Taking Care of a Precious One

It has been some time since I have posted.  However, I am still around and will be back at it soon.  I wanted to update followers and readers on the reason for my absence.

My little companion, whom earned the nickname “princess terrorist,” has had an exacerbation of her congestive heart failure.  She has required much care and love during these last few weeks.  I have posted a few articles to the sites to which I contribute, but not consistently.

For the past week, she has been having fluid build up in her lungs (pulmonary edema) requiring additional medication.  Unfortunately, it did not have the affect we hoped.  She is now going to day hospital for the next week to receive her treatments via injection.  As it stands from her normal to now, she has gone down considerably.  She is not able to walk well, navigate stairs or sometimes walk the yard to do her business.  Her appetite is also waning so it’s a struggle trying to find something she will eat.  I am now pureeing her food so she does not have to extend too much energy to eat.  With the fluid build-up comes difficulty breathing — dyspnea and tachypnea.  Keeping her comfortable while trying to treat the problem is priority number one.

If this treatment cannot stabilize her to a manageable state close to her previous normal or she descends further, then, it will be time for her to leave us.  Knowing this, I have been grieving for a while now dreading the day I will have to make the final decision.

I appreciate all my followers and readers.  I do apologize for taking a while to update the site.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


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  1. Thoughts with you Suzanne. I hope you are finding a way to cope, however that may be.


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