Bias And Prejudice; We All Do It

Many who read my politically incorrect blog or read my articles on the news sites to which I contribute might conclude that I am biased, prejudiced or both.  These people would be correct.  But, they would be wrong in declaring to what I am biased and prejudiced.  Like so many individuals, those who accuse others of biases and prejudices do not realize that we are to be biased and prejudiced.  Go ahead and flame a bit but read the rest before you condemn.

I am biased when it comes to the law, referring to the Constitution of the united States of America.  The bias comes in upholding, defending and protecting the Constitution from those who are swayed to violate it due to excuses, threats or fear.  Continually, I call for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah for his “high crimes and misdemeanors” and treason.  However, Congress refuses using one excuse or another — don’t agree with impeachment, the Senate won’t convict, blacks will riot in the streets, “have you met Joe Biden,” or its a terrible return on the investment.  Anyone reading the Constitution or who knows the Constitution can declare without a shadow of a doubt, the Constitution does not provide disclaimers for impeachment.  I am prejudiced against those who choose to ignore the Constitution for their own ambition, especially when those ignoring the Constitution claim to know it backwards and forwards.  They ignore it for their “political” and personal gain.  I am prejudiced against laws that violate the Constitution, against a corrupt Congress, a corrupt, criminal president and other office holders and a corrupt judiciary.

I am biased when it comes to enforcing the law and exacting penalties for violations.  The law, if Constitutional, should be enforced and upheld regardless of socio-economic status or demographics with punishments befitting the crime.  However, with the privatization of the prison and jail systems, the punishment for the crime is excessive in certain instances turning the penal system into a cash cow for private companies.  It pays for more individuals to be incarcerated as a certain percentage of occupation is agreed upon when the contracts are made.  When dealing with theft of property, the Biblical punishment is restitution or indentured servitude to repay what was taken after due process has been exacted.   Sending a thief to jail only serves to increase the likelihood of committing additional crimes including theft.  Who would want to work as an indentured servant until the amount assessed involved in the theft is repaid?  I am prejudiced against those who violate the law, seek to gain power through manipulation of the law, those who refuse to enforce the law or enforce the law unequally.

I am biased when it comes to religion, being the nation was colonized on the idea of freedom of religion — and that religion being Christianity.  Forward to the time of the founders in 1776 and see the Declaration of Independence reference the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God declaring that man is endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable rights.  Only the God of the Bible is referred to as Creator.  Roll on through the years to the Supreme Court ruling declaring “secular humanism” as a religion.  Secular humanism prescribes to the ideology that man is superior.  The push back against Christianity from secular humanists and atheists destroyed the morality, values and principles in this nation.  While atheists proclaim to believe in nothing, they actually believe in man being superior, believe there is no God, and believe government is superior over individuals while maintaining the belief that individuals come second to the good of society.  Despite the lack of a belief system, God bestowed individual unalienable rights upon those who do not believe in Him.

Of course, this invariably brings up the twist often used to discredit standing on the law of unalienable rights — it is the right to live where you want in order to justify illegal immigration.  Remember, the Declaration of Independence declared the self-evident truth that governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.  And, the purpose of government is stated in the same document as securing those unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  A government protects the rights of its citizen (property, life, etc.) through controlled immigration.  The right to live wherever one pleases is contingent on the government of the nation where you wish to reside allowing the individual into the nation.  By not enforcing immigration laws, a way to secure the unalienable rights of its citizens, the government fails to secure the unalienable right through the possible admission of criminals into the midst of society.  Likewise, government failing to enforce immigration laws places at jeopardy the loss of the rights of the people through forces overtaking the government.  Individuals have a right to live where they choose;  however, it is privilege to live somewhere other than your native born country.  The individual who engages in illegally entering the nation has already committed a crime by skirting the law, meaning the individual does not deserve the privilege of being allowed to remain in the nation.

Think of it in these terms.  I have the right to live in any house, in any neighborhood I choose;  however, I am not allowed to enter illegally and proclaim a right to live there because that is what I choose since I have broken the law.

I am biased when it comes to the Law and Word of God.  Keeping the Ten Commandments covers most everything.  The first commandment is the most important — I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.  It is a warning against idolatry which includes secular humanism, paganism, etc.  Not committing murder is truly important as the penalty for murder is death.  Thou shalt not steal is very powerful as it covers a great many things — property, someone else’s ideas, someone’s dignity, someone’s work that is not your own, someone’s children, someone’s freedom, someone’s virtue, etc.  Moreover, God gave man due process and punishments befitting the crimes.  God, through His Word, tells man how to treat animals, wives, children and how to prepare for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am prejudiced against politicians and biased toward statesmen.  Politicians are no more than deceptive, deceitful creatures who line their own pockets through betrayal of the people in favor of special interest.  No government needs politicians, which is why I am prejudiced against politics.  Government is created among men as a minister to good works, not evil.  Governance consists of statesmen who uphold the law, in this case the Constitution, to the exclusion of self interest and monetary gain.  Unfortunately, the fallibility of man means government becomes corrupt when evil is not countered.

Likewise, I prefer android over iphone, a PC over a Mac, backlighted keyboards over no lighted, glasses to contact lenses, and the list goes on.

The point is there is not one individual who can say they are without bias or prejudice.  Those who accuse me of being biased and prejudiced are correct;  however, they are wrong when citing the reasons.  Those who will uphold law one minute and the next violate it because it is convenient or fitting with what they want are the epitome of those without bias and prejudice, which in this case, is not a good thing.  And, there are those who harbor evil intent that exhibit biased and prejudiced behavior based on various factors.  Again, that is not a good thing either as evil works come when someone holds evil prejudices and biases.

The Bible commands Christians to steer from evil works;  therefore, God tells us through His Word what is evil, instructs us to recognize it and avoid it.  God also tells us to love our neighbor as we do ourselves.  In loving your neighbor, you help him/her from consorting with evil as loving yourself means steering from evil.   God commands us to teach our children, which means teaching good from evil, to recognize it and steer from it.  So, we are to be discriminating in our lives, meaning biases and prejudices influence everyone.

We are to favor good and be against evil.  We are to favor the law and be against lawlessness.  So, we are to exercise bias and prejudice in good ways, not evil ones.  It is when we exercise biases and prejudices with evil intent that our biases and prejudices are wrong.  But, it is truth we all have biases and prejudices;  the crux comes in whether they are good or evil.


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  2. dentonmc says:

    Suzanne, I find myself skimming most things I read, but I not only read every word but consumed them. This article was not only well written but factual from beginning to end. Thank you for taking the time to write this.


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