“White Privilege” and “Racism” on Presidential Election Ballot, says Michael Moore

White Privilege.  Racism.  How many times have those who consider themselves conservatives, constitutionalists, Republicans and white been accused of “racism” and “white privilege?”  Too many to count. These terms are used as bait to incite hate against those who disagree with left, liberal, progressive, Marxist, communist, socialist, Democrat individuals.  The rhetoric of “white privilege” is all white people are oppressors of minorities, particularly blacks.  Moreover, “racism” is thrown out as a catch all label when disagreeing with left-wing leaning individuals.

But, things are about to change since “white privilege” and “racism” is on the presidential election ballot November 8, 2016, according to Michael Moore.

According to The Washington Times:

Donald Trump’s candidacy means that “white privilege” and “racism” are on the ballot on Nov. 8, and supporters of Bernie Sanders need to turn up for Hillary to “save her from herself” and stop Trump’s “legal terrorist” voter base from blowing up the country, according to Michael Moore, who sat down with Rolling Stone magazine recently for a chat about the election.

The left-wing documentary filmmaker — who is promoting an anti-Trump documentary called “Michael Moore in Trumpland” and who backed the socialist senator from Vermont in his primary contest against Hillary Clinton — made his case for the former secretary of state in the interview published Friday.

“We’re not being asked to vote for Margaret Thatcher or Sandra Day O’Connor or Clarence Thomas. We’re being asked to vote for Hillary Clinton and that’s a good thing. Really,” he said. “She’s not any of those people. Do we have our problems? Yes. Do we have our disagreements with her? Yes. She is not exciting the base to get out and vote for her. So we, the Bernie revolution, have to help save her from herself. We know how to do this.”

While trash talking Trump supporters, Moore suggests that Bernie Sanders supporters vote for a criminal, traitor, liar, thief, corrupt individual instead of a candidate who has moral integrity.  And, in case anyone is wondering, there are more candidates for president than just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Moore dislikes Trump, almost to an emotion one could label “hate.”  Continuing along that line, Moore extends his dislike of Trump to those supporting Trump.

“White privilege” and “racism” are on the ballot, per Michael Moore, because Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee.  If Mike Huckabee had won the GOP nomination, “white privilege” and “racism” would be on the ballot just the same.  For those who do not understand the concept and rhetoric of “white privilege,” you can read an excellent synopsis here.

The question that inquiring minds want to know is “how is this individual who makes films, lives in a fine mansion, drives a fine car, and is a staunch Democrat not a beneficiary of white privilege;  but, those of us who are not Democrat or Republican, lives in an average house, drives cars that are 10 years old, and scratches a living the best one can because of failed Democratic policies are?”  If you read the linked article, “White Privilege:  Aiding in the Fundamental Transformation of America,” you will understand this label of “white privilege” is based on lies surrounding the concept of “white guilt” because of slavery, “unearned privileges” (would like to truly know what privilege I received without earning it), the “three-fifths” myth, and projecting the history of the Democratic Party onto the Republican Party.

Another area Moore does not address is the idea that the common average American citizen “oppresses” minorities.  What power does average Americans hold to oppress others?  The answer is none.  To be able to oppress another, one has to hold power.  As it stands now, the holder of the power is the federal government.  So, if a sect of the population of this republic is being oppressed, the guilty party is government.  Government programs that reward zero effort keep the portion of the population accessing these programs in a state of continual need — the recipients are unable to get out from under the thumb due to the money received is more than what the recipient could make through legitimate work.  The Democrat Party seizes upon the opportunity almost every election to declare the GOP will take away the “welfare” programs in order to keep these people voting for their money — they “buy” votes with entitlement programs.  It’s a form of slavery no different than what was practiced in the past.  Lyndon B. Johnson summed it all up in one statement, “I’ll have those n****** voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.”

Moore called Bernie Sanders’ win of 22 states an “historic moment.”  Since Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist, Moore contends this shows a dramatic shift in political stance of the left toward socialism.  Either the left and Mr. Moore do not understand socialism or they think the institution of a socialist government will not affect them.  Yet, they push for this type of government, which will remove the right of private property as well as others for the “good of the collective.”  Michael will be saying “goodbye” to his mansion, kissing all his money goodbye as the government takes it, and picking up a hoe to work in the fields ,after doing whatever work he does, in order to be able to eat.  As has been proven through history, everyone “plays” in the socialist government in the form of relinquishing inherent rights while those individuals of the “party” retain theirs.

If there is any form of oppressive government based on privilege and racism, it is a government that is socialist, communist, and/or Marxist in nature.

The Washington Times continued:

“We almost got to see the billionaire versus the socialist in this campaign.”

Mr. Moore also made his case for Mrs. Clinton by saying Mr. Trump was simply unfit for the office by virtue of some sort of mental illness.

“[H]e’s not a well person and he needs help. And once you realize that he has a mental illness, at that point, if you’re a human being with a soul and a conscience, you want him to get help.”

Hypocrite Moore has the nerve to call Donald Trump mentally ill when there is a Democrat sitting in the White House who has pseudological fantastica, narcissistic personality disorder, is a sociopath and psychopath, and engages in passive aggressive behavior seen in borderline personality disorder.  Looking at Hillary Clinton, one can definitely see some of the same traits of mental illness shared with the Democrat occupying the Oval Office.

Moore is right that “white privilege” and “racism” is on the ballot.  However, those are not present on the side of Republicans.  It is held by one Hillary Rodham Clinton.  If anyone has “privilege,” it is Hillary Clinton and her sexual predator husband, Bill.  All other individuals who committed the same crime as she — mishandling of classified information and negligence — have been charged and prosecuted.  However, Clinton got off scot-free even though the FBI found criminal activity while investigating “email-gate.”  Moreover, the foul-mouthed, racial slur slinging sock puppet for George Soros is “fit” to be president.

With all the indicators pointing to Hillary Clinton having some type of mental illness, one wonders why Michael Moore has not stepped up to the plate, using his “soul and conscience,” to want Hillary get help.

Maybe Michael Moore needs to check his “white privilege” and “racism” (against Trump and Trump supporters) at the door before making outrageous comments.  And, yes, racism applies to everything nowadays per the left, progressive Democrats even when race is not involved.


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  2. He needs to be Ben Shapiroed! That should sort him out on white privilege. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrxZRuL65wQ

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