Mayor Attacked after Exercising First Amendment Rights; Some City Council Members Call for Resignation

Do public figures have freedom of speech or does their position, elected or appointed, preclude an understanding of relinquishing that freedom to hold office?

Wisconsin Mayor, Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen came under fire from city legislators after posting a controversial statement about Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah to his personal social media page.

According to Western Journalism, “Accompanying an image of Michelle Obama, Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen’s Facebook post declared: “Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for!”

Hagen has since publicly defended the message, citing his First Amendment liberty, and even went further by reiterating that he does not believe Obama’s claim that he is a Christian. His refusal to back away from the divisive rhetoric has led several of his city council members to question his ability to lead the city.

He is being asked to publicly disavow his statement or resign from his elected post.

Seriously?  A city council would ask the Mayor to resign over this?!  First, it isn’t a false statement, so it isn’t slander or libel.  Second, no one has ever been asked to relinquish any individual right or freedom to serve in public office.  Third, Hussein Obama has stated worse about his political opposition, his opposing party, and the average American.  Fourth, the way Hussein Obama supports Muslims, backs Muslim terrorist organizations with money and military equipment, and his disdain for Christianity while celebrating Muslim events in the White House, his actions indicate he is a Muslim.  Yet, no one calls for the boy emperor Hussein to resign.

The article continues:

“Quite simply,” Councilman Graham Garfield asserted, “these are really inappropriate comments. How can we have a non-partisan elected mayor who has to work with elected officials – including the president’s office – making these comments?”

Dan Olson agreed, suggesting that as mayor, Hagen should be held to higher standards.

Unless Mayor Hagen ran as “no party,” he is partisan either as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Constitutional or any other one can conjure.  And, it wouldn’t matter if he was elected as a “non-partisan.”  He voiced his opinion about a criminal traitor sitting in the White House occupying the Oval Office.  Anyone in public office is fair game for criticism, being the object of jokes, and parody, along with assessments as to their job performance.

Councilman Garfield had no difficulty issuing his opinion of Mayor Hagen.  Neither did Dan Olsen.   These elected officials should not hold to their rights to speak freely of an elected official while chastising someone else for the same thing.  Hypocrites!

It doesn’t matter if the statement was issued in public, in private or circulated 100 times around the Earth and to the Moon and back.  Nothing Mayor Hagen has said in any way reflects on his ability to perform his duties as mayor.  Anyone expecting someone to forfeit a freedom or “individual God-given right” in order to hold office is a proponent of tyranny and despotism and an enemy of a constitutional republic.

Personally, I keep hoping that I can get within earshot of Hussein Obama because I have an earful for him!  Come to think of it, I frequently express it in print.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t read it or he would know what many Americans think of him.

The two PC pansies, Garfield and Olsen, should hold themselves to a higher standard of refraining from criticizing the Mayor in public, expressing their opinion of his actions and making a suggestion regarding retention of the office of Mayor, if they expect the Mayor to do so.  In fact, Garfield and Olsen should resign their positions for promoting oppression by attempting to suppress someone else’s freedom of speech.  Although, what can one expect from some in the Land of Paul Ryan.



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