Obama Set to Meet with Lynch; What is on the Horizon?

Multiple reports indicate Hussein Obama will meet with the Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday, January 4, 2016, in order to discuss what actions he can take as president to institute additional gun control measures against the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the united States of America because Congress failed to pass additional gun control legislation. Several articles have been written, with appropriate references to the Constitution, detailing the whys neither Congress, the president, any agency, State nor local government can infringe on the right of the people to bear arms.  It is so simple that gun grabbing fanatics, Hussein Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Ditsy Gabby Giffords, and the idiotic Moms Demand Action, cannot grasp the concept.

One sentence can describe it. The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the united States of America declares the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

While these constitutionally illiterate supposedly educated individuals spout the claim, “it’s only additional background checks and should not be controversial,” anyone watching this administration knows that Hussein Obama lies and tends not to divulge the entire plan. Several examples of his lying include:  Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Immigration, Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, Iran Nuclear Deal, and every time the man opens his mouth.  It has been uncovered the government, in violation of the law, has compiled a registry of gun owners — a gun registration if you prefer.  Members of Congress have drafted legislation to limit the types of firearms citizens can purchase or possess, against the Second Amendment.  Governors and Obama himself has suggested cross-referencing the gun registration list against the “no-fly” and/or government “terror-watch” lists.  Governor Malloy of Connecticut has suggested confiscating guns from individuals in his State who appear on the lists.  Other measures are more than likely waiting in the wings that are yet to be exposed.  Does this sound like additional background checks only?  Hardly.

Whether anyone realizes it or not, this is the beginning of an all out attempt at gun confiscation, period. The citizens of this nation could see the imposition of unconstitutional Ex Post Facto legislation and laws affecting firearms and firearm ownership.  The calendar has rolled over into a new year, meaning the presidential election is eleven months away;  Obama has a lot to accomplish in eleven months for his “masters.”

While many news stories claim the unconstitutional executive orders from Hussein Obama will only address seeking private sellers to perform background checks and preventing individuals on the “no-fly list” from purchasing firearms, this is only the beginning. False flag shooting incidences have occurred as well as instigated and contrived shooting incidences to push this agenda.  After Hussein Obama issues his unconstitutional executive orders and Congress pees in their pants, too scared to do anything but go along, additional instigated and contrived mass shootings, along with false flag incidences will increase and become more severe, triggering additional action on the part of either Hussein Obama or Congress.

Remember, the creation of the “no-fly” and/or “terror watch” lists use unknown criteria established by unelected individuals, provide no due process for individuals prior to or after their name is placed on the list, and no one knows their name is even on the list until denied the ability to use air transportation.

In States where gun control/confiscation resistance is most prevalent, instigated and contrived false flag events, along with aggressive psy-ops, will need to occur to trigger the outrageous liberals to “request” the State legislature and governors take action. This would come in a “support Hussein Obama’s action to stop gun violence” campaign and chant.  Some governors will cave;  others will stand strong.  It will begin a division in this nation not seen since the War to Enslave the States.  The campaign of “see something, say something” or “know something, say something” could begin where gun owners are reported to government officials in states that implement gun control/confiscation measures.

One agency department head admitted to Congress that she follows the order of the president, even when those orders are contradictory to law and/or the Constitution.

The nation is perched on a narrow precipice of seeing a Constitutional Convention, a con-con. Should that happen, many organizations have “ready-made” replacements waiting in the wings to strip away God-given unalienable rights from the people.  While the Constitution guarantees our God-given unalienable rights, the federal government, despite the listing of its enumerated powers, has trampled and continues to trample the Constitution, usurping power and eroding away the unalienable rights that are inherent to citizens.  One could surmise the citizens of this nation are already living under one of these “replacements” even though our current Constitution still presides as the document framing and limiting our government.  Everyone knows if Congress fails to act, Hussein Obama has no issue with “acting on his own,” enacting pseudo-law or ignoring law, through issuing executive orders.

How many sheriffs are in the entire nation that truly support, protect, uphold and defend the Constitution of the united States of America? Do you live in a county that elected a constitutional sheriff or a sheriff who does what he thinks instead of abiding by the Constitution?  What about your local government — constitutional or not?  The answers to these questions are critical for individuals to know going into the year.

Granted, this is all supposition and may not ever materialize. But, as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock contends, “there are always possibilities.”  Just as quickly as this nation can turn on a dime to a tyrannical, despotic, communist/socialist government, it can return to its Constitutional tenets.  Unfortunately, the people are faced with challenges on multiple fronts to overcome.  It can be quite overwhelming and frustrating to know only a part of what citizens will need to confront.  As edicts materialize if Congress fails to do Hussein Obama’s bidding, citizens will begin to piece together the puzzle and connect the dots.  What will be done with the knowledge remains to be seen.



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