How Corrupt is the Media? — One Former Journalist Tells All

In writing the previous article for today, another article title was viewed that sounded rather interesting.  It deals with the corruption of the media and one journalist’s experience while working as a writer for an internet publication.  The author of the piece revealed what his journalist friend learned while working as a journalist.The friend, called Sven (name changed to protect identity), learned five important lessons during his time working for a popular online newspaper.

Whoever pays you, owns you.

Sven thought he would be telling people the truth.  Unfortunately, that turned out to not be the case.  His first assignment was to talk to a person, record the conversation, write an article, then publish it.  Well, the reality was not so simple nor easy.  He transcribed the tape and mailed his writing off to the content manager.  What he got back was nothing like what he sent — the piece was heavily edited with crucial parts replaced with “meaningless buzzwords or completely removed.”  Upon confronting the manager, Sven received this reply, “This man did not pay us for an article that would disparage him.  Get back to your desk.”

Sven notice his colleagues rarely produced any independent content.  They were all too busy publishing one paid article after another.  They laughed at him when he asked if the articles needed to be marked as “sponsored.”  Frequently, his content manager would say something to him along the lines of “Do you know the guy you are writing about is a close friend of our boss?  Don’t screw this article up.”  Many of his interviewees, in particular politicians wouldn’t even talk to him.  Instead, he was referred to the assistants or secretaries who handed him a “canned” speech and telling him to work with it.

But, Sven did have a sense of justice about him.  Several times, he ignored the recommendations, deviated from the original story, and allow small bits of truth to make it into the articles.  His reward for this was being called to the manager’s room, admonished and had his pay for the month docked, reducing his income.  His unapproved articles were edited away swiftly even after the articles were read by thousands.

So, much for objectivity, neutrality and truth in media.  But, at this point, is anyone really surprised by any of this?

Standards?  Never Heard of ’em.

Sven discovered his employers were basically whores who sold themselves to the highest bidder.  They were devoid of conscience.  He was shocked to find his colleagues treating their responsibilities with nonchalance. “Investigative journalists relied on information they got from Google searches and Twitter posts, editors and sub-editors used rumors and hearsay to write scathing op-eds, website managers just posted any content that caught their fancy as long as they could come up with a flashy enough headline for it to attract people.”  Fact checking apparently was almost nonexistent, unless someone paid for it specifically.

Yet, time and again, it  has been seen that plenty has been passed off as “factual” when in fact, it was only partially so or not at all.

That’s not all.  The mantra this establishment operated under was “do not make people angry.”  In this case, the term people did not mean regular, average joes.  According to the author,  regular, average joes were not considered human by this establishment, but a “faceless mass that one threw articles at and got pageviews and money in return.”  No, the term people meant “those who mattered” — well known public figures, representatives of the powers that be, the wealthy with their hand in the political cookie jar and personal friends of the owners of the establishment.  Sound familiar?

These received protection, coddling and praise while sacrificing truth.  Upon a noteworthy event, the “spin machine” kicked in to portray the event in a positive light for the leash-holders.  You know the routine — withholding of facts, smearing the opposition, putting up smoke and mirrors, and misinterpretation and denial of facts.  In other words, there is no ethics in journalism.

To add a bit to this, it would not be unusual for higher ups in the lamestream media establishment to “seek” approval from their article interviewee or focus before final posting or printing.

In the Media Omelet, You are an Egg.

This boils down to “in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.”  The typical journalist to a media “top dog” was basically described as a “condom.”  Staff turnover is high and not because of promotions.  The term “veteran employee” meant someone who had no alternatives and could not quit.

It was indicated that many worked just to get a paycheck and did whatever necessary to make it through the day.  Upper levels avoided responsibility for content, even when they approved it, often throwing the person who wrote an article under the bus if an angry reader called.

Then, there were the ones who truly enjoyed their job — the “talented” boss favorites.  These individuals arrived with springing step, smiles on their faces and glinting eyes.  In reality, these individuals were described as “unfeeling, cold assholes who would sell their mother for a juicy piece of gossip that they would later smear all over the website.”  There’s not any one of us who doesn’t know that type.  They take joy in ruining others’ lives, take every opportunity to spread rumor and innuendo, and do a “hit” piece that would light their eyes up like Christmas morning.  Turns out, the author cited that the “smug, holier than thou, oh so intellectual” articles written for outlets like Salon and Huffington Post were probably written by those type individuals.

Poor Sven.  He was living in a nightmare.

No Wrongthink Allowed.

In other words, think like everyone else is told by higher ups or suffer the consequences.  In Sven’s case, there was a chart hung on the newsroom wall on how to report crime and incidences.  If perpetrator was white, report in detail and amplify.  If perpetrator was not white, downplay the incident, gloss over details.  How convenient.  That’s very prevalent in the united States today.

If something was “too patriotic,” did not include minorities enough, or praised the country and its native inhabitants, it was undesirable and omitted.  Pieces that were filled with “self-hate,” praised inhabitants of other countries (African and Muslims), or “attacked the natives and their way of life was a big hit and flew threw the approval like a bird.”

Women appeared to be “queen” in the newsroom in Sven’s world where one simple complaint to HR could get someone fired — no proof required and no recourse.  Snitching to HR was common on those individuals who dared expressed their own opinions incompatible with the narrative.

Liars For Hire.

This is the summation of the “lamestream enemedia.”  The media establishment is antagonistic and openly hostile towards the native populations in the countries where they exist, operate as lapdogs of the “state,” is falsely patriotic, and an “unscrupulous opportunist.”  It is the “face” of the globalist forces and pushes agendas such as globalism, the New World Order, and UN initiatives that would seek to eradicate individual God-given rights, including the owning of property.

The LSM is complicit in crimes committed by certain groups through obfuscation and pressuring of courts into “light” punishment, at times, and sometimes no punishment at others.  As many of us already know, the LSM is not our friend, certainly does not intend to provide the citizenry of the truth, much less facts, and allows the consolidation of treacherous forces — traitorous, criminal governments, multinationals, illegal alien invaders, and those wonderful liberal, progressive, globalist entertainment industry nitwits, like Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, and the like.

H/T to Kiron Solari, author of the piece, Confessions of a Former Journalist in the Corrupt Media Establishment.




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