Mainstream Media MIA When It Comes To Hillary Campaign’s Violations

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action released another video yesterday documenting additional violation of Federal Election Commission regulations by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  You can watch below.

This is the third video in a series on “rigging” elections.  While O’Keefe’s video has appeared on alternative media outlets sites, the mainstream media remains missing in action on its coverage of these videos “busting” Hillary Clinton as having approved a stunt that had “Donald Ducks” following Donald Trump across the nation at his rallies.

The goal of the “Donald Duck” plan was to “attract media attention and incite violence by dressing an activist in a Donald Duck costume and sending that activist into Trump events, emphasizing the argument that Trump was ‘ducking’ releasing his tax returns,” according to Robert Creamer.  Creamer stated it was Hillary Clinton who approved this plan.  Moreover, Creamer visited the White House 342 times since Obama took office and met with Obama on 47 occasions.

Coupled with the other two videos, this has exposed another scandal and violation of law by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  Yet, the mainstream media is “missing in action” in covering the explosive videos.  The question is why?

As the email releases by WikiLeaks has shown, the “lamestream enemedia” is taking their orders from Hillary Clinton and her campaign stooges.  The leaked emails indicate that Hillary functioned as media “editor-in-chief” for several media outlets — telling reporters what to cover and what to hide from the public.  This has been brushed off by the media.  Clinton has accused Russia of “hacking” and working with Julian Assange to gain access to these emails.  John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman, accused Russia as well of “hacking” his emails to sway the election.

In this article by The New York Times, the reporter indicated FBI director James Comey declared Hillary Clinton had been “extremely careless” but did not recommend prosecution.  What was left out of the article was anything negative about Clinton.  House hearings on the email investigation by the FBI has established Hillary Clinton violated the law.  FBI agents working the case have come forward to reveal the investigation into “email-gate” and the private server Clinton used did not follow standard procedure.  In addition, the FBI agents stated that Comey acted alone in deciding not to recommend prosecution.  It was indicated in the House hearings that other individuals had been prosecuted for the same violations of handling classified information and material, which the FBI admitted Clinton had mishandled this type of information and documents.  The difference was these other individuals were prosecuted while Clinton received a pass.  There were hints that the FBI and the DOJ were operating in a corrupt manner.

Where is the lamestream enemedia in reporting these scandals surrounding Hillary?

Many have known for quite some time that the lamestream enemedia has functioned as the lapdog and waterboy for the Hussein Soetoro administration.  And, in the past, some outlets have definitely favored one candidate over the other.  However, with Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee for president, the lamestream enemedia has smoothed over the scandals involving Clinton, refuses to confront her and her campaign about those scandals, and ignores the videos by Project Veritas Action proving additional violations of law.  Every explanation for the emails leaked by WikiLeaks has been used;  but the most frequent is Russian hacking and altering to assist Donald Trump in securing the election win.

Alternative media outlets have covered the WikiLeaks email dumps and the Project Veritas Action videos.  However, the lamestream enemedia has been conspicuously silent on the scandals uncovered surrounding Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  The media is being directed by Clinton and her campaign to portray her in a positive light, glossing over the scandals in a dismissive manner, while lambasting Donald Trump at every turn.  No longer are these media outlets engaged in “reporting the news.”  Instead, the lamestream enemedia has become a propaganda machine for Hillary Clinton.

For individuals who only get their news from these media outlets, the propaganda machine is in full force portraying Clinton as the default winner of the election, smearing Donald Trump, and hiding any scandal and law violation by Hillary Clinton.  Even Fox News, once considered a haven for conservatism, has flipped to broadcasting propaganda for Clinton.  There are a couple of shows on Fox that are purely conservative — Sean Hannity is one.  However, the bulk of what Fox is now broadcasting is Hillary propaganda and a Democratic platform.  The American citizenry who has a 36 hour memory, is considered a low information voter, and believes 22 second reports as all inclusive, has become indoctrinated into the propaganda cooked up by Clinton and the lamestream enemedia in order to influence these individuals to vote exclusively Clinton.

It is a propaganda machine and campaign to put Hillary in the Oval Office that would be the envy of Joseph Goebbels and Joseph Stalin.

Despite the biased lamestream enemedia operating under direction from Hillary, as has been discovered through emails leaked by WikiLeaks, the public is becoming wise to these tactics. It may take a bit of time but the lamestream enemedia has compromised its ethics, integrity, and public trust, which will come back to haunt them in the future.  In the meantime, alternative media sites are moving more to the forefront as a place to get information not covered by lamestrem enemedia.












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  2. Your right here. It is incredible that this is even possible within the land of the leader of the free world.


    • If I weren’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it myself. At the risk of being called a “conspiracy theorist,” there is definitely some type of collusion going on to bring the US to its knees. The media supports a lying, criminal, corrupt traitor for president in Hillary. Why is anyone’s guess. But, if I had to guess, it is by order of the CEOs of the six corporations that own all media in the US. Those guys probably got their marching orders from another or others that support Hillary or Hillary herself. I can’t understand why these guys are so hot to have a socialist, communist, Marxist type government where the press is orchestrated by the media. Right now, US media is a propaganda machine for Hillary and Democrats. And, it looks like that will be the status quo going forward — a propaganda media in a republic with free speech and press freedom.

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