Gov. Chris Christie Maintains He Can Secure the GOP Nomination; Lambasts Rubio For Joke and Being “Unprepared”

Those around the world watching the political situation in the united States are getting a fairly accurate look at the ridiculousness of candidates in both parties taking “tit-for-tat” pot shots at one another.  Despite its childish nature, it makes headline news when someone gets a “zinger.”  Fortunately or unfortunately, the potential candidates vying for the office of president is narrowing.

One individual who is really failing that refuses to see the situation is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  On Sunday, Christie defended his position that he could still win the GOP nomination despite showing a low approval rating in his home state.

Despite his lowest approval rating (31% approval) during his tenure as governor of New Jersey, Christie stated on CNN’s “State of the Union” the approval rating has nothing to do with ability to garner the coveted GOP nomination.  He stated his ratings were down because he was out on the campaign trail and not in the State of New Jersey, claiming “it should be no shock.”  He added, “You know, the fact is, when you start looking for another job, your current employer gets a little miffed. And that’s what has gone on here in New Jersey.”

According to the Washington Times:

“I don’t govern for approval ratings, I govern for results,” Mr. Christie said. “And that’s why the people of the United States should strongly consider supporting me for president of the United States, because when the chips are down, I deliver.”

Christie cited his strong leadership in the wake of winter storm Jonas would redeem him in the eyes of voters.  During winter storm Jonas, fourteen people have died, with more than 100,000 without power and 11 states plus Washington DC declared a state of emergency this past weekend.

This is another GOP candidate who thinks nothing of violating the Constitution when it comes to the Fourth Amendment and the right of privacy covered under the Ninth Amendment.  Christie supports NSA spying and unconstitutional violations in order to “keep people safe.”  It isn’t up to the government to keep people safe.  The people can do that through the right to keep and bear arms.  And, government has made people less safe by indiscriminately targeting every citizen in the united States for data collection instead of those the law was designed to target.  In fact, Christie doesn’t believe these spying programs go far enough.  Imagine that.

He blasted Sen. Marco Rubio for a joke made in bad taste.  Rubio made a joke about “the storm freezing federal agencies from creating regulations and freezing President Obama’s veto pen.”

“Fourteen people died across the country. And that shows a real immaturity from Senator Rubio to be joking as families were freezing in the cold, losing power and some of them losing loved ones,” Mr. Christie said. “But I don’t expect that Senator Rubio would be able to understand that, because he’s never had to make a decision of any consequence at all that he’s had to be held accountable for.”

Being that Rubio’s comment was not heard, one could assume he was not making a joke but rather pointing out the irony that federal agencies cannot refrain from creating regulation after regulation just to create regulation and Hussein Soetoro vetoing every piece of passed legislation where he doesn’t get everything he wants unless a winter storm freezes everything, including cities.  But, that assumption could be wrong;  however, liberal progressives have very thin skin and find everything, even a joke, offensive.

Christie could not resist poking at Rubio by claiming Rubio’s tenure in the Senate was not any preparation for holding the office of the president.

“Voting yes or no in the United States Senate every day, sitting where they tell you to sit, coming when they tell you to come, leaving when they tell you to leave, it sounds like school to me, and not like the kind of job the presidency is,” he said.

“So, unfortunately, I’m not surprised that Senator Rubio made those kind of ill-advised comments,” Mr. Christie said.  “That shows his preparedness for the presidency, I suspect.”

Candidates all across the board keep referring to “qualifications” or “preparedness” to serve as the president of the united States.  They want to cite their holding another political office, such as governor, Senator, or Representative, as somehow being a qualifier to holding the office.  However, only three requirements are listed in the Constitution of the united States of America to be satisfied for an individual to hold the office.

Found in Article II, Section 1, the requirements to be president are attainment of at least 35 years of age, residency within the united States for at least 14 years, and be a natural born citizen.  No previous holding of any political office is required.  If these uninformed candidates keep repeating holding some type of political office as a pre-requisite, it will be adopted by the weak-minded, lazy sheeple, which means article after article disputing the falsehood pointing to the Constitution as others roast authors over the open flame as being wrong, stupid, or misinterpreting the requirements.

In other words, holding office will be cited as a requirement just as natural born citizen means anyone born on US soil to parents who are citizens, or born to a mother who is a US citizen, or born to a father who is a US citizen, or born on US soil to an illegal alien mother and father, or born on US soil to foreign dignitaries, or even like one college student stated a few years ago, “born naturally, not by C-section.”

Christie is lambasting those who have served in the Senate as not really being prepared while hinting that tenure as a governor is more “like the kind of job the presidency is.”  Based on his comments, Christie should also believe Donald Trump unqualified due to being a businessman and Hussein Soetoro to be “unprepared” when elected the first time for being a community organizer then a US Senator for 144 days.  In all honesty, Hussein Soetoro is not a natural born citizen which disqualifies him.. period.

Could there be a reason the framers only held three requirements as necessary while ignoring previous office holding in those requirements?  It is plausible.  Previous office holders, either in the House, the Senate, Governors and State legislators, are already compromised with alliances to certain industries, corporations and groups through lobbyists.  While it makes the potential candidate known to the people, it could indicate a bias toward those lobbyists and alliances formed, meaning the president would have a tendency to disregard the Constitution and his oath of office.

A newcomer without holding any office in government could be overwhelmed;  but, they would not have a previously established bias toward lobbyists, industries or other groups.  Moreover, a newcomer would need to know the Constitution well, have connections to appoint individuals to advisory positions to aid with issues such as foreign relations and policy, and have a strong conviction to uphold and support the Constitution despite both chamber of Congress, the erroneous Supreme Court rulings and various agency and department heads regulating regulations.

More than likely, the framers recognized with a government by the people, of the people and for the people, the man elected president should be the same.  It is the idea of self-government;  people of average means are able to serve in government, not just the wealthy elite.  The Constitution is written so that an ordinary individual can read it, understand it and comprehend its meaning.  No constitutional lawyers, scholars, or judges required.

It is the wealthy political elite that have taken control of the united States government turning out the people in favor of oligarchy.  It is through usurpation that phrases carefully selected or omitted then interpreted incorrectly to further an agenda by some politician or party that has many believing a college degree in constitutional law and precedents established by the Supreme Court through rulings are needed to convey the meaning of the Constitution.  The sheeple bought it which contributed to the problems in the nation today.

But, as Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people believe it.”


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