Think the Southern Border is Secure? Think Again

The occupation of the Oval Office by Hussein Soetoro has brought to the republic unfettered illegal alien invasion aka immigration, lax border security, importation of unvetted Muslim invaders under the auspices of being “refugees.”  At every turn, the administration has violated immigration law, rewritten the law through verbal dictates and administrative memos, and lambasted those who oppose “open borders” that threaten security, sovereignty and safety.  The American citizenry has heard claims of “secured borders,” increased deportations of illegal alien invaders, and those entering our republic as “dreamers” who seek a better life.

However, the borders of the united States are not secure and illegal immigration has surged to 409,000 known invaders caught in 2016Last year, the number of illegal alien invaders caught numbered approximately 331,000, with Homeland Security officials claiming the increased number of arrests indicate an increased number that are crossing undetected.

According to The Washington Times:

Worse yet, the number of illegal immigrants traveling as families, fleeing rough conditions in Central America and enticed by the promise of lax enforcement in the United States, reached a record high of 77,674. Unaccompanied minors — those children traveling without their parents — also rose to nearly 60,000, though that was still shy of the record set in 2014.

“Unaccompanied children and families have presented new challenges in our immigration system,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement announcing the numbers.

The Obama administration made significant progress in securing the border in 2015, as the number of unaccompanied minors, families and overall illegal immigration dropped significantly. Total apprehensions fell to their lowest point since the 1970s.

Basically, this last paragraph is code for “numbers are down because the border patrol was issued stand down orders in apprehending illegal alien invaders.”

The surge of illegal alien invaders came in 2014 when untold numbers from Central America made their way to the united States under DACA.  Reports surfaced that ads were placed in Central American media outlets proclaiming that individuals making it to the southern border of the united States would not be turned away.  Moreover, instead of deporting illegal alien invaders who commit crimes in addition to breaking immigration law, these invaders are released into unsuspecting communities throughout the united States.

The lack of enforcement of immigration law by this administration has contributed to the illegal alien invader crisis.  Coyotes, cartels, and those individuals seeking entry into the republic are being “groomed” on what to say through the discovery of “pamphlets” that provide “talking entry points.”  One such suggestion is to claim asylum.  Once entry is gained, the illegal alien invader can remain in the republic while fighting their case.  More often than not, these invaders disappear somewhere into the interior without being tracked by Homeland Security, ICE or border patrol.

In short, no one knows exactly how many illegal alien invaders are crossing the border, where they are all originating, and where they are going once gaining entry into the united States.  Add to this mix, the administration is importing illegal Muslim alien invaders from areas in the Middle East, supposedly from Syria, without any background checks, vetting or verifying their status as a terrorist, member of ISIS or not.

The Supreme Court ruled against Hussein Soetoro on his “immigration” policies.  Yet, he ignores the court with impunity.  Many leftist liberals declare Supreme Court rulings as “the law of the land” when the ruling is in their favor;  but, ignore any ruling that is not.  Hypocrites for sure.  However, the Supreme Court does not make law and cannot make law according to the Constitution and neither can the president.  None of this has stopped Hussein Soetoro and his departmental flunkies from continuing to violate the law regarding illegal alien invasion.

Many citizens call for a wall along the southern border as well as additional agents for security.  Yet, this is denounced by the administration under the claim, “walls don’t work.”  What does work according to Jeh Johnson, head of Homeland Security, is “long-term investment in Central America to address the underlying push factors in the region.”  In other words, this administration would take taxpayer dollars to “give” to Central American countries that would ultimately wind up in the pockets of corrupt government officials or drug cartels instead of putting the money towards a wall or better border barrier.

Walls appear to work for Israel, Hungary and China.  And, a fence works great around the White House.  The only reason we hear “walls don’t work” is because the government doesn’t want the wall to work nor does it want the wall, period.  The goal is the balkanization of the united States to change the voting demographic, compromise our security, remove our sovereignty and endanger our population.

Swaths of individual groups whose ideology is anathema to our Constitution are being allowed unfettered entry.  These individuals are given access to social program that should be reserved for citizens in dire need.  This drains our coffers forcing increased taxes thereby compromising our economy through increased money drains on the population as well as competition for jobs between illegal alien invaders, who work cheaper, and the American worker.  These individuals would tend to vote for the political party who awarded them with access to the republic, taxpayer funds, and jobs.

Their opposing political ideologies threaten our republican form of government as increased voting for socialistic programs moves our government further into a socialist, communist police state where native inhabitants are seen as combatants while illegal alien invaders are seen as “protected.”  Those illegal alien invaders who enter with a predetermined plan to engage in terrorism places our citizens in danger as well as undocumented criminals who are free to move about rape, assault, kill, kidnap, rob and burglarize the citizenry.  Sanctuary cities provide safe havens for these “criminals” meaning these local governments are participating in destroying the nation just as those private organizations engaging in “refugee relocation” in the united States works diligently to bring in anyone and everyone, regardless of background.

As the native inhabitants become the minority and illegal alien invaders the majority, our sovereignty is threatened especially if the different “groups” engage in public confrontational riots that also endanger our citizenry.   As the administration increased the importation of illegal alien invaders and more make it across our borders, the potential for conflict increases, the crime rate may increase, the incidences of terrorist attacks increases and the result would be the expansion of the already militarized police state.

Securing the borders of our republic is about maintaining our sovereignty, safety, culture of freedom and liberty, and economy.  As we are seeing with our unsecured borders, the threat of losing the republic are real as long as the administration violates immigration law, the federal government refuses to perform its authorized duty to protect the States from invasions, and the exact number of entrants is unknown and importation of illegal alien invaders under the ruse of “refugees” continue.  If there is one priority for this republic, it is securing our borders, deporting illegal alien invaders — adults as well as children, and prosecuting those in government who have broken the law, thereby engaging in treason.


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2 Responses to Think the Southern Border is Secure? Think Again

  1. Hi suzanne I’m not disputing the facts of what you are saying here. But if Obama’s sole purpose was open borders why have there been millions of deportations in his Presidency? How can we balance these actions with other policies of amnesty?


    • Not to answer a question with a question, but since when is policy law? Policy is not law. Immigration laws are and Obama has adopted “policy” to break those laws. He has zero authority to legislate. I’m not saying there have not been deportations during his presidency. There most certainly have. However, the “policy” is to “prioritize” deportations to those who are criminals. Well, if you break immigration law, you are already a criminal. There is no provision for amnesty in immigration law, unless one claims “asylum.” While presidents can set “policy” in certain areas according to the Constitution, presidents are charged with seeing the laws are faithfully executed — not to change the law when Congress doesn’t, ignore the laws they don’t like or break the law using fuzzy logic as in encouraging violation of the law by foreign individuals through intimating they can stay once they arrive in the republic, indirectly informing immigrants to claim”asylum,” providing pamphlets that give “talking points” for these illegal aliens to use with border patrol, or importing Middle Eastern refugees at taxpayer expense. Whether the pamphlets came from the federal government is rather sketchy, but pamphlets have been found in areas where illegal aliens are known to cross.

      Amnesty is in violation of the law, period. As a president, present and past, has not the authority to make law, any policy that violates the law is a usurpation, meaning that president is also a violator of the law and should be impeached — that goes for Bush, Clinton, the other Bush, going all the way back to any president who violated the Constitution and laws that are constitutional.

      Individuals who seek to live and reside in this country should follow the immigration law, period, end of story. If they do not, they immediately become criminals by violating the immigration law. Why should these individuals be exempt from consequences of the law just because “it’s only immigration law?” Should those who violate counterfeit laws be exempt? Should those individuals receive “amnesty” or a pardon? What about those who commit mail fraud? Should they receive “amnesty” or a pardon?

      I appreciate your comment and wanted to give you the perspective where I come from on these issues. Hopefully it gives you another area to investigate to answer your questions.


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