool and tool ever.  In the time I have been writing political opinion/editorials, I have “used the club” plenty on charlatan politicians who ignore the Constitution, engage in obfuscation, lie, promote corruption and cronyism, and shaft the American public.  Part of loving your neighbor as yourself is confronting your neighbor when they succumb to evil in order to assist them in finding the righteous path again.  Because Moore is not a Christian, he has no clue on Christianity whatsoever.

You can watch Moore on The View below.

Breitbart provided a partial transcript between Moore and Joy Behar.

MOORE: I can give you all the political reasons that I disagree with her on. But to think of her in the Oval Office, representing this country, come on. First of all, I say this to Bernie people: We’re not being asked to vote for Margaret Thatcher or Clarence Thomas or, you know. She adopted two thirds of Bernie’s positions  I mean, she really went the extra mile to try and bring everyone into the tent, and I think her behavior during the debates, I was in a place where actually you were there watching it and we were hoping she would get out the club and just — you know.

BEHAR: But she didn’t.

MOORE: No, she didn’t. And I think that’s because honestly, when she says that she’s a Christian, I think she means it and I think she lives it. 

BEHAR: She never works the Christian angle, I noticed. She doesn’t do the religion thing.

MOORE: Because the people who talk about it, ‘I’m a Christian,’ oftentimes aren’t. Because the idea of being a Christian is to just behave that way.

This had to be the most iconic exchange between a tool and a fool (Moore) with a stuck on stupid belittling, bemoaning bigot.  Look at what Moore said.  After Behar declared Hillary “never works the Christian angle,” Moore said that people who talk about “I’m a Christian,” often aren’t.  In his prior statement, he said, “when she says that she’s a Christian, I think she means it and I think she lives it.”

According to Moore, anyone who states, “I’m a Christian,” he believes that person often isn’t;  but, when Hillary says it, he automatically believes it. Moore goes on further to say Hillary “lives it.”

If Hillary Clinton is a Christian, I am the Tooth Fairy.

This woman engages in lying on a continual basis.  It’s not one here and there.  It’s almost every statement is a lie.  God commanded, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”  That means don’t lie;  it’s a sin.  If she were living her alleged Christian faith, she would not be a pathological liar.

Hillary Clinton supports abortion on demand.  Life begins at conception.  God commanded, “Thou shalt not murder.”  Mothers terminating their unborn child’s life is murder, plain and simple.  Someone who is a Christian would not support murdering babies in the womb.

God commanded, “Thou shalt not steal.”  When Bill Clinton was president and Hillary the first lady, Hillary packed up items belonging to the American people when leaving the White House and took it home.  Granted, some of the items were returned;  however, she stole those items all the same.  Interestingly enough, the same thing happened when she left her position as Secretary of State.  She stole items there.  Moreover, when she left the State Department, money was discovered as missing.  Hillary is a thief.

So far, there are three examples of where Hillary Clinton “does not live” by the Christian faith.  She’s a hypocrite.  If you add into the mix the other willful violations of law, Hillary demonstrates exactly the opposite of being a Christian.

Upon our creation by God, He bestowed upon us unalienable rights.  Hillary Clinton seeks to take away or ty to take away from the individuals in this nation many of the rights that God gave us.  An individual who is a Christian would not do that.  But, in Michael Moore’s fool/tool world, “she lives her faith.”  I’ll agree “she lives her faith;”  but, that faith is NOT Christianity.

“Because the idea of being a Christian is just to behave that way,” stated Moore.  Well, Hillary certainly is not behaving as a Christian.  “The idea of being a Christian.”  That phrase absolutely burns me up.  Being a Christian is recognizing there is a God, believing that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins in that those who believe would have eternal life, accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and that God is the one and only God, loving Him before all other, and keeping His commandments.  Jesus came to fulfill God’s law, not to change it.

Jesus removed the money makers and tax collectors from the temple.  He didn’t “get out the club.”  But, one can bet He didn’t walk in as a mouse and say, “Can you please not defile the temple by doing this?  It’s not appropriate.  So, I’d appreciate it if you leave.”  The Bible tells us it didn’t go down that way.  Jesus ran the defilers out of the temple, the House of God.  What these defilers witnessed was the wrath of God.

As has been proven, Hillary Clinton does not “live her faith” if she is a Christian.  And, being a Christian sometimes means proverbially “getting out the club.”  The more that Michael Moore talks, the more he proves he is a fool, a tool, and lacks a clue.

Mr. Moore, you are in desperate need of help.  I will pray for God to provide His divine guidance to you in order that you may be brought to the light, absolved of your sins, and come to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.


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