Happy New Year

Today is New Year’s Eve.  It is time once again to celebrate the heralding of a new year.  Many are planning to spend the evening with friends at parties to “ring in the baby New Year,” while others will trek to a city venue to celebrate in the various square and streets to watch the “countdown and dropping of the ball.”

As for myself, it will be spent quietly with family and the little terrorist princess.  It’s going on two years since her diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure.  She is holding stable, probably in part to that fighting spirit she exhibits when defending her mommy or showing the cat who’s boss.

It will be an evening of old movie classics, a box of tissue, a bowl of popcorn and a little soda to keep the whistle wet. Naturally, sharing popcorn with the little princess is a given.  The evening will fill with conversations around the movies — who doesn’t love Bing Crosby’s voice, how classy and feisty Barbara Stanwyck was and the ever lovable style of James Stewart.  Inveritably, the conversation will steer to a reflection of the past year as well as years long since gone.  Loved one will be remembered, with funny stories told about them as well as the usual laugh at ourselves as we recall the comedic times that occurred during normal life.  A look to the future occurs as the plan for the “traditional New Year’s Day dinner” is finalized, events planned in the first months recalled, and the speculation of the condition of the nation is discussed.

Before retiring for sleep, prayers will be said thanking God for the bounty of last year, the blessings He bestowed upon us, the thankfulness for friends and family with a request to provide them continued safety. Hopes will be offered for the coming year;  a prayer for God’s will to be done.

For many, these little tidbits of life will not be coming as many have been displaced from flooding and other devastation caused by inclement weather. The comfort of home will be out of reach as their home is under water, filled with water, threatened by water or destroyed by tornados, hail and high winds.  Their plans to celebrate cancelled as they find shelter for the basics of protection from the weather — ignored by the man in the Oval Office as he vacations in Hawaii.

Tonight, while most are celebrating at parties or in big city-wide street celebrations or who are spending a quiet evening in reflection with family, those experiencing difficult times may believe they are forgotten. They are not as long as we remember and offer up our hopes and prayers for them.  They are not forgotten when we do charitable deeds intended to help those most in need.

After celebrating and before going to sleep, remember those who are going through trying times and do make a commitment to do what you can to help. Even a small gesture can have an impact.

Happy New Year! May God Bless you and keep you throughout the upcoming year.


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