A Sad Day

Today is a sad day.  It is with a heavy heart that I exist for now.  My precious one lost her fight and there was nothing more to be done but the most humane thing possible.  I was fortunate to be able to be with her until she peacefully went to sleep, me holding her, telling her how much I loved her, will always love her, how she had so enriched my life and that we will be together again.

There will be a mourning and grieving period for it is difficult to even compose thoughts.  Nothing right now holds much joy.   I can’t bring myself to eat or even talk.

Thank you for all of your warm thoughts and wishes.  She and I appreciate it very much.  I will be back in time, but now I need time for me to adjust.



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Former professional Registered Nurse turned writer; equal opportunity criticizer; politically incorrect conservative;
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