Trump/Cruz Acting Like Children; America Deserves Better

If dealing with the embarrassment of Hussein Soetoro for the last seven years was not enough, the current bickering back and forth between Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz as they vie for the 2016 GOP presidential candidate nomination has produced plenty of disgust. Not only are the American public dealing with the condescension of Soetoro, they are now dealing with a tit for tat finger pointing many left behind in elementary school.  Now, the lawyer that has filed a lawsuit challenging the eligibility of Sen. Ted Cruz has a few stains on his shirt that he probably hoped to keep hidden.

The timing of disclosure of the lawsuit is questionable as it occurred mere hours after Trump warned about someone filing suit against Cruz due to his not being a natural born citizen — one of three requirements to be president.  The entire three ring circus that is the GOP candidates for president this election cycle has been about poking and jabbing each other.  Now, an attorney who has filed suit against Cruz has “skeletons” that media outlets have discovered adding a new ring to the circus.

Newton B. Schwartz, Sr. filed suit on Friday against Sen. Ted Cruz challenging his eligibility under the “natural born citizen” requirement just hours after Donald Trump issued a warning that someone might file suit because of Cruz’s birth situation. It has turned out that Schwartz is less than a stellar model of a lawyer.  Two states banned Schwartz from practicing law in their jurisdiction.  Yet, Schwartz still maintains a Texas State Bar membership.

According to PJ Media:

According to the detailed disciplinary ruling against Schwartz in Louisiana, he engaged in legal matters in Louisiana but was never admitted to practice law in the state and never sought temporary admission.

The Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel filed formal charges against Schwartz on July 19, 2011.  In February 2014, Schwartz was suspended from attempting to practice law in Louisiana.

Louisiana disciplinary counsel alleged that Schwartz had a swarm of ethical violations.  They include “engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

Schwartz was also barred from practicing in Pennsylvania.  According to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Schwartz consented to his suspension from the practice of law in Pennsylvania.

Schwartz’s background could have some play in the lawsuit against Cruz.  But, none of this is the point.  The point is the childish nature in which Trump and Cruz exposed in the Twitter battle that followed.

After the fiasco that has been the Hussein Soetoro administration, one would think individuals even remotely considering vying for the highest elected office in government would make sure no “dirt” and “skeletons” are in the closets. However, it turns out that ambition, true greedy ambition, rules the day driving men to actions regardless of the embarrassment it brings to the nation these charlatan shills claim to love and support.  The Republican National Committee is not any better allowing this garbage to continue.

On Saturday, Trump wasted no time in “getting his tweet on” to slam Sen. Ted Cruz regarding his citizenship status where he stated Cruz did not know he was a Canadian citizen, his Goldman Sachs and Citibank loans, his wife’s employer, statements about New York City, and a host of other flaming accusations.

Instead of letting Donald Trump go down in flames, the Cruz Camp returned fire. The statement blasted Trump for “getting his tweet on,” having nervous energy, reacting poorly when down in the polls, pegging Trump for supporting Democratic candidates, which could mean he supports their policies, and an unknown stance on national security.

This is worse than watching two six-year-olds vie over a Pop Tart.

Mr. Trump, Senator Cruz, there are a few words that need to be said to both of you. Quit acting like children!  Right now, both of you are an embarrassment to the American public and neither one of you deserve to sit in the highest office in the land.  With the way you both are acting, it’s a wonder anyone would support either of you.  If you need an example on your behavior, look to the White House.

The citizens of this nation deserve better from candidates seeking the office of the presidency. And, right now, gentlemen, neither of you are showing the American public the respect and dignity they deserve.  Stop being an embarrassment.  At a time when America needs a MAN in the Oval Office, again, she has to suffer through the antics of children.

Grow up, both of you! Be adult MEN.  Disclose everything that needs disclosing.  Quit trying to hide your jelly beans like the other would steal them.  Be honest and let the people decide on character, facts, and integrity, instead of trying to determine which of you is the least childish.

As it stands today, both of you should be expelled from contention as possible candidates. It’s disgraceful, disgusting and absolutely infuriating the way you two behave.

America deserves better Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz. Out of just general respect, both of you should give her that.


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