2005 Trump Audio Opens Door for Accusations — Women Crawling Out of the Woodwork

In any case of sexual assault and rape, every woman should be believed.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Despite Hillary Clinton agreeing, she has done everything in her power to discredit and “slut-shame” the women who have accused her husband, William Jefferson Clinton of sexual assault and/or rape.  Yet, she derides Donald Trump about a remark made in private eleven years ago, off the record, inadvertently recorded and just recently released by unethical media “journalists.”  Since the release of this recording onto the public, several women have now come forward accusing Donald Trump of “coming on” to them with “unwanted kissing and touching.”  Jessica Leeds of New York and Rachel Crooks of Ohio have levied these claims against Trump, echoing similar accusations by Temple Taggart.

According to the New York Times, as reported by Breitbart:

In the days since Mr. Trump’s campaign was jolted by a 2005 recording that caught him bragging about pushing himself on women, he has insisted, as have his aides, that it was simply macho bluster. “It’s just words,” he has said repeatedly.

And his hope for salvaging his candidacy rests heavily on whether voters believe that claim.

 They should not, say Ms. Leeds and Ms. Crooks, whose stories have never been made public before. And their accounts echo those of other women who have previously come forward, like Temple Taggart, a former Miss Utah, who said that Mr. Trump kissed her on the mouth more than once when she was a 21-year-old pageant contestant.

In a phone interview on Tuesday night, a highly agitated Mr. Trump denied every one of the women’s claims.

Doesn’t this ring a bit of Anita Hill when Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court?  How about when many women came out of nowhere when Herman Cain threw hit hat into the presidential ring?  Anita Hill nor the women accusing Herman Cain reported the incidents at the time of occurrence.  Only when these men entered the political arena for a government position did these women come forward.  Are we seeing the same thing here with Donald Trump?

Listen to the story Ms. Leeds tells of her encounter on a plane involving the incident with Donald Trump.


The incident with Ms. Leeds occurred approximately 30 + some odd years ago.  No complaint was made to the airline or other authorities.  She claims she did not come forward because the attitude prevailing at the time was “we were taught it was our fault” and “we accepted it for years.”  No, the accurate summation is “she thought it was her fault” and “she accepted it.”

Some 30+  odd years ago, I was a victim of sexual harassment in a similar manner to Ms. Leeds.  It involved my employer and was at the end of a work day.  It unnerved me and being pregnant at the time with several miscarriages behind me, I was concerned my emotional state could harm my unborn child.  Upon telling my husband, we went to the local police office and filed formal charges.  Another female employee, who found out what had happened, also came forward with a similar incident to mine.  I did not return to work.  Long story short, the end result was a criminal court case on sexual harassment against the employer that resulted in two guilty verdicts on both cases.  The tipping point in these cases ended up being the female manager over the female staff who had received prior reports from other employees, but did nothing, that came out in court testimony.

At no time, did I encounter the attitude expressed by Ms. Leeds that the incident was my fault, nor was I ever taught that incidences like that were my fault, nor did I accept this was normal. This incident occurred in a small town in Mississippi.  On a personal note, my daughter was born strong, healthy and full term in 1982, the year following my incident.

The other female accuser, Ms. Rachel Crooks of Ohio, stated her incident with Donald Trump occurred in 2005.  According to the account in the New York Times, Ms. Crooks met Donald Trump outside an elevator in Trump Tower while working for a real estate investment company located in the building.  She introduced herself since her company conducted business with Mr. Trump, which at that point they shook hands.  It didn’t stop there.  She stated Trump would not let her hand go, moved in and kissed her on the cheek, then kissed her directly on the mouth.  While claiming it was inappropriate and being extremely upset about it, Ms. Crooks told no one but her sister and was still able to complete a work day.

Why did Ms. Crooks not report the incident to the appropriate authorities?  She reported it to her boyfriend at the time;  yet, he did not seek to assist her in reporting it to the authorities or encourage her to do so despite the fact it was Donald Trump.  She was fearful for her job and that nothing would happen to Trump because of who he is.

About eight years ago when I was working in one of the southwestern states, a male colleague began making inappropriate comments and engaging in inappropriate gestures to me and many of the female staff.  It was disgusting, unprofessional and disruptive to the work environment.  I confronted this man about his behavior with several other female workers in hopes his behavior would change.  It did not and became worse.  I reported this man to the appropriate office in the facility where I worked.  An investigation ensued.  As it turned out, this man had a history of the same behavior with other female colleagues in a different area of the facility.  To keep his “objects” silent, the man used fear and scare tactics of intimating he would cause their loss of employment should anything be disclosed.  Once I had reported the incident, others came forward and told of his use of scare tactics.  He tried to intimidate me when he found out I had reported him, but I stood my ground.  Yes, it cost me.  The facility terminated my contract early;  however, all other victims stood together to see this man sanctioned for his actions.

In both of my cases, it cost me my job.  However, the perpetrators of the sexual harassment suffered a far harsher sanction — a criminal charge and conviction that follows them on every background check.

Then, there is Temple Taggart, the former Miss Utah, who has accused Trump of also kissing her on the mouth “more than once when she was a 21-year-old pageant contestant.”  Again, where was the report to the proper authorities as well as the pageant officials?

I don’t doubt these women for one minute.  What I doubt is their timing.  Why now?  Why would these women not stand up for themselves and seek justice for a wrong done to them?  Fear?  Yes, it is a fearful situation.  But, the fear becomes more removed upon having the backing of the justice system — the criminal justice system.

Ms. Crooks told the New York Times, “I was upset that it had happened to other people, but also took some comfort in knowing I wasn’t the only one he had done it to.”

Excuse me?  If these incidences had been reported to the proper authorities at the time they happened, other women might not have been sexually harassed by this same man.  In fact, she might not have been a victim.  Sexual harassment is not comforting in numbers.  It’s horrifying that numbers exist at all.  And, by keeping silent, it allows the perpetrator to violate other victims.

If these women were going to seek any type of damages or monetary settlement, the time to do that would have been at the pinnacle of Trump being a major TV personality raking in millions more on top of his already billions.  Again, one must ask, “why now?”

It is situations like this that make it more difficult for women who have been sexually harassed to come forward, especially against prominent men and men in positions above their victims.  Why?  Because these women did not report at the time but waited until what some would view a “most opportune” moment.  It decreases the credibility of the victim when the perpetrator can say, “this person is doing this to gain fame, money or seek retribution for a perceived slight.”  Telling friends, husbands and boyfriends is fine;  however, their testimony consists of hearsay.

At this point in time, these women are not receiving justice, but 15 minutes of fame.  And, for what — to keep a “womanizer” out of the White House?  Hello?  A womanizer has already been in the White House.  Remember Bill Clinton?  These women want to keep a “criminal” out of the White House or one who engaged in criminal behavior out of the White House?  Well, they did not file charges or go through the criminal justice system to have these levied so Trump engaged in criminal behavior with no formal charges.  But, they are supporting a woman who has engaged in criminal behavior with no formal charges;  however, an investigation found she had violated the law.

Oh, they wanted the voters to know what type of man Donald Trump is in reality.  Well, if these women had come forward at the time, Donald might not be in the bid for the presidency because of their formal charges.  People would have known at the time of the incidences because it would have been all over the news.  And, that follows the famous everywhere in everything.

These women were content to sit quietly, knowing what this man had done years ago, when he announced his candidacy, participated in debates, toured the country campaigning and making TV and radio show appearances.  Not once, did these women come forward until the leaked 2005, private, off-the-record recording released by unethical journalists.  Could it be they were looking for a pay-off for their stories?

Only they can answer any of those questions.  Despite their timing, their story deserves to be believed until proven otherwise.  However, one can still question the motives considering the timing.  And, Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself for engaging in demeaning, degrading behavior toward women.


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