Bill Clinton Blasts “Old Gray-haired White Guys” on Illegal Immigration — He Forgot to Look in the Mirror

Speaking in Orlando, FL, at the Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly on Friday, Bill Clinton delivered a rambling 45 minute speech.  In it, Clinton said, “In the last few days, do me a favor.  Don’t fight fire with fire. These people who are spreading all this division and badmouthing America and badmouthing our future. They’re against immigration reform when that’s the only thing that we got keeping us young right now. Our first-generation Americans.”

“All these old gray-haired white guys, how do they think our Social Security is going to be paid out and our Medicare is going to get funded?” Clinton stated.

Clinton’s comments begin at about the 43 minute mark in the video below.

“We need you. We all need this. Everybody has got a legitimate beef. Sometimes the things that happen are unfair and unjust…What are you going to do about it and how are you going to feel about it?”

“We’ve got to be a tomorrow country again. Can’t do it without a mind,” he said, and a “heart well turned.”

Either Bill doesn’t know he is an “old gray-haired white guy” or he forgot to look in the mirror due to his dementia.

What Democrat and many Republican politicians forget is that American citizens, native born, would be having more children if government wasn’t trying to regulate every aspect of everyone’s life, regulating businesses into the ground, expanding government, increasing taxes, saddling families with failed Obamacare, and tanking the economy to cripple the nation.  Add to the disaster of ever expanding government the feminazi movement that emasculated men thereby changing their view on women and disparaging women who wanted to make a home and raise children, it set the stage for the societal situation we have now.

Let up on taxes, provide additional tax breaks for families, stop regulating business into the ground, stay out of everyone’s life, stop expanding government, cease operation of unconstitutional departments and agencies is a start to getting the government thumb off of the people.  Better yet, ditch the current tax code and use a flat rate tax for individuals, families and business that is paid period without any additions or subtractions.  With a flat tax rate and dismantling of unconstitutional agencies along with ceasing unconstitutional spending, the American taxpayer and businesses would have increased revenue that could go to growing the economy.

Does Bill actually think illegal alien invaders are going to be paying Social Security and Medicare?  If he does, his dementia is worse than anyone suspects.  Illegal alien invaders are not here to become citizens and pay taxes.  If anyone wants a perspective on illegal alien invaders, check out “They Come to America” three part series by Dennis Michael Lynch.

Again, Bill mentions “immigration reform.”  No one in the political arena or those proclaiming the immigration system as “broken” has yet to point to specifically what is broken — they just claim it’s broken.  The problem with the immigration law is the lack of enforcement, period.  Illegal alien invaders need the united States;  the united States doesn’t need illegal alien invaders.  Those who enter this republic legally through the immigration and naturalization system are welcomed.  Illegal alien invaders who begin their stay through a criminal act then proceed to access social programs reserved for citizens are not needed, not wanted and should be deported.

Evidently, Bill thinks pointing out the problems with the “government” of this republic is “badmouthing America and badmouthing our future.”  It is not.  It is identifying the problems with corruption, lawlessness, traitorous, and criminality of those in government who seek to do away with the law and the Constitution.

At this point, Bill Clinton needs to retire.  He can’t even remember he’s an “old gray-haired white guy” and was against the very topic he was speaking about – illegal alien invasion – when he was president.  It just goes to show how politicians have no convictions nor real stance on issues but render lip service to whatever issue will get them or their spouse elected to office.

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