Hussein Soetoro Strikes at Further Freedoms with AFFH Decree, House and Senate Pass

The hits keep on coming at the American public. Unfortunately, it is the elected officials in Washington, DC, that keep betraying their constituents and voter base who are swinging the bats.  Even with a majority Republican House and Senate, establishment Obama-loving GOP members have voted to remove further rights of citizens using our own tax dollars.

As reports from the New American:

After some grandstanding to placate outraged constituents, establishment Republicans in Congress quietly voted to fund Obama’s unconstitutional plan to fundamentally transform your neighborhood by bringing in more federally funded “diversity.” 

In short, if Big Brother’s race-obsessed data-gathering machine determines that there are not enough poor or minority residents on welfare living in your city, town, zip code, or neighborhood, Obama wants to change that using your tax dollars. The scheme also sidelines states and borders by considering “regions” instead, a key element of the agenda to break down the traditional United States and its federalist system of government.

Friends, this is where the final blow to liberty and freedom, outside of quashing Christianity, will occur – in our own city councils, county commissioners and local elected officials. It works very simply, in disguise, and enticing to local officials.  The New American explains, “the ‘Affirmatively Further Fair Housing’ plot is contingent on successfully bribing local officials into compliance.”  These bribes take the form of unconstitutional “grants” and other funds coming from the federal government’s unconstitutional agency, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, giving the agency and the federal government the upper hand in “planning.”

However, there is a remedy. It is called nullification.  If no other link is read, the link for nullification is a must read by everyone.  The States can simply nullify this unconstitutional housing project to “prohibit cities and towns” from morphing into agents of the federal government. Nullification is the rightful course against unconstitutional legislation going back to the 1700s.  For those who question nullification in this day and age, remember, liberals, LIBERALS, used it in states like Colorado to nullify “federal and international prohibitions against marijuana.”

Likewise, local governments can refuse to accept money in the form of unconstitutional grants and funds from HUD. This leaves the long arm of the lawless in Washington, DC, with zero leverage over local governments and officials.  This is probably the simplest way to thwart this forced change.  States have long since sold out to be subjects of the federal government.

One Republican who led the way against this latest lawlessness by the Obama administration is Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). He proposed an amendment to the Senate Transportation and HUD appropriations bill that would have defunded Obama’s AFFH dictatorial decree and implementation by HUD.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Lee explained how this edict works, what is violated, and how this amendment would prevent it.

Here’s how the rule works.

AFFH requires cities and towns across the country to audit their local housing policies, under close supervision by HUD regulators, who may have never have lived anywhere near there.

If any aspect of a community’s housing and demographic patterns fails to meet HUD bureaucrats’ expansive definition of “fair housing,” the local government must submit a plan to reorganize the community’s housing practices according to the preferences and priorities of the bureaucrats.  

Critics of AFFH often say – as I have said – that this rule turns HUD into a National Zoning Board with the power to unilaterally rewrite local zoning laws and land-use regulations in every city and town in America.

But that’s not quite how the rule works, and it’s why Senator Collins’ amendment would not do anything to prevent the implementation of AFFH.

In the 10 months since the rule was finalized, it has become clear that the mechanics of AFFH are much more underhanded and subversive than critics have often claimed.

Under the new rule, HUD doesn’t replace local Public Housing Authorities – it conscripts them into its service.

Mr. President, this gets to the heart of the difference between my amendment and the amendment offered by my colleague, Senator Collins.

The danger of AFFH is not that HUD will direct local governments and public housing authorities to make specific changes to their zoning policies. It will just threaten them, by tying obedience to federal Community Development Block Grants.

Traditionally, local officials have been free to use their CDBG grant money according to their community’s needs and priorities. But under AFFH, HUD officials will withhold a local government’s CDBG funds unless that local government adopts HUD’s preferred housing policies.

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