Feminists Blame Victims for Sexual Assaults Suffered at Hands of Muslims in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve

Feminism and Feminists — both are enough to give real women a bad name.  This “movement” has done more to castrate men, degrade men and remove much of the respect for women men once held.  “Equal rights for women” was the mantra they chanted as they tried to portray women who chose to occupy traditional roles as slaves to men.  Equal pay for equal work is not an unreasonable request.  However, men and women were created differently by God based on the roles He assigned to them in society.  Besides, most women don’t want to be treated like a man;  they want to be treated better.

Feminists are always hollering about this fictitious war on women waged by the Republican Party.  Yet, when the real war on women surfaces, these so-called “champions of women’s rights” remain silent, aloof and difficult to find.  With the Muslim invasion of Germany, women and girls are suffering assaults, rape and robbery at the hands of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa.  The worst incidences occurred on New Year’s Eve.

Why are these women silent in the face of misogynistic attitudes and violence toward women?  Dr. Gina Loudon, author of “What Women Really Want,” claims the silence of feminist in the face of these crimes are due to the perpetrators being Muslims.  She states that Muslims and Feminists are leftists and statists.  Being part of the same coalition, Dr. Loudon theorizes Feminist women cannot criticize Islamic violence toward women.

Loudon stated in an interview with WND:

“They whine about a so-called ‘Republican war on women’ but neglect to mention the rapes, sexual assaults, and other crimes committed against women in what is evidently an official, organized, adherent Islamic war on Western women.”

“Where is the outrage? Where are the burning bras? Where are the Code Pink protests? They can’t say a word. Women are silenced in America, lest they risk their statist street cred.”

“This is consistent with feminist denial of Islamic honor killings, FGM, forced marriage, child marriage, misogyny, et cetera under Islam,” claimed Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, author of “Stop the Islamization of American,” and a WND columnist. “The feminists’ cause is not actually ‘feminism’ or ‘women’ – rather, their cause is leftism, statism, and collectivism. Islam is the very definition of statism. There is no unique soul in Islam. Islam is a state.”
Ms. Geller draws the same conclusion as Dr. Loudon — feminists are more concerned “with their leftist ideology than with the actual well being of women.”
Some feminists did respond to the attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.  Their response is sickening and a throw back to the days of old and aligned with Islamic principle.  The blame was shifted from the Muslims committing the crimes to the victims being responsible.

The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, blamed the victims, saying women and girls “need to be better prepared” to defend themselves from assaults in the future.

Tanja, a feminist activist who organized a protest in Mulheim, Germany, claimed German women have been suffering sexual assaults long before the refugees arrived. She declared that “German-born men also harass and rape.”

Many feminists directed their outrage at the people who expressed outrage at the assaults. Feminist writer Laurie Penny titled her essay in the New Statesman, “After Cologne, we can’t let the bigots steal feminism.”

She chastised “Islamophobes and xenophobes” for using the Cologne attacks to demonize Muslim migrants while not caring about “rape culture” when non-Muslims are the perpetrators.

In a similar vein, feminist protest leader Inna Shevchenko issued this warning to her comrades in the International Business Times: “If feminists and liberals remain silent, xenophobes will write their own history.”

This is a perfect example of the pile of bull manure that comes out of these feminists’ mouths and brains that taint real women.  These “females” have no clue whatsoever.  The mayor of Cologne telling women and girls to be better prepared to defend themselves from assaults is absolutely ignorant.  How about putting the criminals in jail?  How about allowing women and girls the means with which to defend themselves?  Better yet, how about sending the Muslim trash back to where they came from?  Reker needs to move about Cologne like a regular citizen and see what her tune would be then.

As “Tanja” points out, yes, German women have experienced sexual assaults and rapes before the “refugees arrived.”  However, it was not en masse, almost expected every time a woman in Germany leaves her home, and probably not by multiple assailants all at once.  She needs to stop doing the Melissa Harris-Perry or whatever the ding-a-ling’s name is tampon ear thing.  It’s affecting her brain.
And up next is Laurie Penny who said “we can let the bigots steal feminism.”  Well, excuse me if being against crime, specifically rape and sexual assault, makes one a bigot.  That title will be proudly worn by many.  No one gives a flying flip what the perpetrators race is when crime is involved.  However, the culture of Islam is oppressive and misogynistic toward women, viewing rape and sexual assault as the normal treatment of infidels.   Picky Penny can keep her feminism bull manure garbage.  No real woman wants any part of it.  “Islamophobes and xenophobes” are people against crimes committed by Muslims?  What do you call people against crime committed by non-Muslims?
Where is this “rape-culture?”  If anything, the rape culture rests in Islam.
Inna Shevchenko needs to stick her pen where the sun don’t shine.
These, barely passing for ladies, females need a crowbar and plenty of WD-40.  To blame the victims of sexual assault and rape for the crime is a sign of total stupidity and ignorance that no amount of education will correct.  Unbelievable!!  As the old saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.”  Hopefully, the Lord will show these brainless twits the error of their ways.
When Muslims enter western nations, this is what they bring — a culture of subservience, oppression, misogyny, rape and assault of women.  It’s in the Qu’ran and the Hadiths.  Mohammed (may pig’s blood be flung upon him and a ham stuck in his mouth) practiced all of these, including pedophilia.  What a farce of a religion, that truly is no religion but a pass to commit crimes and mistreat women.
If things continue the course regarding the importation of unvetted illegal Muslim invaders, the incidences in Cologne will be mirrored here in the united States.  All one has to do is look at Sweden, France and Germany to realize it.  Those who claim otherwise are dumb-bums who think because they enter the united States the religion and principles will change.  If you do — Here’s your sign.

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