It’s New Year’s Again; But Make Commitments Instead of Resolutions

Taking a bit of time away from the daily routine because of the Christmas holidays really can put one behind on the news, while at the same time making it difficult to return to that routine with New Year’s around the corner.  However, it is the time of year to spend with family and friends that is more special than any other time.

As we move into the new year, everyone begins to contemplate on what resolutions to make that can be kept and those resolutions that constitute a “wish list” that may not see any other light of day than what it saw when written.  While resolutions were never fond with some, particularly this writer because they were habitually discarded, it is a critical time, not just individually, but for all in the united States of America, for serious consideration to be given to making commitments, not resolutions.

Commitments are different that resolutions as many honor commitments made or expressed.  For all citizens in the united States of America, this is the “commitment wish list” this writer has for all.

Get copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the united States of America.

This is an easy commitment to honor.  Several online sources sell pocket editions that are inexpensive.  My preference is one that allows space for notes to document sources on each points for use in the future.

A link is provided on the resource page for both documents for printing instead of purchasing a copy.

Read the documents with the Webster 1828 Dictionary.

Once you’ve acquired your founding documents, the next step involves reading the two through and through.  It may take several times to understand which parts were changed through amendments and how the amendments changed the original.  Pay close attention to the wording.  In understanding the original meaning of certain phrases, have the Webster 1828 Dictionary in your browser to search the meaning of phrases like “general welfare” and words like “unalienable” distinguishing from  “inalienable” many use incorrectly to describe rights.

Review the Bill of Rights carefully and compare with later amendments particularly the ones that give Congress power instead of limiting it or correcting defects.

This is extremely important to determine the pattern of Congresses past when the discussion of amendments occur.

Read the Federalist Papers.

The Federalist Papers are the definitive authority on the meaning of the contents of the Constitution and the framing of our government.  To this day, it has never been disputed as the definitive authority;  but, it has been conveniently ignored by Supreme Courts, lawyers, Congresses and Presidents, along with the various departments in government.

This one is a big commitment as some may find the Federalist Paper difficult to read.  A link is provided on the resource page to it so you may read it one by one in print form instead of buying a copy.

Become a regular visitor to Publius Huldah’s blog to help understand the Constitution in order to recognize usurpation.

Publius Huldah is a former lawyer who is very passionate about the founding documents.  Her blog site can be accessed through the resource page.  She provides a logical and resourced approach to discussing the Constitution, helping individuals learn what it contains, and how to find answers on your own without relying on modern day snake oil charlatans to guide you into supporting unconstitutional actions and laws.

Keep abreast of the news using sources outside the main stream media.

The current presentation of news in the various well-known media outlets tend to lean toward steering individuals into accepting the Washington, District of Corruption tripe.  All major media outlets are owned by only 6 organizations.  Yes, only 6, so their presentation of news toes the line of the 6 mega corporations, providing very little discussion of any opposing view.  In other words, mainstream media tends to engage in propaganda, not unlike that of the Soviet Union some years back and Hitler’s Germany during WWII.

These are big commitments and are surely to be taxing as you go about the routine of work, caring for family and children, while trying to find a little respite for yourself along the way.  However, we can no longer afford to be complacent and engage in excuse making.  For if we are to retain a constitutional republic, it requires work on everyone’s part to remain vigilant so Congress, the President and the Supreme Court are held accountable and responsible for usurpations.  The government has run somewhat on “auto-pilot” with Washington developing an attitude of “we do what we want and you will submit.”

That attitude is indicative of tyranny and despotism not freedom and liberty.  To stay tyranny and despotism requires sacrifice of a people, sometimes a great sacrifice, to retain what has been generously bestowed upon us by our founding fathers.  First, it requires us to understand what they left in care of their posterity.  It requires us to do a little work.  As it has been said, “To those who have been given much, much is required to be given in return.”

As you ponder this, remember that the only dumb question is one that is not asked.  For there is no shame or embarrassment in not knowing and endeavoring to find out;  however, there is much shame and embarrassment found in not knowing and relaying inaccurate information.  Believe me, there is plenty of inaccurate information abounding to confuse and fool you.  Be armed in knowledge and the pitfalls will be found.

Wishing everyone a “Happy New Year” and may God bless you in every way.  May God keep you safe, uplift you in sorrow, provide comfort when asked, give strength when weak, courage when necessary, fortitude to honor commitments, and grant mercy to us who deserve none but by His Grace receive it.



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