Problems Will Arise If Republican Party Nominates Cruz

Poll results indicate that Sen. Ted Cruz is leading Donald Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential candidate nomination in Iowa and New Hampshire.   Whether this has caused the eruption of the tit-for-tat game of childish taunts between Cruz and Trump is anyone’s guess, but some would say yes.  The lawsuit filed by Newton B. Schwartz against Sen. Cruz alleging he is ineligible to hold the office of president since he cannot meet the natural born citizen requirement doesn’t help.  But, with the statement made by Bernie Sanders during the Democratic presidential candidate debate could signal there is more coming down the pike many Americans may have overlooked.

Sanders stated, “This campaign is about a political revolution, not only to just elect a president but to transform this country.”

While many may claim it means little, it actually means a lot as sometimes the truth comes out during heated exchanges that would normally never surface.  Sander was pretty excited, along with Clinton, so for a brief moment, he may have let his guard down to spill the beans.  And here is where the scenario has a potential to go.

The general election is in November and Cruz is starting to pull ahead of Donald Trump.  With the way things have gone between Trump and the Republican National Committee, the RNC would rather chew 10 penny nails in two than to nominate Trump.  Even though Cruz, Rubio and Jindal are ineligible as they can’t meet the natural born citizen requirement, the RNC would rather violate the Constitution than have Trump as their pick.  Jeb Bush, Rand Paul nor Chris Christie have enough momentum at this point to pull out the support to garner the nomination.  Fiorina might as well throw in the towel.  Kasich too.

Between the two front runners, the RNC will more than likely pick Ted Cruz.  Cruz will then have to deal with the lawsuit which probably will not even get going good until around election time.  Judges sitting on the bench these days are leaning heavily toward the liberal left side of rulings, instead of the rule of law.  If Cruz has enough momentum to carry the popular vote and the electoral college votes along the popular lines, Cruz could win the election.  However, if the judge rules that Schwartz has standing and rules that Cruz is ineligible to hold office because he is not a natural born citizen before Cruz takes office, then the election could possibly go to the Democratic candidate — Clinton or Sanders.

It seems fairly simple but it never really is.  While all this is going on, Hussein Soetoro could pull a fast one and remain in office by declaring a national emergency.  It would keep the current traitor in office, suspend the results of the election, and give him more time to destroy the nation.

The prediction is this election will be riddled with controversy should Cruz win the nomination.  The lawsuit or lawsuits, if others file, will not be decided until after the election, disqualifying Cruz and making sure a Democrat wins. Then, Soetoro declares a national emergency to finish his agenda before relinquishing the office to either Clinton or Sanders.

Soetoro is ineligible to hold the office since he is not a natural born citizen either;  however, no judge will allow the case to go through litigation — remember, they are left leaning.  No case was ever filed by the Republican National Committee and the one candidate that filed in one state was denied due to lack of standing.  When the people had a chance to rid the Oval Office of Soetoro in 2012, they did not.

Hopefully, none of this will come to pass as it will truly be a bigger crisis than this nation is experiencing already.  If it does, well, it goes to show that anyone paying attention can figure out the sneaky snakes in politics.



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2 Responses to Problems Will Arise If Republican Party Nominates Cruz

  1. Cruz may have problems. But what about Trump, how will he go with the republican establishment? Time will tell


    • Trump is not one to go along from what is known about him. He and establishment really do not mix so it will be interesting to see. Granted this is just supposition. Trump could still win the nomination, which the establishment is dreading. As you say time will tell. I would love to be wrong. In fact, I’m hoping so on this.


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