Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Supports Trump Ban on Muslim Immigrants; Beware, Farrakhan Embraces Islam

In case you missed it, hell froze over as the cows came home while the chicken returned home to roost.  The fox stood guard outside the hen house after the horses were released and the barn door closed.  Water ran uphill as plumbers placed the cold water on the left.

When hearing the clichés above individually, one can assume something unusual, unlikely, surprising and jaw dropping happened.  In the eyes of many, it did.  On Wednesday, Alex Jones released a video of his 90-minute interview with Louis Farrakhan.  The Nation of Islam leader, who called for 10,000 blacks to murder whites, endorsed Donald Trump’s idea to ban Muslim immigration into the united States.

In the little noticed show, Farrakhan praised Donald Trump for unwillingness to be bought like so many other politicians and actually, “sympathized with his proposal to bar Muslim immigrants.”

According to the Daily Caller:

Farrakhan suggested keeping them out of this country is prudent given all the anti-American hatred that U.S. foreign policy fomented in the Middle East.

“So when Mr. Trump said, ‘We can’t allow these Muslim refugees into America,’ a lot of people were upset with him but I know, sir, the hatred for America in the Muslim World is building as we told Mr. Bush: No Muslim leader could call for jihad and have it stick,” Farrakhan told Jones in 90 minute interview for his radio show posted online on Wednesday. “No Muslim leader had the power to unite the whole Muslim World. I said, ‘But America’s policies will unite those people against the West’and it is happening.”

“So in this way, Mr. Trump I think is wise to [vet] anyone coming from that area into America because the hatred for America is in the streets now. So if those people are refugees and America feels ‘I got to let 10,000 of them in,’ because America created the problem. Now, if you let them in and you don’t [vet] them carefully, you might be letting in your own destruction.”

Disclaimer:  The author does not support Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam or importation of refugees.  Farrakhan and his organization are antithetical to the Constitution.

When Donald Trump made the statement to bar Muslim immigration into the united States, it received a large backlash across the board.  However, Farrakhan pinpointed exactly why it should be done.  And, it can be done and is not a violation of the Constitution.  It is interesting that Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is warning the people and government of planting unvetted individuals into our society, even if supposed refugees.  He even goes so far to lay the blame at the feet of the united States for creating the problem.  Whether he is being sincere or not, he is stating what many in alternative media circles recognize as problems with the importation of Muslims that cannot be vetted.

While individuals in this nation claim we should be compassionate for these individuals, the united States has no means to vet these individuals.  There are no forces on the ground in Syria.  Due to ISIS wreaking havoc and destruction, there is no way to obtain documents from the Syrian government to verify who the refugees are.  Many of the Muslim illegal invaders of Europe were not from Syria but other Islamic nations in the region using fake Syrian passports and identification.  Even the agencies charged with vetting these individuals declared they could not vet them to the required standards.  And, this nation is supposed to believe Hussein Soetoro these illegal alien Muslim invaders are being “thoroughly vetted?”

Farrakhan indicated he was concerned about Donald Trump and the possible influence by neoconservatives to seize Iraqi oil.  However, he did keep repeating the inability of Trump to be bought, domestically.

“I looked at the many Republicans and Democrats that are trying to win the nomination of their party. It says to me, I don’t want to be vulgar, but it’s like in any major city, you see women undressed, showing their wares for a John to buy them,” he contended.1  “And it’s like politicians who don’t have money but have ideas and parade themselves before rich and powerful people to get money apparently for their ideas that the rich agree with. But the moment that they become what they are looking to become, they find that the rich have an agenda for them.”2

“And that’s one of the things that I admire about Mr. Trump because he told them all: ‘I don’t want your money.’  And when a politician does not want money from the rich, he’s freer than the others to really do good for the masses of the people 3 , and I think that today we’re in the midst of the darkest hour in American history. If we don’t make the right move, with the right people, at the right time, the America that we know, we’re not going to see it become great again.”4

There is little doubt among many the united States is “in the midst of the darkest hour in American history” as Farrakhan stated.  Ask anyone in the united States why it is in its darkest hour in history and each will give a different answer while ignoring the obvious.  The darkest hour in this nation is due to its rejection of God, mocking of God, the embracement of debauchery, and the shredding of the Constitution.  This nation will not be great again and she will be lost if “we the people” continue on this path of self-destruction.  It’s an undeniable fact and truth.  For today, citizens are less free, have their individual God-given rights trampled, suffer inequity under the law, see government capitulate to the demands of a minority, watch all branches of government operate illegally, unconstitutionally and unlawfully, and travel further away from our founding principles as the Constitution is shredded.

Farrakhan, as leader of the Nation of Islam, provides his point of view from one of Islam.  That point should never be forgotten.  As the goal of Islam is to bring the entire world population into Islam, the right move, people and time, to which Farrakhan refers, could mean a type of non-violent Islamic jihad.  It’s doubtful since he called for blacks to murder whites.  More than likely, through conning Alex Jones, the message Farrakhan is sending could be some type of code to trigger followers to some type of action.

While Farrakhan makes some valid points and being correct, one should never forget that Islam is Islam.  It follows abrogation and is antithetical to the founding principles of this nation.  Make no mistake when looking or listening to his message.  It comes from the foundation of Islam, not one of a free nation.  He’s working an agenda as usual and tapped Alex Jones to send it out.

As always, “buyer beware.”

1 Farrakhan is speaking from the point of view of Islam — women are to be covered head to toe in a burqa.
2 Here is where Farrakhan is referring to cronyism and corruption. Politicians will take money from wealthy elites to finance their ideas but will be beholden to act on the agenda of the wealthy by virtue of taking their money.
3 Doing good for the masses is not necessarily following the Constitution. It’s a phrase often used by liberals to indicate the good of the masses overrules individual God-given rights.
4 This statement by Farrakhan leaves it open to interpretation. What is the right move, with the right people at the right time means something totally different to Farrakhan, as a Muslim leader, than a Christian, atheist, or Jew.


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