Obama Confident Looking to Last Year as POTUS; More Focused on Agenda than Issues

Hussein Obama is pretty confident since he received everything he was looking to gain in the $1 trillion omnibus bill.  According to the Washington Times,  Obama “has never been more optimistic” than now and actually indicated that 2016 could be a landmark year that would able him to implement more of his agenda.   This man is more concerned about getting what he wants than addressing important issues facing a nation of more than 350 million.

Obama has made the farce of climate change a priority.  For the united States, it means a “war on coal” to where coal powered electric plants will close, jeopardizing the electric grid.  While the united States does use alternate energy sources, such as natural gas, nuclear generated power, some water, some wind, and little solar, no source at this point in time is as reliable as coal, looking nationwide to supply versus demand.  Other nations have bought into the lie regarding the dangers of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide and methane) emissions generated by their nations and signed an agreement that will cripple their nations as well at a time when the solar cycle is winding down.  Nations of the world signed onto a wealth redistribution program under the lie of climate change.  Of course, Obama spreads the lie that addressing climate change will stem terrorism.  It should since third world nations will receive plenty of Europe and Western nations’ money to enhance their dictators’ pockets.  Besides, Obama controls the terrorism as the CIA controls ISIS.

Obama brokered a deal with Iran that he claims will keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  He maintains Iran needs nuclear power for peaceful purposes, including electricity.  Iran happens to sit on vast deposits of oil and natural gas that can be used to provide electricity.  What other means for the development of nuclear power is needed except for weapons capability?  The united States staged two conflicts in Iraq on the possibility that Saddam Hussein had  weapons of mass destruction, which included nuclear weapons.  Yet, Obama hands Iran a deal that will allow their development of those same weapons America entered Iraq and lost their lives in which to deprive Saddam from keeping.

Long time allies of the united States have been brushed aside by Obama in favor of Islamic governments that violate human rights.  It’s no secret that past administrations have ignored the largest violator of human rights, Saudi Arabia, to keep that nation as a “friend” only because of oil, which the united States truly does not need at this point.

The man in the Oval Office balloons his chest over reigniting relations with Cuba — another ruthless dictatorship under the Castro brothers that saw many of their citizens imprisoned for political reasons.  Just like the rest of the deals Obama brokers, the united States is on the receiving end of zilch while the other nations receive all the benefits.  Private corporations end up sitting rather nice for both nations.  The governments Obama negotiates with gets nice perks as well;  however, the united States, as a whole, gives away the farm for nothing in return.

He takes credit for Obamacare being a success when in actuality it is an abysmal failure for the nation.  The government usurped 1/6th of the nation’s economy through health care insurance and health care in order to erode it into a single-payer government system that relies on rationed care and bureaucratic panel decisions on who lives and who dies to sustain it.  Health care insurance exchanges are collapsing rapidly;  some after receiving hefty bail-outs using taxpayer money increasing our national debt, which has reached limits that the nation will never be able to repay.  In fact, there still remains the same number uninsured that were uninsured under the previous system.  With certain Obamacare regulations still to take effect, it is likely the number will climb.

The controversial, hotly debated Transpacific Partnership (TPP) destroys the remaining sovereignty of the united States.  The TTP and the TISA are other agreements, aka treaties, Congress allowed Obama to negotiate against our Constitutional law that is detrimental to our nation to the benefit of others.  Trade agreements as such should be beneficial to all involved;  however, the united States continually runs trade deficits that damage our nation to the enrichment of others.

At his year end press conference before leaving on his $3.5 million dollar Christmas holiday paid for by ailing and shrinking number of taxpayers, Obama cited some of the accomplishments “as proof he can leave a lasting mark during his final years in the White House.”  This is typical Obama — narcissistic, selfish, self-serving, and egotistical.  The role of the president of the united States is not about “leaving a lasting mark” on the nation;  it never has been and never will be.  Granted, many have used the office for personal gain to boost ego and gain a reputation of one who did great things for the nation.  So far, past presidents who have done things for that reason are rarely remembered well.

At the press conference, Obama stated, “I said at the beginning of this year that interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter and we are only halfway through.  I plan on doing everything I can with every minute of very day I have left as president to deliver on behalf of the American people. Since taking office, I’ve never been more optimistic about a year ahead than I am right now.”

To take his statement on face value, it would seem rather mild and indicative of one who is trying to deliver the best possible policies for the nation.  However, one only has to read the article on Obama-ese to understand his speaking tactics.  But, looking at what he said through the Obama-ese filter and one reads a different meaning.  I plan on doing everything I can with every minute of every day I have left as president to deliver on behalf of the American people.  It’s as important to hear what is said as well as what is left out.  So far, in looking at the condition of the nation as a whole, Obama has not been successful in benefitting the nation, only damaging it as well as our allies.  Exactly what he plans to “deliver on behalf of the American people,” deliver whatever to the American people, or deliver the American people to what, is anyone’s guess.

What Obama plans to “deliver on behalf of the American people,” happens to be unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal, unilateral executive action regarding firearms.  The Second Amendment expressly forbids any united States government, state, local  or federal, from infringing on the rights of the people to bear arms.  His intent is to use the unconstitutional “no-fly” list to prevent individuals on the list from purchasing or possessing firearms.  The no-fly list, along with the terror watch list are mechanisms implemented after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to prevent those who present a possible threat from accessing air flights.  The criteria for the list is secret.  No one knows when they are on the list unless they fly.  Once on the list, an individual is denied due process of law to remove their name — more importantly, the individual is not afforded due process before their name is placed on the list.  An individual is guilty until proven innocent in violation of the Bill of Rights.  Using this no-fly list, terror watch list to deny an individual the right to bear arms will mean the individual is also denied due process of law.

In another stellar display against the “war on terror,” Obama plans to push through the closure of the US installation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — a facility that houses high level terrorists.  In fact, Obama released 5 Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Army deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl.  This would place more terrorists into the mix to be manipulated by the united States since the CIA and other intelligence agencies have successfully created the terrorist groups that wreak havoc worldwide.

A couple of other items on his agenda is raising the minimum wage and reforming the criminal justice system.  Granted, the united States has been the worst with its penal system.  The privatization of the penal system has resulted in the jailing of individuals for violations of law that could be dealt with using other means.  As a result, individuals convicted on charges of drug possession are placed with murderers, rapists, and other hardened criminals exposing them to atrocities that occur in the prison system.  If Obama’s “criminal justice reform” follows the health care insurance reform known as Obamacare, this nation will be the worse off because of it.

His take on the minimum wage is in response to protestors who cry out that the current minimum wage is not enough to live on.  These individuals are correct — it isn’t enough to support yourself or a family.  However, minimum wage jobs were never meant for that purpose.  The lack of jobs in America stems from policies and legislation emanating from Washington that makes it attractive for manufacturers and other industries to take their operation overseas and import the goods back at a reduced import tax.  Production jobs are almost nil as this nation has moved to a more “service” type industry.  However, these policies weaken this nation as the government has sold the ability to be an independent nation with regard to the production of goods to satisfy corporations desire for cheap labor, cheap resources, and cheap goods to sell at ever higher prices for profit.

Minimum wage jobs, usually $5-6 per hour, will more than likely bloom to a whopping $15 per hour — it’s a best guess as a city in Washington State has already raised its minimum wage to that figure.  The result has been increased prices on goods, closing of businesses, terminating of employees, and a decreasing economy.  What is poetic justice is the complaining of those individuals who lost their jobs and the community complaining of rising prices to cover the new minimum wage.  Still, Obama plans to hike those wages.

Whatever Obama delivers will be a further crippling of this nation in varying areas.  Freedoms will suffer.  Prices will rise.  National security will be jeopardized.  The economy will tank.  The deficit will rise.  Instigated and contrived terrorist attacks will increase and escalate, along with false flag events.  More Americans will experience unemployment, hunger, homelessness and increasing despair.  In other words, all the problems experienced by a nation ruled by a dictator intent on enriching himself, his family and his legacy at the expense of the people.

Unfortunately, Americans are still under the delusion they live in a constitutional republic with protected individual G0d-given rights.  They would theoretically be right as our founding documents have not been changed.  However, based on the operation and the rights Americans have been all to anxious to relinquished, coerced by their government to do so, this nation is no longer a republic and is not even a democracy.  The united States has morphed, through usurpation, into a bureaucratic wealthy political oligarchy rapidly moving to dictatorship.  With the actions by Congress, one could say this nation is a dictatorship disguised as a bureaucratic wealthy political oligarchy.

And to think, there is one year left of Obama.

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