There Is Substance to the Mantra “Different Sides of the Same Coin”

Many times, citizen journalists, bloggers, and average citizens here in the united States, will call both political parties “different sides of the same coin” or more colorfully “different cheeks of the same butt.”  However, some are not quite sure what that may mean.  In an article that appeared in Return of Kings, published in part by, Roosh Valizadeh describes “simple rules” that “govern” the current political atmosphere in order to remove the veil many operate under regarding politics, political party platforms and who exactly “runs” the government.According to Valizadeh in the article at

These are only four rules you need to understand:

1. There is a group of very rich men who control the levers of power.
2. Those men own the media.
3. Those men sponsor political candidates on all sides to do their bidding.
4. Those men have a simple agenda of increasing their wealth and power, to be gods among men.

It’s really that simple. Anything else is a red herring, such as the differences between political parties, whether there is an “Illuminati” that does blood sacrifices, or if those at the top are Jews or lizard people.

While this may be too simplistic for some, for others, it provides a greater insight into the “behind the scenes” operation of government.  Even Donald Trump admitted in the Republican nominee debate that he contributed to both sides of the aisle in order to “call in favors” when needed.  Given the vast monetary resources of Trump, it would stand to reason that other individuals holding similar or more resources would engage in the same behavior for the same reason.  Moreover, corporations engaging in similar industries, e.g. pharmaceutical, tobacco, etc., would unite for their common purpose to “influence” policy and law-making.  This means that a few control the laws under which the majority live, aka as oligarchical rule.

Given the atmosphere of the “lamestream media” today, it is quite clear that a “few” control the “majority.”  It’s why one can get the same stories almost word for word regardless of which station one views.  All the media is owned by only six corporations;  at the head of those corporations is one man.  The LSM “guides” the citizenry into adopting the “thinking” of those controlling the media.  In other words, the LSM promotes the standpoint of those that control it and presents that standpoint to the public in order for the public to “adopt” the stance of the few presented as that of the majority.  Additionally, the LSM presents only one side of an issue, either positively or negatively depending on that issue, to the public in order to garner support or opposition.

One example of this “deception” can be seen through the presentation of the PATRIOT Act to the American public after 9/11.  This piece of legislation was anything but “patriotic” and ushered in an age of rapidly decreasing freedoms for this republic.  But, capitalizing on fear after the attack on the united States, barely a blip was made about its passage and violations of basic freedoms were heralded with applause and acceptance.  All guided by the lamestream media, or in the more accurate description of “enemedia.”  Yes, politicians put forth the “rationale” and justification for this piece of garbage legislation stripping freedom from citizens touting “safety” et. al.  But, as rule number one indicates, “a group of very rich men control the levers of power.”  Couple this rule with numbers two and three and one can see where plenty of legislation antagonistic to freedom and the citizenry pass muster through both chambers of Congress.

These oligarchs do not have the interest of the citizenry nor the republic at the forefront.  Instead, it is their further attainment of “wealth and power” that drives their behavior.  In order for a few to control many, these few have to “control” every aspect of an individual’s life, including their thinking process.  When a substantial number of the populace begins to think alike, repeat the same statements from the media and politicians in an almost drone-like, robotic manner, and berate anyone daring to provide an opposing view or opinion, these individuals have adopted a “group-think” mentality some have identified as “sheeple.”  Some of the populace have been so manipulated that any opposing view or opinion disrupts their reality to the point of triggering an almost aggression or denial (cognitive dissonance).

Those who have never adopted the propaganda or those who have discovered what is transpiring become a danger to the system.  These groups or individuals are labeled  as “right-wingers,” “conspiracy theorists,” “domestic terrorists,” and the newest term of “alt-right.”  By recognizing what is happening, supporting the tenets of the Constitution, being a Christian, and expressing a love for the republic and the freedoms it has recognized and protected, the oligarchical rule becomes threatened should more of the hypnotized public awaken and reject their “cattle run” type of direction toward destruction.  To keep this portion of the population “in check,” the oligarch ensures these groups and/or individuals cannot organize into a cohesive influential force through civil unrest, derisiveness and pitting each sub-group against another through highlighting the more “extreme” viewpoints of fringe elements or using governmental pseudo-laws to coerce silence, i.e. IRS 501 (c) (3) laws involving religious institutions.

As the article at Return of Kings indicates, “a lot of what we see occurring  in Europe and the United States makes enough sense that you can start to predict the future.”  Watch the video.


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