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Michelle Obama Pulls the Trigger on Donald Trump — Unleashes Verbal Chastisement on Republican Nominee

Michelle Obama stepped out to campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic Party Nominee for President, pulling the verbal trigger on Donald Trump trying to dismiss his comments at the recent presidential debate between him and Hillary.  A couple of … Continue reading

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Pence Supports Unconstitutional Stop and Frisk

Author Note:  This particular article appeared a few days ago at Freedom Outpost.  The resulting responses from commenters were shall we say inflammatory.  Many accused me of being a “libtard POS” and a “liar.”  Now, if anyone had read my … Continue reading

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Back To Business

It’s back to business here, now, after my absence due to urgent family business and being quite ill for a while.  I am in a much better state and the crises is over.  So, it is time to get back to … Continue reading

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