Obama Campaigning for Hillary or Organizing Dissent — Either Way, He’s not Performing Presidential Duties

Once again, Obama is organizing dissent against conservatives and Republicans as he continues his constant campaign trail, this time for Hillary Clinton.  He is complaining about conservative media and accusing that outlet of creating Donald Trump as a candidate for president.  It’s a miracle this man has time to perform any presidential duties.  But, what would make this time different than any other.

According to Breitbart:

“Trump didn’t come out of nowhere now,” Obama said during a campaign speech in Miami. “For years, Republican politicians and far-right media outlets had just been pumping out all kinds of toxic, crazy stuff.”

Obama employed a straw man attack against conservative media, accusing them of starting “the whole birther thing” and calling climate change a “Chinese hoax.”

He’s right that Trump didn’t come out of nowhere.  The Donald has thrown his hat in the ring before but withdrew his candidacy.  This time, Trump entered the political arena with the goal of winning in mind.

As we all know, any media outlet that holds politicians in office to the constitution are accused by Hussein Soetoro of “pumping out all kinds of toxic, crazy stuff.”  Instead of identifying these outlets as constitution supporting, he labels these outlets as “far-right.”

If anyone remembers the 2008 campaign with Hussein Soetoro and Hillary Clinton, it was Bill and Hillary that first highlighted the discrepancy with Hussein Soetoro’s “natural born citizen” status.  After it was mentioned by the Clintons, internet investigators and constitution supporting media outlets, as well as individuals, began searching the background of Soetoro resulting in his action of sealing his and Michelle’s records to thwart the discovery of the truth.

Now, just how many people who know “climate change” is a manufactured issue to extort more money from the world’s wealthier nations’ populations to redistribute to poorer nations ever called it a “Chinese hoax?”  Not many.

Breitbart continued:

“According to them, I’m powerful enough to cause these hurricanes, and I’m about to steal everybody’s guns in the middle of the night and declare martial law, but somehow I still need a teleprompter to finish a sentence,” he said incredulously. 

Obama argued that Republicans knew better than to allow such theories to continue, but they were silent because it would help them stay in power.

“They just stood by and said nothing, even though they knew better, while their base actually started believing some of this stuff,” Obama said.

Here is the King of exaggeration spewing nonsensical garbage once again.  He is applying comments to himself personally made in regard to executive orders that might be given in regards to gun control/confiscation.  After all, this man operates unconstitutionally and illegally as the legislative branch.  Moreover, with all the turmoil in the Middle East, now with Russia and potentially China, not to mention the unruly, violent protests in cities by Black Lives Matter and Democrat paid agitators at Trump events, most wonder what other crisis will develop that would have him declare martial law through executive order.  Yes, he still needs a teleprompter to speak when talking about issues and trashing Trump so he doesn’t stutter, but he definitely has no problem speaking condescendingly to the masses, insulting sects of the population, and making outrageous, exaggerated claims against what he terms the “far-fight media outlets.”

Hussein Soetoro has no business taking Republicans to task about allowing “such theories to continue” when Democrats have been doing the same thing.  In fact, it is part of the Democratic playbook rules to deal with their opposition and the Republican party.  He needs to decide whether he wants to be the pot or the kettle.

When it comes to a sect of the voter base believing “stuff,” the Democrats have so brainwashed their voter base, the low information voters, and those on the government dole that these people would believe John F. Kennedy killed himself if they said it enough.

Along the lines of “you didn’t build all that,” Hussein Soetoro said of Donald Trump, “Donald Trump didn’t start all this. Like he usually does, he just slapped his name on it, took credit for it, and promoted the heck out of it.”

Isn’t that what the Democrats and this usurper have been saying about everyone else, then taking credit for what has been built?  These people have many believing “government” built it all or Democrats, while in government, did.

The good thing about Hussein Soetoro being out and about organizing dissent or campaigning for Hillary is he is not performing any presidential duties;  or, put another way, he isn’t in Washington, DC, using his pen and phone in additional usurpations.  Once the election is over, he can then turn to the business of seeing how much more of this republic he can destroy before the next individual takes office in 2017.  That is, if he even leaves office.



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