What Teachers Lecture to our Children Include Indoctrination into False Ideology

Do you know what your children are learning in school?  Do you know what teachers are lecturing about that could be considered indoctrination into an ideology using false narratives?  Do you know what teachers are promoting during the teaching sessions?

These are questions every parent should strive to answer by asking their children, visiting their child’s classroom, monitoring, in general, the subject matter their child brings home, and asking where their child is getting certain information when a parent hears the child repeat a “phrase,” “narrative,” or “idea” that has not been taught at home.  Yesterday, The Daily Caller reported that a Norman, Oklahoma High School student recorded a teacher “telling students that all white people are racist.”KFOR News Channel 4 reported on the incident.


There is no distortion in the student’s cell phone video or audio.  The teacher can be plainly heard to say, “to be white is to be racist, period.”

What prompted the student to record the class was being stunned and offended by what was being taught through the teacher’s lecture on “how to heal the racial divide.”

According to KFOR News:

“Half of my family is Hispanic, so I just felt like, you know, him calling me racist just because I’m white… I mean, where’s your proof in that,” she said.

The words that followed were even more shocking to her.

In the recording you hear the teacher ask “Am I racist? And, I say yeah. I don’t want to be. It’s not like I choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”

“I felt like he was encouraging people to kind of pick on people for being white,” the student said.

“Why is it okay to demonize one race to children that you are supposed to be teaching a curriculum to,” her dad asked.

Through Norman Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Joe Siano, the following statement was released upon the video going public.

“Racism is an important topic that we discuss in our schools. While discussing a variety of philosophical perspectives on culture, race and ethics, a teacher was attempting to convey to students in an elective philosophy course a perspective that had been shared at a university lecture he had attended. We regret that the discussion was poorly handled. When the district was notified of this concern it was immediately addressed. We are committed to ensuring inclusiveness in our schools.”

“You start telling someone something over and over again that’s an opinion, and they start taking it as fact,” the student said. “So, I wanted him to apologize and make it obvious and apparent to everyone that was his opinion.”

In this case, it is quite obvious the school had zero clue what this teacher was going to lecture in the classroom from the statement — “attempting to convey to students in an elective philosophy course a perspective that had been shared at a university lecture he [the teacher] had attended.”  And, it doesn’t matter whether the course is elective or not.  Being that the teacher wanted to share content he received from a university lecture he attended, it should be obvious, after what has been reported coming out of universities these days, the students would receive a “skewed” perspective without a counter viewpoint being represented.  Students received only one side of the “philosophy.”

It is because of incidences like this that what we know as schools have turned into indoctrination centers.

“To be white is to be racist, period” is a load of bull manure.  That statement is no more true than saying “to be black is to be a thug, period.”  Oops.  Is that a racist remark?  It would be if it were presented as fact;  but, it is presented as a false rhetoric to show the similarity in the teacher’s false remark.

The teacher goes on to say he was racist, but didn’t want to be that way.  In fact he said, “It’s not like I choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”  Of course being racist is a choice.  One can reject certain philosophies or ideologies learned from parents and family.  It happens frequently.  Just because he makes poor choices and is too weak to reject philosophies and ideologies that are false doesn’t mean others do the same.  And, this teacher appeared to intimate his parents were racist by blaming what he does on the way he was raised.  Hopefully, his parents can get the rubber tire tracks removed after he threw them under the bus.

What universities are trying to convey is there is some mystery “racist” gene found only in white people.  The teacher even eluded to it through his statements, “It’s not like I choose to be racist” and “to be white is to be racist, period.”  Eye color is determined through genetics and is something that is not chosen but provided by parents.  To make the generalization that being white means one is inherently racist suggests that racism is something one receives at birth.  However, he then turns around to say “I do things based on the way I was raised.”  This paints “racism” as being a product of the home environment.  Are we to understand that racism has some genetic predisposition coupled with an environmental factor?  Evidently so.

If this is what he learned after attending a university lecture, this teacher was conveying misinformation to students.

Racism is a learned behavior from example by either family, parents, colleagues, or peers or a product of life experiences resulting in a disparagement toward a race not one’s own along with a superiority attitude toward one’s own race.  Still, individuals have choice despite upbringing or life experiences in their thought processes to form opinions.  Making general assumptions or stereotypes about a particular race is an individual choice which can be adopted by anyone of any race toward another.

The school should issue an apology along with this “regret that the discussion was poorly handled.”  Along the same lines, the teacher should issue a public apology for presenting only one side of the “philosophy,” demonizing a race in front of students, and treating opinion as fact.  The school should consider some type of sanctions against the teacher such as a suspension without pay.

Parents, pay attention to what schools are presenting to your children.  Speak out when you disagree with incidences such as this one.  And, press the school board and the teacher to apologize when misinformation or opinions presented as fact are taught to your children as well as expect sanctions for teaching falsehoods.



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