Trump Accuser Mindy McGillivray Plans to Leave Country

All the women who have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment/assault remained silent for all the years since the incidences because of fear of “backlash” or being tried in the “court of public opinion.”  It is interesting that in the three weeks before the general presidential election that these women quelled their “fears” to come forward with their accusations.  However, the question asked was, “what has changed to quell their fears in order for them to come forward now?”  But, their fears of backlash and trial in the court of public opinion is real.

In fact, the backlash against Mindy McGillivray for making accusations against Donald Trump that have been proven to be false has her now making plans to leave the reported:

A woman who alleges Donald Trump groped her in 2003 at a party at his Mar-a-Lago resort says she plans to leave the country because of the fierce “backlash” from supporters of the GOP nominee. 

In an interview with The Palm Beach Post, Mindy McGillivray said she fears for her family’s safety since going public with her allegation. 

“We feel the backlash of the Trump supporters,” she said. “It scares us. It intimidates us. We are in fear of our lives.”

She told the newspaper she’s been staying in a hotel since revealing her encounter with Trump — one of a number of accounts that have been made public in recent days.

She said when she went home to pick up clothes, she saw cars driving around her house and “slowing down right at the house,” the newspaper reported. 

Trump has repeatedly denied all of the allegations against him.

The reason McGillivray is in “fear” is she saw cars driving around the “house and looking, slowing down right at the house.”

Exactly what did McGillivray expect to happen?  The incident involving McGillivray has been revealed to be false.  Did she think no one would find out?  In the information age and the rise of internet detectives, it becomes difficult to hide false accusations.

McGillivray did not report the incident to authorities but told a photographer attending the same event.  The photographer did not witness the “groping” but spoke to The Palm Beach Post, nonetheless, only to say that McGillivray pulled his aside to tell him about it.  Because of McGillivray’s accusations and the photographer speaking to the news media, a rift has developed between the photographer and his brother, who happen to own photography studio.  Needless to say, this had affected their family business.

McGillivray’s statements have created friction with her stepfather.  But, McGillivray doesn’t regret coming forward. So, after causing a rift in her family and another’s, she now has no regrets, why did she not report the incident to the authorities at the time it happened?

Well, there’s much more to McGillivray’s story.

She gave an interview to CNN.  Yes, it is interesting the interview would be conducted on the infamous “Clinton News Network.”  She claimed she was going to talk to other news outlets before leaving Florida.  Hmm, that’s probably questionable.  Timing is everything and her timing to leave the country after the CNN interview is uncanny.

As reported by The Palm Beach Post:

She said wants the public to know that she has had problems in her past, including two felony arrests, a burglary charge when she was 17 and driving under the influence in 2012.

She said she still struggles with alcohol.

She said she is married but estranged from a man who has open felony charges against him in Palm Beach County and is now living in Canada. Her husband, Daniel V. Edery, was charged in 2008 and 2009 with separate counts of organized scheme to defraud, according to records.

McGillivray is not named in either charge. She said she was not aware of his alleged illegal activities. She said she is in contact with him because she receives alimony. She said there’s a chance she could go to Canada and stay with him for a while.

“I need to expose my ugly side.  This isn’t for money.  This isn’t for fame.  This is to be honest with her.”  [McGillivray speaking to report while sitting next to her 15 year old daughter.]

She is married but estranged from a man charged in separate counts of organized schemes to defraud.  And, since he is living in Canada, its possible she can stay with him.  Moreover, she is still married to a man who pays her “alimony.”  Call me silly but I thought “alimony” was only awarded in divorce cases.  In the case of “married but estranged,” the money received could be considered a form of child support and/or spousal support, but alimony?

McGillivray states she is leaving the country because of “backlash” and being “fearful” for her life.  Yet, she tells the reporter the name of her husband, who lives in Canada, then states she could go stay with him.  Well, how long does she think it will take for “investigative” journalists and internet detectives to find his address?  Why does she think Canada is inaccessible to individuals or media who may want to “question” or “interview” her further?

She claims this isn’t for money or fame, but to be honest with her daughter.  Well, that could be done outside the public purview.  Her years of silence were because of “fear” but somehow after the debate, her fear miraculously vanished.  Her sense of “patriotism” emerged and her urge to do her “civic duty” in exposing the terrible flaws of a candidate took over.  Remember, this woman’s fear was so great it kept her silent for 13 years.  Now, after all these years of “abuse,” Donald Trump has to be stopped according to McGillivray.  Interesting timing.

It seems Ms. McGillivray keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper.  Now, I maintain that any woman who makes an accusation of sexual harassment/assault should be believed UNTIL those claims are proven false.  Well, McGillivray’s claims have been proven as false by savvy internet detectives.  Instead of coming clean, she refuses to “give up the scam,” a frequent mantra out of a playbook followed by Hillary Clinton, Alinskyites, and fraudsters.  Moreover, she has caused a rift between another family due to involving a photographer at the same event she attended.

What exactly is this woman getting if not money or fame?  It isn’t justice because her claim is false, which is why she didn’t report it to authorities at the time, but honesty with her daughter.  She’s paying a high price for her “honesty.”  And, one can be certain that future installments regarding this woman will be forthcoming.



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