US in Midst of Pandemic — And It Isn’t One of Intelligence

Of all the problems in the united States today, none can be considered as dangerous as the epidemic of stupidity and the pandemic of dumb-bums.  Yet, this nation is full of dumb-bums as can be recognized by their total lack of ability to understand the simplest of concepts.  One can surmise it is because their head has been stuck up their rear ends so long as to deprive the brain of oxygen while filling it with methane.

In looking for dumb-bums, one can find them readily expressing opinions on Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.  These individuals blame Republican governors, red states, conservatives and “little green men” for individuals “lacking health care.”  It’s these evil people named who do not want others to have health care.

What is wrong with these statements?  Why do these statements qualify these individuals as dumb-bums?  Glad you asked.

First, and most important, the Constitution of the united States of America does not enumerate power to Congress or the federal government to exercise control over health care or to force individuals to purchase any product under threat or penalty.  If these people were not dumbasses, they would know this.

Second, the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act or Obamacare requires, or better stated forces, individuals to purchase health care insurance or suffer a penalty.  It does not provide anyone health care.  Health care insurance does not guarantee anyone access to health care nor does it guarantee payment for services.  Those who are not dumb-bums are well aware of this.

Third, Obamacare narrowed networks of providers for cost control yet premiums were higher even on the lowest plan coverage.  Individuals still could not afford it.  Narrower networks meant individuals traveled farther, creating a hardship on some or others to be “out of network” when receiving services.  Along the cost lines, deductibles were higher than through the previous insurance system.  Individuals paid out of pocket until deductibles were met, which meant more expense until the insurance picked up the tab.   If unable to afford the expense to meet the deductible, individuals opted to forego health care services.  The dumb-bums of America fail to recognize these problems.

Fourth, dumb-bums blame States for not expanding the Medicaid programs which would cover more individuals.  States had a choice to expand existing Medicaid programs or not.  Before any State expands their Medicaid program, numerous factors are considered.  In a time when many States are decreasing benefits under the Medicaid program while limiting physician reimbursement, many States found it unfeasible to expand without significant impact to taxpayers.  Arithmetic eludes dumb-bums.

Fifth, the entire fiasco was never intended to succeed but initiate a take-over of one sixth of the US economy and redistribute wealth.  Once the Obamacare “system” collapses, which it is close to doing as predicted by many, the next logical step would be a single payer system where government controls  an individual’s receipt of health care services.  It is a means to initiate rationed care.  Dumb-bums would know this if they didn’t jump on the “snake oil” bandwagon every time a “new” concoction was peddled by charlatans.

Last, but not least, Obamacare awarded the  Internal Revenue Service dominion over health care records thereby violating privacy of individuals, interfering with the doctor patient relationship and exposing individuals to the risk of identity theft, misuse of information by government for nefarious purposes and discrimination regarding health care services.  Dumb-bums can’t see beyond their nose to identify problems stemming from this debacle.  In fact, dumb-bums are too busy checking the “freebies” for themselves while passing the buck to the taxpayers.

Republicans are not any better than the Democratic power drunk tyrants that passed the unconstitutional Obamacare.  Their “repeal and replace” option amounts to another unconstitutional program since it is outside the enumerated powers of the federal government to exert authority over health care or health care insurance.  Wonder how many will complain about the Republican plan or accept their atrocious replacement?  If they do complain, will it be because “it’s not Obamacare?”

The premise of Obamacare was the reliance on healthy individuals who did not want or need insurance to purchase insurance to pay for those who are elderly, sicker and require regular health care services while subsidizing individuals who could not independently afford insurance.  Additional funding of the sicker and elderly occurred through high deductibles and premium prices for mid to high-end “Cadillac” plans.  When individuals could not afford or chose to forego this mandate and pay the penalty, Obamacare began to unravel.

The damage has been done to the health care insurance industry as well as the health care services industry.  It will take quite some time to return to the former system, which means plenty of growing pains that will affect everyone.  Dumb-bums will continue to blame everyone except those responsible for the troubles in the health care insurance industry and health care services industry.  Unfortunately, there is no cure for the pandemic of dumb-bums and there aren’t enough crowbars to go around.



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  1. dentonmc says:

    I “liked” your article, but that isn’t the button that is appropriate. There needs to be an “agree” button. The nation is being overwhelmed by an acute case of stupidity. The disease turns the brain to mush and causes the infected to vote Establishment.
    Very good article!


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