Immigration — Part of the Tool for Destruction

A controversy surrounding illegal immigration, acceptance of refugees, and the expansion of legal immigration mixed with foreign guest workers grows larger in the united States each time the topic arises.  If one wants to know how these issues affect our nation, look at the nations of Europe and it paints the picture of potential destruction of a nation.

The Bank of England has indicated that the high level of immigration experienced by the United Kingdom results in lower wages due to policy.  This affects 1 in 4 Britons mainly semi-skilled or no skilled individuals, according to Breitbart.  Advocates and organization supporting immigration en masse have long countered the argument that mass immigration causes wage compression.  The argument around immigration causing wage compression has been going back and forth with advocates calling it a falsehood.  Largely ignored by the news outlets and advocates, the proof of wage compression, released in the Bank of England report, will have immigration advocates searching for another reason for wage compression to take the focus off immigration.

With economies of nations taking a nose-dive, concern arose about jobs for immigrants flooding Germany.  Breitbart reports that many immigrants dubbed refugees may initially face difficulty in procuring a job.  The Bundesbank indicated the “new arrivals” will need to learn the German language and have other qualifications in order to find employment.  While native Germans have a three quarter population employment number, the German central bank, in a recent report, predicts that immigrants/refugees will face approximately a 50 percent unemployment rate among their numbers.

“Despite the currently  favourable labor market situation, the projection assumes an unemployment rate of 70 percent in the first 12 months following recognition as a refugee, falling to a still sizeable 40 percent in the third year.”

The demographic of Europe’s refugees, aka illegal alien invaders, are majority of young, fit, males of military age who practice Islam.

What are young, fit, active males of military age to do until they find employment?  How will these men support themselves?  As they say, “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

Police in Germany are declaring to Chancellor Angela Merkel they are overwhelmed by the invasion crisis.   Deputy Chief for the German Police Union,  Jörg Radek, stated that only one in ten individuals entering the nation are controlled through fingerprinting or having their identity checked.  Radek indicated there were more invaders crossing than officers meaning they are unable to prevent terrorists disguised as refugees from entering the nation.

This revelation comes after months of the Muslim invasion force that is plaguing Europe.  It has been almost chaos in Germany especially at the border.  Reports have come out of Germany indicating that individuals are being evicted from their residence to house invaders.  Rape and assaults within the refugee camps, as well as outside them, have increased placing German women and girls at risk.  The citizens of Germany are the ones advised to alter their behavior and routine because of the potential danger and political correctness.

NaturalNews posted a report indicating that the neutral country of Sweden is now on lockdown after Islamists posted notes on the door of Swedish citizens ordering them to convert to Islam or face beheading.  Swedish authorities believe the individual responsible are affiliated with ISIS.  The notes have shown up in the capital of Stockholm as well as numerous cities across Sweden, giving targets only a few days to either convert or suffer beheading in their own home.

Alternative media outlets have reported that Sweden has become the “rape nation of the world” as the crime against women has risen approximately 1,500 percent with the perpetrators being Arab men.

As the nations of Europe have housed, clothed, fed and sheltered Muslim invaders, the situation for citizens has turned dark.  This is indicative of what massive numbers of Muslim invaders bring as they do not assimilate into society, but work to change a nation’s culture to their culture of death through intimidation by using violence and oppression.  Yet, the politically correct individuals shout against this proof of threat to a nation’s security by providing these invaders refuge.

No one has to speculate what will happen should the united States be flooded with individuals intent on destruction from within.  It’s playing out in Europe.  Our southern and northern border is like a sieve and Obama continues to import them daily.  Should this continue, it’s only a matter of time that western culture, as we know it, will alter.  For those who attempt to claim otherwise, it has been seen since 9/11 in the trampling of individual liberty in the form of the Fourth Amendment and is escalating since the attack in San Bernardino.

You have been warned.  The plan by the US government, in particular Obama, to import unvetted Muslims is a tool for the destruction of this nation.  Look at Europe to see what wil transpire as number of Muslims increase.  At a time when means to defend ones self is needed, Obama is going after firearms. Do what you need to do but don’t be blind or engage in denial.  It could mean your life.



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