Joy Behar Needs a Brain

There is almost nothing worse that can happen to a woman than rape, except maybe other women who make inane comments that actually support rape and blame the victim.  This is exactly what Joy Behar of ABC’s The View did on Monday’s broadcast when she stated, “Maybe she could have said, ‘I would like to apologize to those tramps who slept with my husband.”

If this were not bad enough, Behar stated on the show earlier this year that she would vote for a rapist as long as they were a liberal.

Granted, she called Bill Clinton a dog, along with Teddy Kennedy, but indicated she still would support a criminal in the White House.  Her rationale centered around these perpetrators supporting and voting for issues in her favor.  She has difficulty in putting together the fact that committing a crime is against the law despite supporting issues considered “pro-women.”

The very next day, Behar walked back her statement saying, “I want to clear something up about yesterday, because, during a political conversation yesterday, I made a joke, and I want to apologize. I never, ever intend to belittle sexual assault, or the women who were victims of it, ever, but I made a joke. I’m sorry. I apologize.”

Behar needs to see the wizard for a brain.  If she had one, she could engage it before she put her mouth in motion.  There is nothing funny about rape or sexual assault to even begin to make a joke about it.  Second, her “tramps who slept with my husband” phrase insinuates the encounters were consensual and the crime sexual.  Rape and sexual assault are crimes of violence, meaning the perpetrators are violent offenders.  As a woman, Behar should know this, meaning, she would know to steer clear of joking about these crimes as it is tacky, tasteless, cruel, dehumanizing and degrading.

Regardless of whether someone in politics supports issues one backs or is of the same mindset, one should not support anyone who has a questionable criminal background for public office.

Hillary Clinton dehumanized, degraded and intimidated the victims of her husband’s criminal behavior, which is inexcusable for any woman.  The women were victims.  Bill Clinton was the perpetrator.  If anything, she should be directing her anger toward her husband.  And, Behar should be supporting lawfulness not lawlessness.  However, as a liberal, the law doesn’t matter to her.  All that matters is if someone votes for and supports issues pertinent to her or works in her favor.

One has to consider the source when looking at the inane comments made by the “women” on this show.  ABC’s The View is a show with braindead hosts targeting a braindead demographic of women.  While Behar is at the wizard for a brain, she might try and ask for a heart.  It’s obvious she needs both.

Wanna make a bet that Hussein Soetoro would forgive her for her reprehensible comments?


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