New Information in Allegations Against Trump; One Incident Discovered to be a Fabrication

After the allegations of sexual harassment/assault brought against Donald Trump by women crawling out of the woodwork, internet savvy investigators got to work digging up information to confirm/deny the accounts by these women.  In a report by Kit Daniels for,  it appears the allegations made by Mindy McGillivray has turned out to be false.  There was also several issues brought forth concerning Jessica Leeds’ story and some questions on Rachel Crooks.

These women deserved to be believed until proven false.  In the case of Mindy McGillivray, her allegations against Donald Trump have been discovered to be a fabrication.  Wonder how much she was paid and by whom to come forward with that story?  Women like McGillivray make it difficult for real victims of sexual harassment and assault.  It took years for society and “establishment” to move past women as the object of fault in these cases to being the victim.  For a political agenda, money or both, McGillivray was willing to make the future difficult for other women by lying about Donald Trump “assaulting” her.

Then, we have Jessica Leeds who used quotes from a Guardian article and a song to describe her alleged assault by Trump.  To make matters worse for Leeds, she is linked to the Clinton Campaign by a Reddit user and her story regarding the “lift-up” plane seat arm in first class has been debunked by many.  The coincidence of using the same words to describe actions by sexual predators can be used by many victims without any question whatsoever.  However, she became suspect when her closeness to the Clinton campaign was exposed, as well as the bit of information about the plane seat arm in first class being debunked.

While there are some questions on Crooks, it is more difficult to question her story based on the information.

Most everyone is asking the same question — why bring this out now after making the decision to keep silent and never reporting the incidents to the authorities, waiting until less than a month before the general election for president?  Trump threw his hat into the presidential race last year.  Why now, instead of at the beginning, or even at the pinnacle of his fame on The Apprentice and the pageant shows?

For all the reasons these women gave for not coming forward before, what changed to make them come forward now?  With the new information coming out, these women will be drug through the “court of public opinion” on whether they are lying or not.  At this point, the information, so far, is not going in their favor.

Many suspect this is the trick of projection onto Trump of behavior attributed to the likes of Bill Clinton — the quintessential sexual predator, enabled by Hillary Clinton, protected by a corrupt system as well as his wife, and free to continue his disgusting behavior with impunity.  It is definitely possible since Hillary and the Democrats love the use of projection.  But, the disinformation and accusations are now out on Trump, which many low information voters, braindead, brainwashed sector of the American public, and die hard Democrats will believe even if false.  None will do research or even look at research proving the allegations false.  None will question the timing of these women coming forward now, their stories or a possible motivation for their doing so.  It’s to be expected after all.

As the days go by, we can expect to see more information discovered about these allegations as well as the women who made them.  For all their rationale to remain silent, they will get exactly what they didn’t want in the first place, which begs to be questioned and lends toward motive.  But, as we have seen, once the false information is out, rarely does the truth correct the perception placed into the minds of the low information, braindead, brainwashed sector of the American public


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