News Media Promotes False Narrative on Burns, Oregon Issue

Disclaimer:  If the descriptions do not apply to any one reading this, it isn’t about you.

In the land of the oversensitive and the home of the easily offended, it is necessary, at times, to issue a disclaimer to avoid confusion, since plenty will declare their offense at being included when using a generality.  “Me thinks they doth protest too much,” but what is important are the issues at hand.  The issues at hand are the continual violation of the Constitution by the federal government, including all associated with it, and the news media peddling the federal doctrine lapped up like a cat drinking water by the millions of easily swayed citizens.

A good example of this is playing out in Burns, Oregon, and seen in the unjustifiable shooting of LaVoy Finicum that resulted in his death, with the arrest of numerous other individuals.  Whether anyone realizes it or not, the lamestream news media did a stellar job of portraying individuals standing in support of the Constitution as criminals.  On the news site considered as the last TV news affiliate to present conservative views, the report that day on Fox News was anything but conservative.

After the shooting incident perpetrated by the FBI, Fox News reported the FBI opened fire on the individuals prior to their arrest because they were armed and presented a danger.  Two guests that day, attorneys by the way, discussed the various charges the individuals could face and the justification of FBI agents in murdering Finicum.  Just because someone is “armed,” it is a far stretch to say someone is dangerous.  The Second Amendment recognizes the right to keep and bear arms without any infringement whatsoever.   Many law-abiding, patriotic citizens in every State carry “arms” on their person daily without incident.  However, the media ignores facts like this about firearms for sensationalism and promotion of the gun control agenda.

The lamestream media, including Fox News’ report referenced, ignores the Constitution in its limitation on land that can be owned by the federal government:  Article I, Section 8.

The FBI agents and tree sitting snipers opened fire on “armed” individuals who had not brandished their weapons in the confrontation with the FBI even after being fired upon.  Videos have shown this to be fact.  While the news media and the FBI spin the story that Mr. Finicum was reaching for a 9 mm handgun in his pocket, no one would know what type of weapon Mr. Finicum had or where it was until after he was murdered.

Breitbart news ran this story about the Oregon stand-off and shooting incident, “Oregon Armed Standoff Raided, One Dead.”  The title is misleading since it would lead one to believe the FBI raided the protestor occupied building at the wildlife refuge.  Beginning the article, Price states, “One person is dead and another sustained non-life threatening injuries following a law enforcement raid on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building where a standoff had been underway throughout the month of January.”  But, the incident occurred at a government roadblock on Highway 395 as the individuals were going to meet the sheriff.  It was an ambush type incident with FBI snipers in the trees, smelling like a contrived setup between the sheriff and federal agents.


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