Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Calls for Con-Con; Portrays Constitution as “Broken”

Of all the problems in the united States today, none can be considered as dangerous as the epidemic of stupidity and the pandemic of dumb-bums.  Yes, this nation is full of dumb-bums as can be recognized by their total lack of ability to understand the simplest of concepts.  One can surmise it is because their head has been stuck up their rear ends so long as to deprive the brain of oxygen while filling it with methane.

Citizens of the united States and Texas residents have applauded many actions by Gov. Greg Abbott since he challenges the dictatorial rule of Hussein Soetoro.  Once again, people are applauding Gov. Abbott for defying the unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal over-reach by Hussein over the Second Amendment by calling for a Constitutional Convention, aka as a Convention of the States, an Article V Convention or Con-Con.

Dumb-bums, here’s your sign!

What started out as Mark Levin’s call for a Con-Con to add a balanced budget amendment has now grown to a Con-Con with nine amendments.  Gov. Abbott’s “Texas Plan,” a compilation of nine amendments to “control Congress,” strives to prevent Congress from “regulating activity that occurs wholly within one state,” requires a balanced budget, and “allows a two-thirds majority of states to override a US Supreme Court decision.”

Check out the Twitter feed where Abbott calls for the Article V convention.  Gov. Abbott is spot on that “Congress is unable to control itself.”  Hussein Soetoro has the exact same problem.  Neither follow the Constitution, abide by the constitutional limits on government, nor respect and observe the Bill of Rights.  As Abbott states, “So the people must impose control.”  So, how will a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con, Article V Convention, Convention of the States) “control Congress?”  How are the people to “impose control” over Congress and the federal government or the president?  To this very day, no one who supports a Con-Con can answer the question:  “How does a balanced budget amendment limit Congressional spending to the enumerated powers?”

Congress, the federal government and Hussein Soetoro are not following the Constitution we have now.  Changing the Constitution by adding amendments will not control the usurpations of government.  “The Texas Plan” of amendments is a waste of time to read, a waste of paper to print and a waste of internet space.

No, it wasn’t read and not planning to read it.  No one should have to read that plan to know it is.  All that is needed to know its a bunch of bunk is this tweet below.

The Constitution is not broken.  The problem is government is not following the Constitution but engaging in grabbing power where they have no authority.  A tweet such as this is akin to Obama saying, “we have to have immigration reform because our immigration system is broken.”  Neither are broken.  The government refuses to follow the law and refuses to limit legislation to the enumerated powers contained in the Constitution authorized to Congress.  Obama usurps the Constitution by enacting law by “decree” since the law-making authority is vested in Congress ONLY.


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