Poster Boy of Climate Change Opines “Climate Deniers Should be Denied Public Office”

While not truly the “poster boy” for the climate change hoax/farce, Leonardo DiCaprio sure comes off as one since he is frequently in the news for some type of comment, appearance, or support related to climate change and his disdain for those who review the science.  DiCaprio recently spoke at the inaugural South by South lawn event at the White House with Hussein Soetoro and alarmist scientist Katharine Hayhoe.  DiCaprio told the audience,”The scientific consensus is in and the argument is now over. If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts, or in science or empirical truths and therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.”According to Breitbart:

DiCaprio was there mainly to promote his new National Geographic disaster-porn documentary Before the Flood in which he tours the world by private jet talking to celebrities who agree with him on climate change – President Obama, Pope Francis, Elon Musk – and also canvassing the opinions of picturesque natives in exotic locations all testifying in a range of languages and accents that, yes, man-made climate change really is the worst thing ever and they can see its effects all around them.

Obama – watch the video if you can bear – was in full “I don’t want you to think of me of anything so boring as President of the USA. I want you to think of me more like a Hollywood movie star, like Leo, who is totally down with the kids and really cool” mode. He took the opportunity to reiterate just how incredibly important an issue climate change is – as indeed he would, given that if this isn’t the case then he has just gone and blown two whole terms of a US presidency on absolutely nothing.

Hayhoe, meanwhile, was there to lend the event the veneer of scientific credibility.

She was certainly right on one thing. The bit where she said:

“We are pouring all of our money, all of our effort, all of our prayers into a bucket and the bucket has a hole in the bottom. That hole is climate change.”

This is probably the truest, wisest, cleverest thing any climate alarmist scientist has ever said in history – even the truth only came out by accident and not in the way she intended.

But yes, the whole climate change industry is indeed like pouring trillions of dollars (and hope and effort and prayers, etc) into a bucket with an almighty hole in it.

How does someone who is an avid “climate change religionist” justify flying around on a private jet to visit “prominent” figures all over the world and take a tour of exotic world locations in a private jet?  One can bet Leo has some type of rationalization that borders on liberal leftist flawed logic.

Anyone who follows the latest talking points on climate change by these “poster” individuals would be well advised to visit  The website provides a plethora of information regarding the latest on the climate change hoax/farce as well as articles highlighting scientific evidence debunking the now religion of climate change.  In fact, the “godfather of green” on climate change, James Lovelock, has reversed his position and now disavows climate change calling it a religion and “bunk.” One can also use the internet to research the composition of Earth’s air to find out what is considered a “greenhouse gas.”  Basically, it is anything that is produced by non-plant life — carbon dioxide and methane gas — and any by-product of human inhabitants such as car emissions, plane emissions, burning of coal and other fossil fuels, etc.

The UN IPCC has admitted their computer models are inaccurate, cannot account for all variables because all variables are not known, and is unreliable.  Repeated attempts by scientists to verify the “climate change” prediction models have failed meaning the methods cannot satisfy the hallmark of the scientific standard for proof — the Scientific Method.  Moreover, it has been reported that data collected from data stations around the world have been “doctored” to support the climate change rhetoric.  All of this information is available on the internet and in previous articles written for another internet publication with full references.

DiCaprio, like many “Hollyweirdos,” jump on a bandwagon that sounds good while never truly researching the issue and looking at both sides before formulating a conclusion.  And, DiCaprio expects the American public to “believe” him only because of his stature as a “Hollyweird” icon.  Well, the climate change science is not conclusive, there is no consensus and the argument is far from over.  The climate change “religion” is on par to equate to the Church of Scientology.

And, Mr. DiCaprio, I have looked at the science on both sides.  I have looked at facts and empirical evidence.  The “science” used to promote climate change is skewed, manipulated, inaccurate, cannot satisfy the industry standard of the Scientific Method, and has been disproven by many reputable, independent, non-government funded scientists.  So, belief has no place in science.  Science either proves or disproves a hypothesis.  In this case, the hypothesis of climate change cannot be proven through the Scientific Method.  When one is talking about “belief,” one is referring to “faith.”

But, if you “believe” in climate change so wholeheartedly, here’s a suggestion for you, Mr. DiCaprio — ditch the private jets, downsize your living arrangements, relinquish your internal combustion engine transportation, conserve resources by reducing your films, and basically go “off-grid.”  Anything else is hypocritical and negates any statements you make.



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