Getting Back to Business

It’s been almost a month now since I lost my precious ChaCha.  The days are getting a bit easier, but there are times when sadness breaks through especially when returning home from a trip out.  Where there was a joyous, bouncy little bundle of love waiting, there is now no one at the door to greet me.

Gradually, I am getting back to business and will begin posting again within the next few days.  I have done a few articles for the sites I regularly provide contributions.   And, the articles turned out okay, but were not as good as I would have liked.  One has to restart the machine some where and this is best place.  It is what it was created to be — the major sounding board of thoughts, opinions and editorials on current affairs with plenty of political incorrectness.

Thank you to everyone who has voiced support.  It is greatly appreciated.


About Suzanne Hamner

Former professional Registered Nurse turned writer; equal opportunity criticizer; politically incorrect conservative;
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