Obama Proclaims Confidence He Could Win Third Term If No Term Limits

Hussein Soetoro’s dictatorial rule is coming to an end.  If there has ever been a more disastrous presidency, one would be hard pressed to name who.  Always remember, when dealing with Hussein Soetoro, it’s important to know that what he says is only half of the reality and what is not said is probably most important.

Appearing on CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” Hussein Soetoro claimed he would not consider running for a third term as president, if he could, because it “takes a toll on family life, and the office ‘should be continually renewed by new energy and new ideas’.”  Besides, he claims Moochie won’t let him.


Another reason he sites as not running is his confidence that the united States is a lot better now than when he took office.

Watching the video produces an enormous gag response with projectile emesis following closely behind.  It’s absolute torture.  This interview with Hussein Soetoro should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.  However, this is about what he doesn’t say when speaking.

Overall, one could say this entire interview was filled with lies based on lies.

Unemployment is not any better.  In fact, it’s worse.  Job creation follows the same lines since more Americans are out of work as illegal alien invaders and legal foreign workers are promoted for hire.  The health care insurance industry was destroyed with Obamacare — the unconstitutional usurpation of one sixth of the united States economy.

Obviously, Hussein Soetoro is living in a fantasy land.  Race relations are worse because of his continual instigation;  he just refuses to see it.

Newsmax reports:

Obama says the thing that makes him happiest about his presidency ending next January is a chance to get out of what he calls the “the bubble.” That’s what he calls the tight security controls over his travels outside the White House. He says the bubble is “the hardest thing about the presidency.”

He previous said he believes he could win if he were not barred by term limits from running.

He is expected to push over the next year for a Democrat to again take the White House, but will not endorse a candidate.

In the interview, Obama also admitted to at times  “absolutely” wondering why he ever ran for the presidency, nothing [sic] that he gets “tired” and “frustrated”by the job.

The hardest thing about the presidency, according to Hussein Soetoro, is the “bubble” or the “tight security controls over his travel outside the White House.”  Really?  The man acts like a “rock star.”  He appears on every pop culture talk show there is on television.  He jet sets all over on Air Force One.  Moreover, the man plays golf plenty and walks around DC claiming, “the bear is on the loose.”  Pfft.

In his case, the hardest thing to do is abide by the Constitution.  It’s evident in his ruthless attack on the Second Amendment, his legislation by “pen and phone” outside his authority, and providing equipment and money to enemies of the united States.  Add to all of this the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Operation Choke Point, Gitmo terrorists swapped for deserter Bowe Bergdahl, Benghazi-gate and Clinton’s Email-gate.

The real crux is the statement that he could win if he were not barred by term limits from running.  Does anyone believe that with his approval rating?  Does anyone believe an individual who lies habitually and has mythomania or pseudological fantastica?

While he may not can run for the office, he certainly could stay another term under the law.  It’s odd for an exiting executive not to endorse a candidate.  In fact, most endorse candidates to help swing votes.  Could this be a signal of some sort?

With Hussein Soetoro, nothing is ever off the table and any and everything is done to execute an agenda, whether lawful or not — mostly not.

Just remember:  “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.  If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.  No one will change it.  Period.”

And, the best one of all.  “I can’t act on my own regarding immigration.  Congress has to do that.  I don’t have that power.”  Then came “I have taken action on my own on immigration since Congress refuses to act.”

Keep this in mind for the future.  “I can’t run a third term but I am confident I could win if there weren’t term limits.”  A declared national emergency with implementation of martial law could keep this usurper in the Oval Office.  Food for thought since this man rarely pays attention to the Constitution.


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