Project Veritas Action Videos Reveal FEC Violations; Will Violators be Punished?

It has been a week since James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action released videos that reveal the Democratic National Committee, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and pro-Democratic third party groups may have violated rules set by the Federal Election Commission concerning collusion.  The videos indicated agitators were paid to “bait Trump supporters,” which is a sleazy campaign maneuver.  However, the revealed suggested coordination between the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and pro-Democratic third party groups in the explosive undercover videos  have resulted in two complaints being filed with the Federal Election Commission.  But, will these videos result in violators being punished should the FEC investigation rule the three groups in question participated in coordination and collusion?

The Washington Times reported:

Such complaints face a high bar: Even when coordination is suspected, it’s difficult to find evidence showing that political campaigns worked in cahoots with third parties such as super PACs. The FEC’s three-prong test holds that complainants must show that coordination involved payment, content and conduct.

“To a large extent, the FEC has never really been forced to come down on people about this coordination,” said Joseph Vanderhulst, legal counsel for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which filed an FEC complaint last week.

That is one reason the Project Veritas investigation is gaining attention from advocates for clean campaigning, said J. Christian Adams, the legal foundation’s president and general counsel. 

“It’s hard to prove — until you start getting videos,” said Mr. Adams. “That’s what makes this so special.”

If you have not seen the videos, both Part I and Part II can be viewed at the YouTube site for Project Veritas Action.  Both are included here for convenience.


Project Veritas Action followed the legal foundation and filed a complaint with the FEC, asking the commission to act “within 120 days on suspected violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act.

Benjamin Barr, who filed the complaint for Project Veritas Action and served as counsel for two FEC chairmen, stated, “This criminal conspiracy involves the knowing and willing creation of coordinated expenditures from prohibited corporate sources.”

Transcripts from the Project Veritas investigation videos exposed “‘the supposedly independent speech and actions of third-party groups were directed, controlled, or puppeteered by [Hillary for America] or the DNC,’ said the complaint.”

According to Mr. Barr, “…, the record established not just simple violations of the FECA’s coordination provisions, but ongoing knowing and willful evasion of federal election law requirements through a complicated scheme.”

Remember, the complaint has to pass the three-prong test of the FEC to show the coordination involved payment, content and conduct.  It appears the Project Veritas videos captured those elements.

The Washington Post reported that “The footage shows Scott Foval, national field director of Americans United for Change, discussing his work coordinating protests against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with the DNC, the Clinton campaign and third-party groups.”  Foval goes on to admit that Americans United for Change has a “clip deliverable” the group presents its clients who are involved in the project on a daily basis.  Continuing, Foval mentions the DNC, “the campaign,” and “Priorities,” which is believed to be the super PAC Priorities USA.  Foval didn’t stop there but went on to say he functioned as an “intermediary between the super PACs and the campaign.

Foval explained how this was accomplished.  “We’re consultants, so we’re not the official entity, and so those conversations can be had between consults who are working for different parts.  The campaigns and DNC cannot go near Priorities, but I guarantee-damn-tee you that the people who run the super PACs all talk to each other, and we and a few other people are the hubs of that communication.”

Scott Foval went on to say, “The thing we have to watch is to make sure there’s a double blind between the actual campaign and the actual DNC and what we’re doing.  There’s a double blind there. So they can plausibly deny that they knew anything about it.”

These comments appearing to be satisfying the three-prong test required by the FEC.  However, the question remains, “will these violators be held accountable should the FEC investigation rule the groups participated in collusion and coordination.”  Foval was fired shortly after these videos were released.  Robert Creamer, also featured in the videos, stepped down from his position.

This involves Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign.  As has previously been seen, evidence of criminal activity exposed during the FBI investigation over her private email server was not enough for the Department of Justice to prosecute based on FBI Director Comey’s recommendation due to “lack of intent.”  Then, there are the multiple scandals surrounding Clinton (Benghazi, missing funds, etc.) that have seen her maneuver around to avoid any type of accountability.  Hussein Soetoro inserted himself into the email server investigation, which may have resulted in non-prosecution.

In this latest scandal involving possible violations of FEC rules, it is unlikely that Hillary Clinton nor any other entity will face any type of sanction or prosecution whatsoever.  Just as Hussein Soetoro inserted himself into “email-gate,” he has already appeared before the public to declare the elections are not rigged, which everyone heard including the DOJ, FEC, and FBI.  Granted, he was responding to Donald Trump.  However, it is covering for election tampering, collusion and coordination between the Clinton campaign, the DNC and other entities.  It matters not that Hussein Soetoro suggested some type of “election rigging” or tampering in the 2008 election when he said he was glad Democrats were in charge of the machines in Ohio.

Many Americans know Hillary should be indicted and tried for the violation of law that occurred in email-gate.  Yet, she will not be and continues to run for President on the Democratic ticket.  No Democrat,  liberal, progressive, leftist individual can deny the results of the investigation, which include the party members.  At the very least, this woman should be barred from contending for POTUS.  It shows that the Democrats don’t care about the integrity of their candidate as long as it is a Democrat who wins any office, especially the Oval one.  Those individuals who support the Democrats and are Democrat don’t care either since they just like to win over the opposition.

If a Republican, Tea Party Candidate, or an Independent had engaged in the same activity as Hillary regarding a private email server and violated federal law, the FBI and DOJ would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.  And, the Democrats have tied the Republicans’ hands on lawsuits for election fraud and rigging since the Republicans were caught engaging in that behavior years ago.  It resulted in the Republicans agreeing not to challenge any type of election fraud/rigging in the future.

One can expect Hillary, the Democrats, the DNC, the super PACs, and the third parties involved to slide once again.  Until Jan. 20, 2017, Hussein Soetoro occupies the Oval Office and declared “there is no rigging” and Donald needs to stop whining.  Based on the operations of federal agencies, even one supposedly that operate independently, in response to Soetoro statements, these entities know to back off.  And, the federal agency will do exactly that, declaring “nothing to see here;  move along.”




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