Eleven Problems with Solar and Wind Power; Clear Obama Intends to Destroy Power Grid – Part II

In the previous article beginning the discussion of the eleven problems with solar and wind power to meet the energy needs of the united States, the expense of storing power for later use, the exorbitant costs of totally reworking the power grid for solar and wind power, as well as the unreliability of solar and wind power were presented in great detail. From those first five problems, it is apparent the push toward solar and wind power to supply more of the nation’s energy is a fool’s folly.  Environmentalists and climate change hoaxsters stand at the ready to destroy a reliable power grid and resource without any adequate replacements besides nuclear power or natural gas.  Natural gas doesn’t make them happy and those touting nuclear power have little answers to the question of spent nuclear fuel disposal or nuclear disasters that could poison the entire earth in one fell swoop as Fukushima may be set to do.

In this second installment, the remaining six problems with solar and wind power to generate electricity will be discussed. With the farce of climate change pushed by environmentalists and ditzy Al Gore and Hussein Soetoro’s “war on coal,” the united States faces a critical danger to the power grid by forces within our own government and population.  There are a lot of references.  Some a bit difficult to digest.  However, reading a small sample of these can lend one to draw a sound conclusion against abandoning a reliable source for power generation.

“The Best Places for Solar and Wind Are Usually Far Away From Consumers”

According to the Department of Energy, the places with the highest and best potential for generating solar and wind power are not generally where people who consume power live.  These areas tend to be far away in deserts and windy areas where populations are sparse.  In fact, the DOE maintains maps of “how unfeasible long-range transmission can become.”

To transport even small amounts of power of this nature requires a different kind of high-voltage power line costing “$1.9 to 3.1 million per mile built.”  Add to this newer smart systems for solar and wind power and the cost becomes 50 percent more.

“Solar and Wind Are A Very Small Percent of The Power Grid Despite Years of Subsidies”

According to Daniel Simmons, Vice President for Policy of the Institute for Energy Research, “Wind production is down this year compared to last year.” A combined solar and wind power generation only produced 2.3% of the energy consumed by the united States for the first eight months of 2015.

Since the 1970s, solar and wind power for energy production has been heavily subsidized. In 2010, subsidies for wind power alone amounted to $5 billion while oil and gas received $654 million.  The past two years has seen one in four wind supplier go out of business.

Solar and wind power accounted for only 0.4 percent and 4.4 percent of electricity generated in the united States during 2014.  Despite heavy subsidizing, these forms of energy production remain very small.

“The Solar and Wind ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ Have Already Been Taken”

The locations where solar and wind power make the most economic sense generally already have a solar or wind power system. Since solar and wind power are only effective in a limited number of locations, “green” power sources are difficult to expand and are simply not practical in some areas.

“Natural Gas Prices Are Very Low in the United States”

Solar and wind power cannot compete with the incredibly low prices of Natural Gas currently experienced by the united States. In fact, natural gas is beginning to surpass coal power as the main source of electricity production and it has proven to be very environmentally friendly, accounting for the largest reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the nation. Berkeley Earth conducted the research finding natural gas the largest contributor to CO2 emission decline, which the Department of Energy agrees.

Remember, carbon dioxide (CO2) is required for plant life photosynthesis.

“Nuclear Energy Has Enormous Potential”

The United States just approved its first new nuclear reactor in 20 yearsNew nuclear reactor designs are much safer and emit less radiation than the coal plants they replace. Nuclear plants take up far less space than wind or solar and do not emit any carbon dioxide.

Recent breakthroughs in fusion could also potentially restart the atomic age when nuclear progress was lauded as a pinnacle of human achievement. Operational fusion power will put most other forms of electricity generation permanently out of business and could occur very soon. Fusion power could easily be “too cheap to meter,” meaning that the cost of generating new power would be below the cost of determining how much power an individual was using, effectively making electricity generation nearly free.

 Nuclear fusion as Einstein once said is “a heck of a way to boil water.” While some may laud the human achievement of harnessing the power of the atom, increased safety of “newer” facilities, fusion breakthroughs restarting the atomic age and “too cheap to meter” generation costs, some always think back to Murphy’s law.  The problem still exists with spent fuel disposal that poses greater risks to plants, animals, and humans than any other source of electricity production.  Despite the increased safety of newer designs, a risk is still posed by human error as occurred at Chernobyl, a mechanical malfunction as happened at Three Mile Island or a natural disaster as seen at Fukushima.

Before investing in additional nuclear power, a solution to the disposal of spent fuel, besides underground storage until it “fizzles” out, should be developed. It is foolhardy to rapidly develop this type of power for electricity production without addressing the problem of spent fuel disposal.

“Encouraging Wind and Solar Creates Incentives for Massive Corruption”

As was seen with the Solyndra Scandal, government’s push for “green energy” opens the door for corruption and fleecing of the taxpayers, as environmentalists have acknowledged.  “The recent Volkswagen scandal illustrates that regulatory attempts to force a specific technology, in this case the adoption of cleaner diesel engines, create incentives that lead to sophisticated cheating by companies.  The main incentive of the regulatory agencies is to make rules while avoiding bad publicity, not to actually solve the problem.”

All the money provided to companies for wind and solar technology, awarded by Hussein Soetoro using funds from the taxpayers, have done nothing but line the pockets of the corrupt companies. It is an intrinsic plan by Hussein Soetoro to drain this nation financially in his push to destroy this nation using multiple avenues.

This sudden “rush” to combat the farce of climate change is nothing more than wealth redistribution on a more global and massive scale. Hussein Soetoro would not buy an oceanside estate in Hawaii for over $5 million to live if climate change was going to absorb it within 10 years, leaving him homeless. Climate change conference goers continue to arrive in their private jets, ride in their big limousines, use their private helicopters, and live in luxurious homes on sprawling estates. Look at the “hollyweird tree hugger” homes and ask yourself how much they are really doing for climate change.

Scientists with the United Nations IPCC have admitted to falsifying computer models, fudging temperature readings from around the globe, and confessed to being unable to account for every variable. Other scientists have attempted to reproduce their results and failed, meaning the “tests” could not meet the requirements of the Scientific Method. Still, other scientists have produced reliable data that totally debunks the hoax of climate change. Yet, liberals, Gore and wealth redistribution advocates refuse to acknowledge it, but continually push wind and solar energy as alternatives.

The lies and abuses of Hussein Soetoro with this climate change ruse and the continued push of the climate change cultists need a push back of greater force. If not, find some candles, kerosene lanterns, dig a water bucket well, and a build a good outhouse while growing your own food. This farce will set us back 150 years while relieving us of “green backs.”


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