DNC Chair Donna Brazile Claims WikiLeaks Emails Altered; IT Website Proves Claim False

As WikiLeaks continues its email dumps, all involved parties are flailing about trying to blame someone.  Hillary and Podesta are blaming the Russians of hacking the emails.  Obama is playing Sergeant Schultz saying, “I know nothing.”  And, now DNC Chairman Donna Brazile accuses WikiLeaks of altering emails.  However, one IT website proved no altering of the emails has occurred, taking less than five minutes. 

According to The Blaze:

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile said last week that a number of her WikiLeaks emails were “doctored,” implying that she either didn’t send them or the messages she did send were altered. But a technology blog is now calling her bluff.

“I have seen so many doctored emails. I have seen things that come from me at two in the morning that I don’t even send,” Brazile told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly following Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas. Brazile had been asked specifically about one email that indicated Hillary Clinton may have received a Democratic primary debate question ahead of the event, which aired on CNN in March.

But the technology blog, Errata Security, explained in a post published Friday that the email in question did, in fact, come from Brazile. Further, the blog offered proof the email was not “doctored,” as the DNC chairwoman had claimed. Had the message been altered, the program would have flagged the email as being “unverified.”

It reportedly used a system called DomainKeys Identified Mail, which essentially acts as a spam guard. It can verify the actual sender of an email and ensure the content is not altered between the time it is sent and the time it is received.

“It took less than five minutes. It took me longer to document what I had found,” cybersecurity expert Robert Graham told Fox News.

Evidently, WikiLeaks’ email dumps are starting to sting the Democrat Party and several key Democrat players.  In true Democrat form, the playbook rule of lie, obfuscate, create confusion, and deny, deny, deny has been put in play because everyone involved is using these techniques — Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, John Podesta and now, Tim Kaine, Virginia Senator running as Clinton Vice President.

Kaine has parroted the rhetoric put forth by the others — the emails released by WikiLeaks are not authentic.  Yet, neither Kaine, Brazile, Podesta or Clinton provide any evidence to support their claims.  The Democratic National Committee has gone silent in response to The Blaze asking for comments.

The scandal surrounding Brazile occurred when a leaked email from Podesta indicated Brazile had received a question that was going to be asked in one of the debates.  Brazile claimed being a Christian then proceeded to state she understood “persecutions of Christians, but she wasn’t going to be persecuted.  Seriously?  This woman is equating being asked a tough question to the numerous Christians in the Middle East who are being persecuted by ISIS.

Brazile must be the type of Christian Michael Moore claimed Hillary Clinton is — one who lives their faith.  Whatever faith Donna Brazile has, it is not the Christian faith.

In addition to Errata Security validating the authenticity of the emails using DKIM, The Daily Caller reported on October 21, 2016, that DCNF proved the emails to be authentic using cryptographic signatures with DKIM as well.  Two separate entities using similar methods and the same verification system, DKIM, have proven all these Democrats as liars.  However, the liberal progressive left will more than likely refuse to believe the two independent verifications.  Voters have to remember that this is standard operating procedure for the Democratic Party — past, present and future.  Should the Democrats take the White House and both chambers of Congress, the citizenry can look forward to continual lying on steroids, corruption on a fast track, criminality unsurpassed,  and further erosion of the freedom and liberty still left in the united States.

The Republican Party is not much better as they have lied like a rug as well.  In fact, the two party system is just different sides of the same coin.  For each party, it is about gaining power and control to continue the government status quo to enrich themselves, enslave the people, and micromanage the lives of citizens.  This election is critical if Americans want to maintain the little freedom and liberty left and possibly the ability to restore the previous levels of freedom and liberty.

It seems the lamestream enemedia is siding with the Democrats almost exclusively by almost ignoring the information exposed that Democrats have violated Federal Election Commission laws and Hillary Clinton has violated the law surrounding the handling of classified information then lied about it to Congress.  If Hillary is elected president, one can expect a rapid response to eradicate the last freedoms left, the total secrecy of government to be complete, and information to be so propagandized by the mainstream news media that the truth will never see the light of day.  In other words, the united States population will experience the propaganda machine invented by Goebbels, refined by Stalin and perfected by Democrats.


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