It’s Time to “Show Me The Law”

Misinformation remains the key to continually brainwashing the uneducated masses into supporting pretend law made by bodies incapable of making law. In an Associated Press story carried by the Washington Times, writer David A. Lieb begins his story, “With same sex marriage now legal nationwide ….”  However, Lieb does not cite any legislation in his story.  On the same note, the Washington Times does not issue a disclaimer indicating the Supreme Court does not make law, only render decisions.

Likewise, an article at, bearing the title, “Supreme Court Prepares to Hear Key Texas Abortion Case,” does not divulge the fact that abortion is not the law nationwide, and has not ever been law because of the decision rendered in Roe v. Wade.  Again, the story covers the Supreme Court gearing up to hear this case based on the laws Texas enacted regulating clinics and physicians performing abortions, more aptly termed the murder of babies in the womb. does not issue a disclaimer indicating that abortion is not legal nationwide because of a Supreme Court decision issued in the 1970s.

Congress has not been enumerated the power over marriage, nor has it been enumerated the power over the reproductive process of the population.

Years of brain-washing have served the purpose to where the population believes the Supreme Court makes law and news agencies continue to support it. Making a comment to the effect to “show me the law” results in the comment being deleted or moved so far down in the comments that no one would ever see it.  Of course, that’s the entire purpose when pointing out a discrepancy.

Instead of debating on the issue when it comes to abortion or sodomite marriage being legal, the appropriate response should be, “The Supreme Court does not make law. It renders decisions only.  Show me the law.”  This applies to both showing where the Supreme Court is authorized to enact legislation and where the Congress has legislated on the murder of babies in the womb or sodomite marriage.  Interestingly, no one can show any federal legislation making legal the  murder of the unborn or the joining of two individuals of the same sex as being defined as marriage. 

Congress has no jurisdiction over these areas, period. The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to hear the cases, period.  To render a decision on these cases, the Supreme Court justices had to usurp power to do so by inventing a jurisdiction.  Likewise, the Supreme Court justices cannot “invent rights” as rights come from God as declared in the Declaration of Independence;  ” … to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, ….”

Problems like this come about when people remain silent in accepting a lie based on a lie. If courts could implement legislation, there would be no need for a legislative body.  Court decisions only apply to the litigants, not to everyone.  If the Supreme Court makes law, then the decision rendered against Hussein Obama on power plant emissions would make Obama’s continued push against coal-fired power plants illegal and Obama subject to arrest for violation of law.  Likewise, a federal appeals court ruled against Obama’s immigration plan;  however, Obama ignored the court.  If, as the public is led to believe by charlatans and ignorant news agencies that courts make law, Obama is subject to arrest for violation of the law.

It all boils down to inconsistency and hypocrisy. In certain cases, charlatans and ignorant news agencies claim the Supreme Court makes law when it is in line with their agenda.  When the cases are not in line with the agenda, the Supreme Court or other federal courts are rendering decisions only.  The general public begins to buy this snake oil bunk because many do not know what is contained in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.  They allow these usurpers to lead them around by the nose accepting the inconsistencies as gospel and contribute to lawlessness.

It’s time to stop accepting on someone’s word what is and isn’t correct, especially when in any news site, news report, or broadcast or based upon someone else’s word. Individuals should be doing their own research in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  The next time someone declares a Supreme Court decision “the law” it needs to be challenged simply with:

Courts render decisions only. They do not make law.  Show me the law.


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