Democrats Defy Dictionary Definition of “Climate” to Promote Climate Change Farce

Some people will go to any extreme to prop up their lies or push an agenda.  Obama is the master.  Now, it seems the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is following in his footsteps.  To continue to snow the American public on the farce of climate change, the DCCC has rejected the dictionary’s definition of “climate.”

The DCCC contends that “climate isn’t the same as weather,”  in their pamphlet, A Democrat’s Guide to Talking to Climate Change Skeptics.  The handout is designed to  do exactly what its title suggests — give Democrats a script to use when facing skeptics of climate change.

If you are a fairly informed individual who reads internet news from alternative sites, you are aware the UN IPCC admitted their weather computer models were falsified to confirm the farce of climate change.  And, you would know the scientists have falsified temperature data taken from weather data collection centers around the world by as much as one degree Celsius in order to promote the lie of climate change.  Scientists, who are researching the climate change claim, cannot reproduce the results presented by scientists who advocate for climate change — meaning the evidence in favor of climate change cannot meet the requirements for the Scientific Method.

A year or so ago, a NASA scientist studying the upper atmosphere found evidence the Earth was cleansing itself of excess “greenhouse gases” to maintain a balance of gases in the atmosphere.  Moreover, scientists admit all the variables related to the Earth to enter into a paleo-climatology computer system to predict or prove climate change due to not understanding all there is about the Earth.  In fact, scientists have indicated the Sun is ramping down, coming off a cycle of maximum solar activity, and entering a cycle of minimum activity that will cool the Earth.

With many in the scientific community refuted the false rhetoric on climate change and providing data to back their claims,  Democrats and climate change proponents, desperate to keep their agenda alive, are resorting to rejecting the definition of “climate.”

The definition of climate, as listed in, is below.

121815climate2 lists many synonyms for “climate.”


Despite what the dictionary and thesaurus contain, the DCCC guide states, “Climate isn’t the same as weather.  Individual cold or hot days don’t mean much — but the average global temperature has risen over the last century, and 14 of 15 hottest years on record occurred since the year 2000.  The Arctic Sea ice is melting and sea levels are getting higher.”

Recently, Obama purchased a seaside estate in the Hawaiian Islands for approximately $5 million.  Does anyone actually believe this man would buy a seaside estate if Arctic ice was melting and sea levels rising?  In fact, Al Gore predicted that the polar caps would be ice free by 2013.  However, in 2014, the polar caps were gaining in the amount of ice, meaning sea levels will drop.  The Democrats and climate change cult refuse to acknowledge this data because it doesn’t fall into the rhetoric.

According to

It appears the DCCC is trying to claim that “individual cold days” are outliers which do not refute “global warming,” but it’s a stretch to suggest the record snow and cold weather across the U.S. in the past couple of years are just “freak occurrences,” especially considering that satellite data shows both an increase in Arctic ice recently and no warming trend globally for over 18 years.

“Over the past month, there has been a large surge in Arctic ice growth, leading to the largest extent for the date since at least 2004,” Climate Depot reported. “This went on all through [the Paris Climate Conference] – where tens of thousands of criminals met in an effort to steal your money, freedom and energy security.”


In light of this scientific information, rational individuals and scientists would be backing away, reviewing their data and reworking their hypothesis.  Extreme measures being taking to combat climate change/global warming would cease.  Yet, those intent on battling the myth of climate change, formerly global warming, continue on their course.  This is not rational science.  It is more cult-like behavior than using the objective scientific methods.

Climate researcher Lord Christopher Moncton agrees with the above assessment.  He states, “On the questioners’ side, it is rational:  on the believers’ side, it is a matter of increasingly blind faith.”

One would not expect scientists to operate on faulty data, false assumption or “increasingly blind faith.”  It goes against what many individuals learned in school.  Yet, this myth of climate change has scientists believing their own falsifications and predictions that cannot satisfy the scientific method in the same manner that Jim Jones’ congregation turned into a cult, then committed mass suicide, based on his false teachings.

Study the following chart on global mean temperature change.


This myth of climate change, formerly global warming, is nothing more than a crafty agenda to part US citizens  and the States from hard earned money.  On a global scale, this farce works to redistribute the world’s wealth to poorer nations.  Politicians, especially Obama and the Democrats, are using what is known as the Hegelian Dialectic to expand government.  This is how it works.

Government manufactures a problem to instigate a public reaction, in this case fear, which the government then exploits by offering a predetermined solution.   Simply put, governments create a problem so severe it scares the populace into begging the government to solve the problem.  This expands government and further oppresses the citizenry.

One can most assuredly be guaranteed, the Paris Climate Change Conference attendees did not hear one presentation against the farce of climate change by ethical scientists who follow the scientific method in an unbiased manner to prove/disprove the climate change theory.  There is plenty of evidence disproving claims made by Obama and the Democrats on climate change.

At best, one should conclude the theory on climate change/global warming is inconclusive;  even though, reputable scientists have disproven the theory while scientists advocating the farce have engaged in unethical conduct to forward a political agenda.  Policy, law or regulation should not be made on an inconclusive theory, much less mounting scientific data to the contrary.  Those nations’ leaders who are promoting this to their citizens are guilty of theft and should be brought to justice.

Author’s Note:  Over the past couple of years, several articles I wrote on climate change appeared at Freedom Outpost.  Those articles will be reproduced for inclusion into an archive here for reference purposes after editing dated content.


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