Charlatans Out To Become President; Vote Wisely

As they say, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”  The GOP presidential nominee contenders are out and about appearing on every alphabet news agency campaigning on one platform or another.  The latest topic GOP hopefuls have pounced on is the unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful, usurping actions of Hussein Soetoro regarding gun control in violation of the Second Amendment.  With Texas Governor Greg Abbott beseeching the Texas State Legislature for joining other States in requesting Congress call a convention to propose amendments (Article V, State Convention, Con-Con), Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz joined Abbott in support of amendments to the Constitution claiming, “We need quite a few constitutional amendments.”    Cruz did not mention the need for a Con-Con.

Speaking on Friday at the Praise Community Church in Iowa to a room full of reporters, Cruz stated, “We need quite a few constitutional amendments.  I will fight hard for a balanced budget amendment including also a term limits amendment.  I think a term limits amendment is absolutely critical.  If you look at the abuses of power we’re seeing in Washington — term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court.”

He went on to add, “Beyond that, I’ve introduced a Constitutional amendment restoring state legislators to define marriage as one man and one woman. And there are many more amendments we need, in part because the federal government and the courts have gotten so far away from the original text and our original understanding of the Constitution.”

Cruz first indicated the need for an amendment to the Constitution when the Supreme Court erroneously ruled on sodomite marriage back in July.

Anyone who complains about Democrats being dumb-bums and stupid and supports these charlatan gestures by Cruz is the pot calling the kettle black.  It might help if reporters would actually get it right on Supreme Court decisions being decisions only — the Constitution does not give authority to the Supreme Court to make law.

Disclaimer:  If you are not one of those in the category of dumb-bums and stupids, this does not apply to you.

Sen. Ted “I know the Constitution because  my father had me recite it and memorize it” Cruz states Washington is engaging in abuse of power;  but, calls for the remedy of amending the Constitution to stem the power grab.  If Congress, which includes him, the President and the Supreme Court are not following the Constitution now, does anyone believe amendments will change that?

Washington and the Beltway Bandits already see our founding documents as nothing more than decorative toilet paper.  Amendments are going to change that?  Really?  Here’s your sign.

Cruz should know that courts don’t make law since he is everyone’s “constitution man” despite being ineligible to hold the office of the president because he is not a natural born citizen.   There is no need for an amendment to return definition of marriage to state legislatures as the federal government never had the authority over marriage in the first place.  One would think a “constitutional man” would know that.

Congressional spending is not limited today to the enumerated powers.  How do you balance a budge when unconstitutional spending occurs?  First, spending must be held to the enumerated powers.  All unconstitutional spending has to be stopped.  Congress got spend crazy;  they can get thrifty now.  No balanced budget would be needed if Congress were limited to spending only on the enumerated powers.  Another measure to help them “live within their means” as every citizen does,  is for the Internal Revenue Service to be abolished.  The funding for the federal government should return to its constitutional parameters.  If you don’t know what that is, read the Constitution.

The balanced budget amendments floating around to be ratified into the Constitution, if the Con-Con can get off the ground, authorizes unconstitutional spending.  Why aren’t those calling for the Con-Con telling citizens that little snippet?  Why doesn’t the “constitutional man” tell citizens?  Those in support of this con should be asking these people and have them reconcile it with the Constitution.

As one who has been to a debate on the Con-Con for a balanced budget amendment, a specific question was asked of the “pro” forces on this topic.  No answer could be given.  In fact, a “poo-poo,” hand waving shoo in dismissal was the response after pressing for an answer.  Good luck to you in getting a constitutional answer if you are allowed to ask and best of luck if you’re not.

Sen. Ted “Constitution” Cruz knows the Constitution so well he completely ignores impeachment as a remedy for Supreme Court justices who usurp power and exhibit bad behavior.  Supreme Court justices only serve during good behavior — just as all judges.  Impeachment is the remedy when they do not.

For example, the Supreme Court had no authority to hear the case on sodomite marriage.   The justices should have declared as much.  They did not.  Sodomites Kagan and Sotomayor, along with Ginsberg, had the duty and responsibility to recuse themselves from the case — two for being sodomites and one for officiating a sodomite marriage.  All deserve impeachment.

Cruz should know this.  And, he does know and knows he is not a natural born citizen.  He has ambition in his eye, not adherence to the Constitution.

Congress has failed in its duty to impeach a usurper president and usurper Supreme Court justices.  Congress has failed to police their own members, expelling those who commit crimes and engage in usurpations through pretend legislation.  Cruz will not dare mention any of this;  however, it is contained in the Constitution for all to read.  Likewise, Congress can impeach department and agency heads.  The House of Representatives can refuse to fund unconstitutional legislation, executive decrees and usurpations.

The Constitution provides Congress with remedies to problems of over-reach and usurpation;  however, Congress refuses to act upon them.  These charlatans then parade about telling the dumb-bums and stupids “we need amendments to make these people fall in line” and “we need to redo the constitution through a convention because it’s broke.”  BULL****!!!!  Congress is broke — that’s the biggest problem.

Don’t even bring up term limits for Congress — both chambers.  The Constitution outlines the term of service for each chamber.  At the end of those terms, elections come around for the people to decide to keep the same ones in office or vote them out.  There are term limits if dumb-bums and stupids would quit electing crooks, charlatans, traitors and in general, tyrants and despots into office over and over again.

Don’t complain about an amendment limiting the number of terms they can serve to keep criminals out.  Representatives are elected every 2 years:  Senators every 6 years.  You put them in.  You vote them out.  If citizens are such dumb-bums and stupid they need help in keeping these “career” politicians out of Washington, do term limits for Representatives and Senators at the State level.  Other than that, take your head out for some oxygen for a change.

Don’t whine about voting booth hijacking through software.  Paper ballots worked just fine.  With elections in November and no one taking office until January, there is plenty of time to tally paper ballots.  The political parties love electronic voting since “it matters not how many people vote, it’s who counts the votes that matters,” according to Joseph Stalin.  Don’t even go there with “there are laws that allowed electronic voting.”  No laws are written in stone, except the Ten Commandments.  Oh, and for the dumb-bums and stupids, stone is a metaphor.

It’s no wonder the US is in the shape it is.  There are dumb-bum and stupid citizens across all political parties, liberal and conservative, male and female, with all being too lazy to try to even learn anything.  They’d rather be led by the nose by “their man” right, wrong or indifferent and will argue an incorrect point no matter how many times the point is proven incorrect.  If that doesn’t work, the messenger is called a “liar” and an “idiot.”

If anyone is truly interested in breaking out of their dumb-bum and stupid behavior, check out Publius Huldah’s blog.  The link is contained on the “Information and Resources” page.  Don’t even try to mount an argument until you do the reading.

Oh, and another thing, writing a disclaimer is getting terribly old for the oversensitive.  If you can’t figure out that if you don’t fit the category, it’s not about you;  well, “can I show you a pump in your size?”



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