Got Stupid? Congress Does.

By now, most individuals reading the news or watching lamestream enemedia has heard about the $1,14 trillion omnibus budget bill passed by Congress.  The almost 2,300 paged monstrosity pushed by Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, gave Obama everything he wanted and raped the citizens of the United States.  According to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), 2016 potential presidential candidate, he voted against the bill because no one in Congress read the behemoth — there wasn’t enough time between Congress getting the bill and the vote.

According to The Hill, Paul stated to host John Catsimaditis on “The Cat’s Roundtable” radio show, “I voted against it because I won’t vote for these enormous bills that no one has a chance to read.  We got it yesterday or the day before the bill came forward, and so this is not a way to run government.  It’s part of the reason government is broke.”

Continuing on, Paul blamed both parties for the fiasco and failure.

“Once again this came at the behest of just Democrats,” he said.  “It came at the behest of right-wing Republicans who want  military spending and left-wing Democrats who want welfare spending, and that’s the dirty little secret.”

Most educated and intelligent people learn from their mistakes.  If there were more educated and intelligent people in Congress, this continually passing bills/legislation that is not even read would cease.  Congress has plenty of stupid and very little intelligence.

First, both parties are now complicit in the agenda running in the background to destroy this nation.  While Congress sells out the citizens of this nation in favor of what the “master” behind the strings wants, these individuals do not realize they sell out themselves as well.  These people either do not read history, learn history, block unpleasant history from being comprehended or are in total denial to what happens to those termed “useful idiots” that help facilitate regime change or government overthrows.

America was warned by Yuri Bezmenov over 30 years ago.  Unfortunately, no one was really listening.  He speaks to the “termination” of the useful idiots once a government change occurs as these people are the most dangerous.  Collectively, Congress has plenty of “stupid” and little integrity or dignity.

If you are low on “stupid” and need a supply, Congress has plenty.  These are supposed to be the representatives of the people.  However, they have turned into the representatives for themselves, following the puppet master or the corporations who line their pockets the most.  What else could it be?  Many of the representatives and Senators enter Congress with fairly modest assets.  Yet, after one or two terms, they leave with wealth in the millions — enough to be set for life, guarded by armed guards, and with a federal retirement package that is the envy of all.  No one, but members of Congress, has ever become a millionaire as a public servant.

Many would say this is fairly smart — get elected to Congress to become a millionaire.  Well, that would be correct if the “good old boy” network lets you play in their clubhouse.  Moreover, there are ancient relics in Congress there to make sure newcomers follow the rules — their rules — or you will not reap the millions.

As the complicit Congress and president (past and present) lead the nation along the planned path outlined by the puppet master (s), the destruction of this nation inches closer and so does the eradication of “useless idiots.”  The mindset of “useful idiots” is the inflation of their worth that would spare them from death by government.  The puppet master (s) makes sure this arrogance and self-importance is nurtured to keep their compliance.  It works as these types never see what’s coming until it is happening.

Then, they have the audacity to holler ignorance, plead for their life to be spared, and actually expect mercy when none was given to those they themselves destroyed.  Again, they are ignorant to the plan, which is classic, because they are blinded by greed, arrogance, and over-inflated ego.  Their blindness does not allow them to see that those who help build an insurrection are the ones who know how to restore the previous government.  This is why these “useful idiots” are exterminated.

The brainwashed population help them in their endeavors so are useful for the plan.  Afterward, these people can cause trouble, so they are then targeted;  but, only after dissidents are rounded up and murdered.  These brainwashed people are the activists, protestors, and advocates for the plan.  The blind ostriches, who are the acceptable, say, “it can’t happen here”;  but, when it does, the ostriches will go along to “ride it out” hoping things will return to normal.

The “hope and change” is on the way;  but, it wasn’t “hope and change” the average individual was thinking.  It was the “hope” the people would blindly follow, support and accept the plan in order to “change” what was.  The “fundamental transformation” of this nation is close to completion.  When Congress passes legislation without reading it, they are complicit, useful idiots serving some hidden master.  The consolation for many is the “stupid” will get what they least expect.


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