Policy Has Its Consequences

The policy of this administration, aka Hussein Soetoro, has been to ignore immigration law in favor of his “policy” to grant a reprieve from the law to those entering the united States in violation of the law.  While many citizens and others may sympathize with the circumstances under which these individuals may enter, it does not justify the violation of the law.  One has sympathy and empathy for victims of rape and assault, as well one should.  However, if that victim murdered the assailant outside the parameters considered “self-defense,” that individual would be in violation of the law.

When the immigration laws are ignored or the “policy” becomes lack of enforcement, the consequences that follow can be devastating among the native inhabitants.  As the Washington Examiner reports, illegal alien invaders seeking asylum have increased by 900 percent within the last ten years, with only 30 percent being considered “fraud free.”This has expanded the number of “immigrants” who receive Social Security benefits, green cards, welfare, school loans and additional services funded by the American taxpayer, according to the figures provided by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

According to the Washington Examiner:

While about 8,000 mostly Latin Americans in 2009 sought asylum, the number is expected to reach 80,000 or more this year, according to a projection from the Center for Immigration Studies.

This same report indicated that 80 percent come from just three Central American countries — El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.  These individuals claim fear of torture, abuse and/or retaliation in order to stay in the united States once reaching the border.  This fulfills the requirement by the united States government that an individual must declare a credible fear of returning to their home.  Those who arrive at the border claiming asylum have typically been “trafficked” through Mexico by “gangs” that charge fees to move these individuals into the united States.

The surge has been attributed to the lax restrictions supported by Hussein Soetoro regarding asylum.  Typically, these individuals are granted a temporary entry based on their claim, then make their way into US cities.  According to a House panel, some 90 percent of asylum claims are approved with only 30 percent being free of fraud.

And, to add to this mix, how many are claiming to be from El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, but are actually from somewhere else?

According to Jessica Vaughan, Director of the Center For Immigration Studies, and author of the report, “The only non-Latin American country to rank in the top five nationalities of asylum seekers reported by USCIS is India. The influx of Indians appears to have heated up in 2013 along the Arizona border, and shows signs of being organized or facilitated by smuggling organizations, with some paying as much as $35,000 to be guided to the Nogales area. In 2015 the number of Indian asylum seekers began to exceed the number arriving from Ecuador, long a source of illegal migration through Mexico.”

The consequences of this “policy” ends up defaulting to the American taxpayer.  How so?  Taxes fund everything that governments provide — schools, government loans, Social Security, operation of the immigration and citizenship program, welfare, etc.  Increase influxes of illegal alien invaders using fraudulent claims of asylum, championed by the Hussein Soetoro administration, places a strain on these services meaning these programs need additional funding via increased taxes or benefits are decreased or remain stagnant.

The main question is “why should illegal non-citizens, regardless of their reason for entering the united States, be afforded access to taxpayer programs intended to assist citizens?”  Many of these programs operated by the federal government are themselves unconstitutional, which is an additional issue.  But, the federal government is taking money from citizens, placing that money in programs for citizens, then turns around and allows non-citizens to benefit from taxpayer money.  It isn’t just asylum seekers that are getting these benefits either.. guarantee you.

The united States economy like many others around the globe is not fairing very well.  The unemployment in the nation is staggering despite what is being reported.  If Americans are losing jobs, how are illegal aliens supposed to find work?  The government solved that problem by allowing them access to Social Security, welfare, housing, school loans and a partridge in a pear tree host of other programs.  Who pays for that?  The American taxpayer, that’s who.

Then, there are the businesses who are hiring illegal alien workers instead of Americans or replacing American workers with foreigners and illegal aliens.  With millions already out of work, this takes jobs away from Americans.  When unemployment runs out and these individuals cannot meet the requirements to access welfare, Social Security or other government programs, what happens to them?  The government doesn’t solve that problem but thumbs their nose at Americans devastated through a declining economy not of their making.

Now, the “policy” includes importation of “refugees” from the Middle East, the overwhelming majority of which are Muslim (approx. 99%) when Christians and other religious minorities are being systematically exterminated.  Again, the taxpayer pays for all of this. And, the united States, nor any other country, is obligated to take in refugees.  Like the illegal alien invaders crossing the borders, who is vetting these individuals, how are they doing it and what are they using to do it?

And, let’s not forget the money going into the prison system to house criminal illegal alien invaders only for them to be released back into the communities because of “policy” to commit additional crimes further costing the American taxpayer and consumer.

All of these “policies” that are outside the law cost money.  Money allocated from taxpayer dollars without the taxpayer consent.  All bills concerning revenue is generated from the House and the House allocates the funds.  Yet, Hussein Soetoro frequently “allocates” funds for his policies.  The House lets him, which is unconstitutional.  The consequences are the fleecing of the American public without their consent through duly authorized legislation.

Not once ever, in conversations with other individuals on both sides of the aisle, has anyone ever said, “Gee, we need to pay more taxes in order to support all these ‘policies’.  We have to give the government more money.”  What is heard is, “Oh dear, it’s tax time.  I have to see how much I have to pay.  Hopefully, I can find a way to pay less than last year or at least break even.”  Yet, many of these same individuals will support the “policy” on amnesty or sending foreign aid (again, unconstitutional) while never associating the fact it is their taxpayer dollars funding these actions.

And, another food for thought — how are these “refugees” going to get back to their country of origin or are they?

Policies sound good and are made to tug at the emotional heart-strings of the native population.  However, we all have to start thinking with our heads as well.  This is why there is immigration law — a standard set for entry to keep emotion out of the equation.  Without it, policy changes with the whim of the man who makes it, meaning the republic seeks to be one of law but one of policy.



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